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Title:Little dreamtime I
Posted On:2010-09-02 23:50:05
Posted By:» kaywhyellay
Little dreamtime I swimming in a stained wink-in-the-drain, trembling fury, beautiful curvy white lies lightning, like crossborn mulberry branches tightly cradling a bleeding star, hairy engorged and breathing out n in far, like vaults of pin balls bouncing every chewing color imaginable dancing
How far rising out beneath the crunching grout waves in blast banks, each echo and dimpled gaze
does do geometry the justice of bearing the marks of synchronicity? No smaller than that gaddamned planck sized lightning strike eh
No matter the openended quality of colliding pathways, meagre mortals scratchings’ prying into enterprizing sophisticized portals, lacking the intuition of wizards wise wan-written ways, may as well be blindness and dumb numbness founding re-death’s delay, for some mysticized aportance
Our reaper’s reawakenings are masked lazily as rotting wooden beams drifting downwards upon today
..seems to be manifesting still light as holographic maize counting brown yellow copper gold and bumblings of an egoist machinery, I glimmering like a patented child toy sneering with an upfilling brow of constant entertainment, plundering the works of patterned sand refined mind incorporated by overconcerned bushybrowed slit snake eyes, whisking crumbling rag sacks and broken knotted tree linkages inside
I do not know what to throw
to be used another day in forgotten ways, spitlugged meat to form the rock tock tock tock ribs caged heartsupply, held aloft afore like birds’ brittle bones, now too dense to fly
Horizons aside, I am scared to let go

See Sally stalk simple Sam’s sorry sameness tracing blame back wistfully close to a pain mommy’s heart held closed;
how to be/love a loving ghost

“how to explain beyond {I am”

(saying nothing means everything)
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