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Title:The Big Screen
Posted On:2005-12-07 00:00:00
Posted By:» moondancer
I never knew that space was so empty.
some spectral image come to consume me.
life to my senses, crashes into nothing,
all I can feel, all I can see is the background.
Five minutes pass and I notice there's a chap waving his lips at me,
leave me be, I'm staring out at the empty sea.
Unable to accept that my existance just isn't enough,
life fades into nothing,
What was that presence I once felt?
All the people are plain blue and the sky is the same colour as you.
Some faint hint of sorrow once felt brushes through the leaves,
tangles that dead woman's hair.
I then realise she's not dead but just lying there, and my,
what beautiful hair.
life fades into nothing,
faint hints of sorrow.
The other side,
seperated by a thin divide.
There is no reason left to hide,
just sit here,
watching life fade into nothing.
Some hint of beauty in that cloud,
some hint of sorrow brought on by the fact it's so fucking proud.
Some mother and child,
sweetness and laughter, caring and joy,
life fades into nothing,
An oasis of entertainment in the largest ocean,
for a laughing god.
Like Santa's elves we pedal.
We sweat and get naked and laugh and love.. nothing.
Just a spectral image,
a pathetic flaw,
a time-bomb waiting to explode.. nothing but the relative,
and these idiots staring in awe.
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