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2001 March:
[ ]Saturn's Rings
[ ]Sarah's Lulibie
2001 January:
[ ]Evie Lilies
Title:Evie Lilies
Posted On:2001-01-08 00:00:00
Posted By:» Nuclear
Evie lilies bright as light
Twisting winding pouncing flight
Overhead there is a noise
As Evie lilies dance and play.

Evie lilies fade away
And that brings another day
Where have Evie lilies gone
Twisting winding pouncing flight.

Evie lilies where are you
Catching stars about or two
Twisting winding pouncing flight
Since Evie lilies say boohoo.

Twisting winding pouncing flight
Evie lilies come back with might
Never to be torn again
Love those Evie lilies friend.
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