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Title:So Long, Farewell
Posted On:2011-01-05 17:13:41
Posted By:» sloveniaqwerty
How are you supposed to feel when what you love is falling apart?
When your world falls to pieces, as does your heart?
When the people you care about want nothing to do with you.
When you fear that they are now through with you.
When you lie there so still, all alone, still awake.
And you thought there was nothing for them left to take.
All the smiles you faked so you wouldn't shed tears.
All the jokes, the charades that went on for months, maybe years.

Then you look at yourself and you wanna say:
'They aren't worth it if they would just give you away.
If they were, they would cherish you, hold you dear.
They would never let go, you have nothing to fear.'
But you know that you'd be lying, and you let it drop.
That first tear, that results in the ultimate stop.

You lie there, cold and crimson. A beautiful red.
Words unspoken, forgotten, to never be said.
To wait longer was torture, of the body and soul.
To live on in peace; unatainable goal.
All emotion left with your final breath.
You've fogiven them as one final act before death.
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