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Title:Love Song
Posted On:2005-10-19 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
A little bit of love can take away the pain
but in every bit of love resides pain again.
You put every bit of yourself into your love
open your heart and hope it'll all rise above
the feeling of fear that keeps trickling in
that she thinks there's something more to win
sure there's more, plenty but not alone
win them apart or together then return home
since something as strong as a true bond
between two kind hearted people is strong
others will join us and some will fit well
but we'll already have grown to fit swell
so we'll love them too and enjoy our friends
until the life of our love or time ends
we're spirited energies writhing, entwined
alive more for our love than anything timed
we plan for the moments and in moments we act
our paths guide our moves with motions exact
each time we rub roughly and emotions rise
we both remain in the now and never hide
our love holds us true, strong to our bond
that's so much to fight for, to truly long
for no matter what the wonderful books say
theres really absolutely no statistical way
to cross paths with someone who'll not just
treat you like a butterfly, you're the best
they'll also be true, open, freeing to you
and want nothing more than just that too
Love them like there's no tomorrow and see
what tomorrow brings not for you, but for we.
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