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Title:Naturally Developing Harmony
Posted On:2005-08-21 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
Forboding consequence creeps stealthfully
into the unexplored depths
of the lonely mans inner psyche
leading justification along an unfamiliar
path towards reunification of goals
with the tension of newfound resolve
place your hand in mind
close your eyes and forget
the shell which I inhabit
realize that my soul is strong
mind controls body
heart and soul control mind
even as lifestyle defines melody
and harmony develops naturally
love and hope remain constant and strong
remember to always look ahead
while thinking back to past dreams
history tends to repeat itself unfortunately
the stealthful plumbing into a psyche
can reveal truths unknown or unwanted
we erect veils of illusion to distract
we can also remove those veils
from both ourselves and from others
either looking through them
or pulling them aside
like the untruths they really are
we wish to see clearly
even as we try to not see
I want you to open your eyes
see me for who and what
I really am and wish to be.

October 8/1998
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