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Title:Live Alive!
Posted On:2005-10-14 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
here we are now, what to do..
take a little trip through memory poo
what's that i feel licking at my spirit
so faint yet urgent i can almost hear it
a friend from long ago come to play
and be happy every moment every day
wrap your senses around mine and be
more attuned to everything that's me
paths cross for reasons & realities change
sometimes answers will seem strange
since we're busy in accounts and money
we can't enjoy the bees and the honey
wasting time wanting more of whats free
freeing ourselves from unwanted memory
find your god whatever that's to you
and in your faith put yourself, and just do
the path will be clear, well lit and travelled
by others who've seeked and unwravelled
the path to themselves through spirit and drive
in order to more than survive, to live alive.
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