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News (Media Awareness Project)
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PublishedMedia Awareness Project (134905 Articles)WordsLines
2012-02-03US AZ: Medical-Pot Dispensary Request Again Postponed22838
2012-02-03US AZ: College Ban On Medical Marijuana Could Lead To Lawsuit43070
2012-02-03US MT: PUB LTE: Judges Should Stand Up For People27041
2012-02-03US CA: Shining A Green Light On Local Control Of Marijuana64597
2012-02-03US WA: Edu: State Legislators Support Medical Marijuana29353
2012-02-03US IA: Edu: Column: Time To Talk Pot56072
2012-02-03US MI: Rise And Fall: Legal Muddle Of Marijuana Dispensaries921154
2012-02-03US CA: Drug Dogs To Keep Pleasanton High School Students On1613239
2012-02-02US VA: Edu: Delegate Proposes State Marijuana Study720114
2012-02-02US WA: Local Medical Cannabis Providers Ponder The Future68293
2012-02-02US CA: Seeking Utilities For Dispensary Leads To Arrest56477
2012-02-02US NE: Higher-Grade Marijuana Turning Up In Area, Officials Say22136
2012-02-02US AL: Edu: Column: Legalized Marijuana Not Worth The Risk54966
2012-02-02US AL: Edu: Editorial: Medical Marijuana A First Step Toward41159
2012-02-02US MT: PUB LTE: Federal Government's Prosecution Of Marijuana22139
2012-02-02US UT: Editorial: Opposing Marijuana47458
2012-02-02US CO: Hemp Bill Risks More Headaches With Feds43160
2012-02-02US CO: Suit Aims To Block Medical Marijuana Ban44969
2012-02-02US WA: Column: Taking The High Road Would Create A Nice Buzz51090
2012-02-02US CA: Cloudy With A Chance Of Pitfalls75697
2012-02-02US CA: LTE: OH, Ho, Ho, It's Magic16226
2012-02-02US NY: Column: Google's Smoke And Mirrors66889
2012-02-01US AZ: Panel Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana On Ariz Campuses39662
2012-02-01US NY: Marijuana Arrests Rose In 2011, Despite Police Directive54572
2012-02-01US CO: Edu: 2012 Ballot Could Legalize Marijuana44460
2012-02-01US AZ: Editorial: College Ban On Medical Pot Has Hazy Reasoning25937
2012-02-01US MI: Edu: Court Ruling Continues To Conflict With City51181
2012-02-01US MI: Column: Netherlands' Coffee Shop Confusion1185144
2012-02-01US WA: Iraq Vet Plans To Start Medical Marijuana Business In763103
2012-02-01US KS: Legislators Show Little Interest in Bill Legalizing24340
2012-02-01US OR: PUB LTE: Pots And Pans 313118
2012-02-01US OR: LTE: Pots And Pans 2317
2012-02-01US OR: LTE: Pots And Pans 19311
2012-02-01US AZ: Legislation Would Make Medical Pot Illegal For Students56486
2012-02-01US AZ: 4 Bid For Pot Facility In Coolidge47981
2012-02-01US CO: OPED: DA Candidate's Take On Pot978150
2012-02-01US MT: Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Providers Can Be30251
2012-02-01US UT: OPED: Medical Marijuana In California55371
2012-02-01US CO: PUB LTE: Encouraging Signs For Marijuana Industry12622
2012-02-01US CO: Editorial: Bang For The Buck?48974
2012-02-01US CO: LTE: Help Us Get Justice For Our Daughter24830
2012-02-01US NY: PUB LTE: The Prohibitionists Are Lying About Marijuana13720
2012-02-01US IN: Edu: Mother Advocates Stronger Laws For Substance62089
2012-02-01US MA: Edu: Study: Marijuana Negative Health Claims Go Up In850100
2012-02-01US PA: Edu: Column: University Shouldn't Influence Students on56064
2012-02-01US IA: Edu: Medical Pot Still Stalled In Legislature57182
2012-01-31US WI: Editorial: Schools Should Test For Drugs Before They45561
2012-01-31US CA: PUB LTE: Cannabis Truth Will Reign8516
