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Posted On:2010-07-17 10:39:05
Posted By:» XxXSkippyXxX
roses are red, my styel is black, HA! yeaa shit get`s whack, when the dubstep comes back, tow smake yea with the basse drop.(*jokes*)I take so much speed my hart won`t ever stop, it will pown and pown till i hit the growend from exosten, but when i hear the sound, ill get up again.If i want to wop, well ill stop and just pop. Naw fuck that i just quit,i just might just take another hit of LSD yeaaaa now thats sick!Better to be carfull and sniff some K and 25minit`s affter well all smoke a J. K holl on the dance floor,... Shitttt why i say that i probley just take more and the next day feel soo sower, cause i aint no bitch and you aint n whore. So open that door and have some fun, D&B comming so you better run. Have a good time make it last, cause the night gowes by pretty fast ^___^
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