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2006 December:
[ ]N'abandonne Surtout Pas
[ ]The Lady of Shalott
[ ]L'infini du rien
[ ]L'herbe verte
[ ]Amour universel ...
[ ]Une fois ...
[ ]Neuf vies ...
[ ]Refuge
[ ]Righteousness
[ ]...Sin...
[ ]Undignified
[ ]My Passion
[ ]Done Being A Fool
[ ]Demain ...
[ ]Truth
[ ]I Am
[ ]Transfer ...
[ ]Irrévocable ...
[ ]Le monde en entier ...
[ ]Awaken Insight
[ ]Risquer ...
[ ]Second Souffle ...
[ ]Éphémère atrophie ...
[ ]Rapture
[ ]Souvenir ...
[ ]Hétéroclyte ...
[ ]Simplement la vie
[ ]Heart
[ ]Fuck It
[ ]tu est la!!!!!!!!
[ ]Chanson pop
[ ]Inspirational constipation
[ ]passé
[ ]hommes
[ ]lyls
[ ]Cest lui!!!!!!!!!
[ ].......
[ ]hymne à la beauté
[ ]exhale into you
[ ]epiphany
[ ]epiphany
[ ]holiday blues
[ ]12
2006 November:
[ ]2
[ ]Go Drown Now Please
[ ]Fear is the most beautiful thing
[ ]Metalic Mind
[ ]The Queen of Darkness
[ ]Men suck
[ ]Apple Green Poo
[ ]jai touché le rêve
[ ]Full Circle
[ ]inspiration vs motivation
[ ]stuck in the mist of reality
[ ]samadhi
[ ]Gods Play Such Cruel Games
[ ]i need something
[ ]The balence of all things
[ ]I am nice to those i love
[ ]In a world not made for me
[ ]Musique
[ ]Klogs
[ ]from the depths of a shallow mind
[ ]moep
[ ]Gangsta
[ ]nothing4
[ ]Gore writtings
[ ]nothing5
[ ]Not O, K
[ ]tout ça
[ ]her
[ ]never winter
[ ]such as life! :)
[ ]Ecrire sur le mur avec un mognon plein de sang en hurlant des insultes a son egocentrisme
[ ]elle (s
[ ]Tourmenter ...
[ ]la chose en moi
[ ]loveblues (song)
[ ]stop looking (song)
[ ]Correspondance d,Alice
[ ]Mary
[ ]Your heart rushes across my skin
[ ]Post-ecstasy
[ ]February 4th
[ ]Pt. 2
[ ]Everyone's emo sometimes
[ ]Nausea overtook her tired soul
[ ]En memoire a Steve
[ ]Toi Toi Toi
[ ]Toi
[ ]{Evolutionary Design}
[ ]Louanges et éloges...
[ ]correspondance (pas un poem)
[ ]une chose
[ ]tu me hante
[ ]damné
[ ]de stenberg /and I
[ ]polythéiste
[ ]sité par franz kafka
2006 October:
[ ]my heart
[ ]Kolkatta
[ ]Sick and lonely
[ ]Jeunesse embarassante
[ ]Amour didactique
[ ]Premier cycle du reve
[ ]Vagabond
[ ]Exaspération
[ ]Vision
[ ]Comprendre l'amour
[ ]Fuck USA
[ ]Rave
[ ]Evelyne
[ ]The rain
[ ]emmanuel
[ ]looking good
[ ]Real
[ ]faible..
[ ]All Too Clear
[ ]un chien
[ ]El Problema
[ ]my cell by me
[ ]Blissful Bitterness
[ ]Soul
[ ]Stranger
[ ]Swoon
[ ]Words to a Dangerous Biscuit
[ ]Soul
[ ]Le Pamplemousse
[ ]La fenêtre
[ ]Ombre lunaire
[ ]La Petite dette
[ ]The North Star
[ ]Beating heart
[ ]Tirade du trépassé
[ ]Silence
[ ]Lumière
[ ]Araignée
[ ]L'archange
[ ]Fleur d'acier
[ ]Plain Irony
[ ]IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!