2012-01-31US WI: LTE: Local Schools Should Test For Drugs11622
2012-01-31US WI: Editorial: Antigo Drug Probe Should Concern All Of Us31845
2012-01-31US KY: Drug Forum Held At Corbin High858109
2012-01-31US MO: Westran Holds Drug-Testing Forum54568
2012-01-31US FL: Schools Crack Down On 'Spice'68389
2012-01-31US CO: PUB LTE: Dark World We Live In30036
2012-01-31US MA: Sheriff's Dept Gives Kids Early Look At Perils Of1129154
2012-01-31US CA: San Francisco Medical Marijuana Licensing Program36452
2012-01-30US MI: LTE: Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients?8716
2012-01-30US IL: Officials Call For Plan To Combat Heroin Overdoses626110
2012-01-30US DC: Marijuana Backers Muscle Into The 'Conversation'47669
2012-01-30US NE: PUB LTE: Pot And Free Will4713
2012-01-30US NE: PUB LTE: Good Substitute7716
2012-01-30US GA: Column: America's War Next Door55566
2012-01-30US CO: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Is A Fruitless Effort24241
2012-01-30US TX: Editorial: Court's GPS Ruling Was Correct but Incomplete60879
2012-01-30US CO: OPED: No: Current State Law and Public Awareness Are34941
2012-01-30US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana And The Bible13722
2012-01-30US CO: OPED: Yes: Studies Indicate Impairment Even at Low35438
2012-01-30US RI: Edu: Student Group Promotes Responsible Drinking1071146
2012-01-30US NJ: Editorial: Pot-Growing MS Patient / Commute Sentence42055
2012-01-29US MO: Officials Raise Concerns About Marijuana Initiative Petition41163
2012-01-29US CA: Column: Wake Up And Smell The Pot1027135
2012-01-29US MI: Editorial: What The Petition Circulators Want This Year922112
2012-01-29US CA: Live Oak Among Trailblazers Amid Medical Pot Rules1265188
2012-01-29US CO: Marijuana Centers Prepare For Closing Day17128
2012-01-29US WI: Teacher Drug Testing Is Rare62094
2012-01-29US WI: Records: Coaches, Teacher Met at Golf Course to Deal887122
2012-01-29US WA: Area's Medical Pot Dispensaries Operate Like Health1226162
2012-01-29US: Marijuana-Based Prescription Drug Seeks OK From FDA42453
2012-01-29US CA: Oakland Welcomes More Pot Dispensaries1056148
2012-01-29US CA: Mendocino County Eliminates Pot-Growing Permits33645
2012-01-29US CA: Column: Border Patrol Agents, Cops Declare War Against697100
2012-01-29US MO: Mcclellan Finds Unlikely Crusaders Canvassing For Pot77679
2012-01-29US AR: Poised to Thwart Bioterrorism, Labs Find Temp Jobs962128
2012-01-29US MT: DEA Inquiries Into State's Medical Marijuana Industry1519198
2012-01-28US MI: Editorial: Quick Hits: Dump Parking Bill43750
2012-01-28US CA: Morro Bay Police To Join Gangs And Drugs Task Force67387
2012-01-28US VT: Vermont Senate Panel Hears Testimony On Drug Trade56374
2012-01-28US MA: PUB LTE: Misinformed About Cheeba Chews23937
2012-01-28US IN: State Sentator Plots Marijuana Law Reforms44262
2012-01-28US WA: Unclear State Legal Standards for Medical Marijuana a1348193
2012-01-28US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Dealers13924
2012-01-28US MI: OPED: Access To Marijuana For Medical Use In Danger45152
2012-01-28US MI: Ex-AG: Practical Problems To Legalizing Pot32746
2012-01-28US WA: Pot Initiative Gets Signatures45259
2012-01-27US WA: Marijuana Legalization Measure Certified43464
2012-01-27US MI: Former Attorney General Says Marijuana Laws Reflect Our51973
2012-01-27US MI: BASES Director: Prescription Abuse, Marijuana Use Up34546
2012-01-27US MA: Wayland Police Take Pot Candies From Teens33253
