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Posted On:2005-09-23 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
have you ever smiled so large that it felt
as if your mouth had become part of your chest,
and your cheeks a part of your shoulders
spread wide to hug the world with your grin?

have you walked naked amongst the masses
without fear or ego and felt truly free to just be,
shouted, cried, sang, laughed wildly on a bus
challenged someone to be happy by smiling?

do you live each moment, no worry for the next
alive and sensitive to everything in the now
giving your full attention to the little things
striving for syncronicity with the surrounding world?

is babylon dumbing your senses, teaching you
to lock out and block out the connections around you
to shut yourself into the fading media fairy tale
or to release into a higher more natural reality?

where are we going, is 2012 gonna be special
will we have a weight of individuals with connection
a new balance on the side of earth and root return
place yourself in this now, you've made change, see?
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