2006 September:
[ ]The Children of the Night by Edwin Arlington Robinson
[ ]being tied up and fucked by two hot and horny girls
[ ]Loss
[ ]shit
[ ]La banane
[ ]Preguntas
[ ]the first lines of the Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius
[ ]Long Lost Life
[ ]La valley Tsuki-cooKashE
[ ]I won’t shed a tear for you again
[ ]'In Memoriam:27', 1850
[ ]She
2006 August:
[ ]The Darkness
[ ]La dernière feuille d'érable
[ ]Braille, toujours
[ ]lover
[ ]Quotes
[ ]Through the eyes of Ruby
[ ]Hard battle.
[ ]dance
[ ]Tan qu'il y auras le temps
[ ]Révélation vengeresque
[ ]lol
[ ]Forget It !
[ ]Alone
[ ]Dream
[ ]Ego (Consciousness is one's own identity)
[ ]Pour tttoi
[ ]Let's dance ! (song)
[ ]Trahison
[ ]De: Grand corps malade
[ ]Floating
[ ]LE VENT...
[ ]Prend une biere
[ ]The Visionary
[ ]Controlled Insanity (POWERFULL POEM)
[ ]Embrace Letting Go
2006 July:
[ ]Yougourt Saveur Simulée ou Yougourt Nature, Vie Édulcorée ou Vie Nature...
[ ]With her two kids.Standing under,
[ ]Gift from the Roman Gods.
[ ]Change
[ ]Remember me Me
[ ]Time
[ ]Allez viens
2006 June:
[ ]The Land
[ ]A Fool's Forgiving
[ ]Pour Toi, Mon Amour Éternel
[ ]With My Magician Of Happiness
[ ] Violet Moon
[ ]Shooting Star (Mon Chef d'oeuvre!)
[ ]Aural Divinity
[ ]Forklith Circle
[ ]Yoda
[ ]Center Of Attention
[ ]Pléiade d'aliénée
2006 May:
[ ]Ying Yang Lovers
[ ]State of Numb
[ ]Rhythm of Proud
[ ]Lavish Blue Socks
[ ]Suicide Ranks
[ ]Insatiable Demand
[ ]Lack of Reward
[ ]Forgotten Manners
[ ]Fickle Fate
[ ]Footsteps of the Unknown
[ ]Definitive Articulateness
[ ]Natural Terminus
[ ]Undevised Bereavement
[ ]synesthesia
[ ]Never let go of....
[ ]So Good, So Right and So Real
[ ]One or Two?
[ ]Shorty
[ ]Wrong bloodgroup transfused
[ ]Lost
[ ]"The Memorial" [capital hill shootings] RIP SUZANNE <333
2006 April:
[ ]Did I pass the acid test?
[ ]Janvier
[ ]Can’t run , THE EYEZ.
[ ]Feed me lies (SONG/CHANSON)
[ ]Crossfade
[ ]Empty Thoughts and Promises
[ ]Strange Effect
[ ]Desperado Amour
[ ]multiplied resonnance
[ ]self acclaimed modesty,the end begains with the search.
[ ]Why change of perceptions,
[ ]Be A Being Being
[ ]Holy Moment
[ ]Nourritures!
[ ]Shall We Dance
[ ]Lovers Torn Not
[ ]A Shadow Within Shadows
[ ]Mother Moon
[ ]Solitude
[ ]Control Lacking
[ ]Holding Back
[ ]Remember
[ ]Regret
[ ]Harpy
[ ]Alone and the Last
[ ]Unheard Cries
[ ]Anne Greg (ole collab)
[ ]Relationship
[ ]Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
[ ]All in the Sun
[ ]Revive Spirit
[ ]Beginning Future Now
[ ]Fairies
2006 March:
[ ]Serre-Moi
[ ]I Am All
[ ]Be For Give
[ ]Be all I am.
[ ]Being pensive
[ ]Syncronicity
[ ]*Chien malin et vilaine chienne.*
[ ]I AM
[ ]One Last Gasp
[ ]*Doux*Doute*.