2012-01-27US GA: OPED: Marijuana Use: Don't Think It Can't Happen to49757
2012-01-27US ID: Otter: Dangers Of Pot Outweigh Medical Benefits32944
2012-01-27US CO: PUB LTE: Marijuana Busts Illegal24833
2012-01-27US CA: Ex-Cop Enters Guilty Plea To 9 Felonies63793
2012-01-27US NE: PUB LTE: God-Given Plant10919
2012-01-27US CO: Federal Indictment In Large-Scale Marijuana Case10017
2012-01-27US IA: Ex-Postal Worker Sentenced In Iowa Drug Conspiracy13217
2012-01-27US CO: Denver Law School Holding Summit On Marijuana Laws9613
2012-01-27US MI: Cox Admits Marijuana Use In Youth But Says Legalization48665
2012-01-27US AZ: Marijuana Dispensaries To Be In Business By Summer54177
2012-01-27US CO: Marijuana Push in Colorado Likens It to Alcohol1033129
2012-01-26US IL: Slain Cop's Friend Moved To Tears As Drug Suspect Is681103
2012-01-26US IN: Edu: ND Explains Lack Of Medical Amnesty1564212
2012-01-26US CA: Will The California Supreme Court Save Medical Marijuana?828124
2012-01-26US CA: Pot Better On Lungs Than Tobacco15920
2012-01-26US CA: PUB LTE: Blair Bewitched Again14422
2012-01-26US CA: Editorial: Supreme Court Nails GPS Issue33443
2012-01-26US MT: Hamilton City Council Considers Temporary Ban On41963
2012-01-26US VA: Editorial: Notes And Notables50775
2012-01-26US CA: Pot Collectives File Claim Over County Ordinances16323
2012-01-26US TX: Column: The Ploy Behind Drug Testing The Unemployed60573
2012-01-26US OR: Medford Man's Convictions Reversed In Marijuana Case50282
2012-01-26US CA: Round 2 In Medical Marijuana Fight39158
2012-01-26US CO: LTE: Costs In Addition To Money22937
2012-01-26US MI: PUB LTE: Marijuana Should Be Regulated, Legal16532
2012-01-26US AZ: Phoenix Marijuana-Cultivation Center Soon To Open Is873119
2012-01-26US OH: 2 Groups Push Medical Marijuana44574
2012-01-26US CO: Column: Putting An End To War On Drugs Would Solve A66091
2012-01-26US AZ: Column: Our Buddy Jan60877
2012-01-26US CA: Column: As We Grow, Our Kids Go To Pot46769
2012-01-26US CA: LTE: Let Feds Grow Pot24435
2012-01-26US CA: Pot Collective Owner Denies Accusations48268
2012-01-26US AZ: LTE: Meth Isn't The Only Drug That Needs To Remain11115
2012-01-26US NY: Editorial: GPS and the Right to Privacy41549
2012-01-26US CA: Packed With Heroin, Burrito Had Bite998137
2012-01-26US NJ: Where There's Smoke42762
2012-01-25US IN: Edu: PUB LTE: High Time We Legalize35441
2012-01-25US: Florida Primary: Where The Republican Candidates Stand On Drugs1220187
2012-01-25US CA: Law Appears To Back Pot Dispensary Ban606102
2012-01-25US VA: OPED: Cartels Would Lose, Taxpayers Would Win66587
2012-01-25US MI: OPED: On Hemp Fuel, The Keystone Pipeline & E. K. Warren1004108
2012-01-25US AZ: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing Process Continues30355
2012-01-25US CO: Progress Made In Fight Against Youth Drug Abuse62678
2012-01-25US WA: Sammamish Continues Ban On Marijuana Gardens27341
2012-01-25US DC: Limits On Medical Pot Cause Concern In DC972142
2012-01-25US OH: Edu: Marijuana Less Harmful To Lung Tissue35257
2012-01-25US MD: Edu: State To Weigh In On Medical Marijuana53882
2012-01-25US CA: Morro Bay Joins A New County Narcotics Unit39657
2012-01-25US FL: Tour Promoting Medicinal Pot Legalization Among Seniors58199
2012-01-25US MI: PUB LTE: A Costly Failure13724
2012-01-25US CO: Two Summit County Pot Raids This Week48075
2012-01-25US UT: PUB LTE: Bible Says To Accept Cannabis With Thankfulness24235
2012-01-25US CO: 16 Charged In Denver Metro-Area Pot Bust42265
