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Title:estrangement--coming to.
Posted On:2005-09-29 00:00:00
Posted By:» cinderella_soul
real values directly in conflict with your love
your love is private, too personal, for a few
not I, not I, but me
then you say I have the right to choose

all I've known is your love
all I've known is your fear
my ego, little me, gets stronger
a very real part of me gets weakened

but this serves a purpose
yours not mine, but mine
if I should engage in the act
to profit off of love

Why did you teach me this
the problem is for a while I just didn't see
how I was sown to forget
to remember the pleasure
I don't like pain
but yet in my fantasies
I do but I don't
and I just do since it's comfortable not knowing anymore.
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