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2012 May:
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[ ]Tough Love
Title:Tough Love
Posted On:2012-03-22 17:16:59
Posted By:» NubiKing
How can one love, while being tough?
I ask myself, How can someone Love,
While being tough?
For one has to love, to know tough love,
Tough love is from within,
When you love, and you are tough,
All you get is tough love!
Tough love is not hate!
Tough love is most likely fate!
Tough love is when you can communciate!
And flowery words, are nothing but a bate!
Tough Love is a drive,
Tough love makes me thrive,
A big kid on the playground,
Wants to play with you,
But only rough is what he do,
Racing with time is his game,
Loving the rain with no shame,
Tough Love, oh what you have done!
You made a mad man on the run,
Stop! Communicate!
Sorry it might be a bate,
I know it is hard,
Like a kid screaming HELP! in a big crowd,
What do you need?
A pat on the shoulder, that is it,
A kiss on the forehead,
That does the trick!
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