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Title:Unknown Eyes
Posted On:2005-08-21 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
In this time of near recession
one os often posed the question
would you prefer to remain aloof
or rather be given the absolute truth
that all you are and ever can be
is a series of numbers in life's fantasy
and if all those numbers, relating to you
are out there floating in life's stew
looked upon by unknown eyes
a crowd defining your demise
then you should hardly show surprise
as all that sits before your eyes
is unfortunate unwilling compromise
reached by those before you.

Give me the truth by all means
call out the cast, design the scenes
I'm faced with not but virulent facts
my brains is forced to truly react
thoughts revolve, ideas flow
feelings pour and emotions grow
realization unequivocal
my apartment, another cubicle
a drawer amongst drawers
another door next to more
I'm one within many
my thoughts only worth pennies
touch me with a sense of pride
come into my minds reside
delve into my deepened soul
teach me, make my conscience whole
know me not merely as a digit
can't you see i'm another spirit

Oct. 18/1998
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