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Title:Be 100% tongue
Posted On:2005-09-19 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
open your tongue to a whole new set of senses
relax, breath, feel the energies around your body
look deeper into life and feel the syncronicites
free your mind of the dullness of semi-sensing
attune yourself to the harmonies and melodies
of life without physical constraints and analyticism
seek true oneness of everything attuned to everything
once you've arrived in this place of true wonder
things never before apparent lift free from solidity
technicolored energy patterns roll over everything
life of music and projected love laughing everywhere
magic mirrors of everything, now visible, coalesced
spiraling and twisting from an unfolding elbow
reaching out with fingers, branches seeking more love
intertwined worlds, one on top of the next, really real.
undumb your senses, lick and be licked by everything
just being a tongue is not enough, can you really lick?
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