[ ]You and Me and Them
[ ]test
[ ]Asleep at the wheel of life
[ ]Posession
[ ]*mon père est un fou!*
[ ]The power of ONE and individuals
[ ]Pure Cheese
[ ]*un mercredi soir sur la terre.*
2006 February:
[ ]Talk
[ ]*Voir*
[ ]Uncertainty
[ ]Last Farewells To My Father...
[ ]Letter From Heaven
[ ]Mirror of Realisations
[ ]Love
[ ]Dancing Rewards and Punishments
2006 January:
[ ]trance dance
[ ]rainbow living
[ ]Le silence du vent <>
[ ]our mission
[ ]My life
[ ]My Peices( peices of mine)
[ ]Scary
[ ]The Doom
[ ]January's Street
[ ]the art of words
Title:Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Posted On:2006-04-04 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Where did you go?
How do you know where to find the pot of gold?
Why do we learn and not do as were told?
We live to love and love to live
everything existing is given to give..
Why do we hoard and hide and reside
behind closed doors keeping feelings inside?
Why do we turn to eachother with hate
knowing that along the way the energy translates
into the other and gets refracted, reflected
redirected back into our spirits reconnected
only to grow and flow out into fire
no true mirror of our inner most desire
to be loved, to be love, to give all
to hold hands, to be friends, to stand tall
and bask in the sun, hands beating drums
tum tums, tap taps, smiling at everyone
feeling the flow grow up inside
channelling the emotions energized
Why do we turn away from one another
everyone on earth is a sister, a brother
a father, a mother, a member of the family
a whole world see, wonderous abilities
each with a unique perspective, focus on it
help it to flower and grow it, show it
the way to become connected to the one
two, three, four, five, six, seven
open up your chakras to the sun, feel heaven
lean back, stomp the ground, throw down
all your fears to the ground and step on em
release the past it never lasts lets move on
together we can weather it all, rise a sail
catch the wind, grin and begin to grow strong
live positively constructive and sing songs
of joy and boy oh boy, we're no longer apart
everywhere we go there you are, there we are
start being the change you always talk about
let there be no doubt, no drought, no clout
live for the moonlight, dance for life tonight
fluidic, floudelic, psychedelic, phonolitic
no more self doubts, no more critics
we know the right directions to go
we go, we grow and flow with the rythm and rhyme
gather in circles and swim through time
rainbow children of the sun, our creator
time to return to the innocence of before

no more
societal pressures
fleshly pleasures
selfish gains
heartbreak pain
no more
life without you
what else can I do
to be more true to you
im afflicted with an addiction
a prediction of resurection
intensified affection
new direction
so much more
in it for the short run
not my idea of fun
sharing the world
with yet another one
dreamin of a girl
whos just another you
no matter what I do
I come back to see you
and can't get off it
so much spirit
so many feelings and memory
all the moments of you and me
and so much more

don't wanna let it burn
longing for a return
memories of your silky skin
the feelings of love and kin
ship sailing in our dreams
with you and me on it
nothing is ever what it seems
without you holding me beloved
longing to caress you in the ways I do
to once again lovingly embrace you
the way we used to, the way we want to
you know you do, I know I do
so lets reconnect and reject the past too
move forward once again in love us two
the sun made us for each other
you are my sister, I am your brother
together we are friends and lovers
we can't let it end like this
we know who we are, we know what it is
brining us together in this place and time
its the dream, the vision, the harmonious rhyme
the rythm of our hearts beating side by side
the feeling of our bodies as we slide
down between the sheets and let it all go
we know, we show it, we love it, it grows

so here I am on bended knee
beggin you to come back to me
crying tears for every moment were apart
know that loving kisses reside in my heart
sure, you know I love the entire race
together we will traverse the whole place
visit every city and forest, every sea
just feel me, heed this plea
you mean so much you see
I've given this heart for you
now theres nothing left to do
but sing to you, play for you
live for you, stay for you
wake up each day for you
and hope you'll love me too
the way you used to
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