2012-01-25US AZ: Column: Fantastic News For The State's Long-Suffering61991
2012-01-25US CA: Injunction Denied On Live Oak's Pot Growing Ban34055
2012-01-25US MT: PUB LTE: Legalize Drugs And Watch Problems Go Away15223
2012-01-25US VA: Column: Lawmaker Not Likely To Rally Buds To Back Pot52683
2012-01-25US CA: Santa Clara Vs Medical Marijuana: Part 353179
2012-01-25US AZ: Column: Petition: Poor Eaters Should Have Access To64291
2012-01-25US UT: PUB LTE: Leviticus Doesn't Forbid The Use Of Marijuana31947
2012-01-24US KS: Medicinal Pot Hearing Long On Drama, Short On Science61188
2012-01-24US CA: Mendocino County Drops Pot Permits35756
2012-01-24US: Supreme Court Rules Warrant Needed For GPS Tracking62489
2012-01-24US KS: Rally Held In Support Of Medical Marijuana34454
2012-01-24US IN: Panel OKs Bath Salts Bill; Pot Legislation Likely to Die37351
2012-01-24US NJ: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Sites Need Easier Path33246
2012-01-24US CO: PUB LTE: How Much Marijuana Is Too Much For Safe13717
2012-01-24US KS: Lawmakers See Little Support For Medical Marijuana Bill50970
2012-01-24US AZ: State Won't Appeal Ruling On Medical Pot Dispensaries33749
2012-01-24US SC: PUB LTE: We Must Combat Synthetic Drugs16523
2012-01-24US GA: Editorial: A Victory For Freedom32646
2012-01-24US VA: VA. Lawmaker Proposes Pot Sales In Liquor Stores59392
2012-01-24US AZ: Phoenix Will Hear Request For Medical-Pot Facility22739
2012-01-24US WA: Sumner City Council Extends Moratorium On Medical681101
2012-01-24US CA: Legal, Not Legal1117141
2012-01-24US AZ: Pot Dispensaries Could Be Running By Mid-July53877
2012-01-24US WA: Ordinance Faces Test As Marijuana Collective Applies49777
2012-01-24US: Justices Rein In Police On GPS Trackers970142
2012-01-24US MT: Judge Rules Federal Law Trumps Montana's Medical71398
2012-01-24US CA: PUB LTE: Just Legalize It13620
2012-01-24US TX: PUB LTE: Race A Factor In Light Sentence15525
2012-01-24US UT: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Continues To Create Casualties13522
2012-01-24US CA: OPED: End Federal Marijuana Ban57671
2012-01-24US CA: Live Oak Resident Sues City Over Pot Growing Ban47257
2012-01-24US: GPS Tracking Requires Warrant, High Court Says1035132
2012-01-24US: Pot-Based Prescription Drug Looks For FDA Ok990125
2012-01-23US MI: Village May Make Medical Marijuana Home-Based Businesses Permitted40564
2012-01-23US NJ: Mount Olive Proponent Of Medical Pot Decry Delays25338
2012-01-23US KY: New High On The Way Down?2785390
2012-01-23US CA: Edu: Unusual Number Of Marijuana Arrests Occur41756
2012-01-23US NJ: PUB LTE: Drug War Fuels Crime - Tax, Regulate Marijuana18425
2012-01-23US DC: PUB LTE: Drug Laws Are No Joking Matter10817
2012-01-23US AZ: Editorial: State Must Regain Control Of Medical Marijuana37352
2012-01-23US CA: Healdsburg Pot-Growing Crime Victim May Get Paid For38754
2012-01-23US NE: Marijuana Petitions Have Local Roots22438
2012-01-23US KS: Group Drafts Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana In36559
2012-01-23US: Pot-Based Prescription Drug Looks For FDA Ok13717
2012-01-23US MA: Edu: Editorial: Other Drugs33739
2012-01-23US CO: Motorcycle Gang Members Charged With Drug Crimes25643
2012-01-23US: Medicine From Marijuana on the Way57179
2012-01-23US: Marijuana-Based Prescription Drug Looks Toward FDA's891114
2012-01-22US MI: LTE: Legalized Recreational Marijuana Is A Bad Idea24543
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News (Media Awareness Project)