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Title:The Snow
Posted On:2010-06-29 13:25:23
Posted By:» SamBObo
I lay there wide awake, looking at the clock, it reads 3:35. It's late. I look over to the edge of my bed and a stream of light creeps in through my curtains. It's bright, too bright. Brighter then the night should be. I get up and walk over to my window and push the curtains aside. My first thought is that my eyes are deceiving me. it can't be... Snow? Cotton ball sized white things falling from the sky, fluttering down oh so lightly brushing past my window. Falling down and then blowing side to side in the wind. Ferociously moving about just to land softly on a surface near by. What an amazing sight. Everything glows bright white. What a wonderful change from my dark room. Suddenly everything comes to life outside. It's weird for I had always hated winter. I had always thought it made everything look so depressing, and dead. But something about a fresh snow fall at night was enchanting to me. No cars rushing by to turn the sticky damp snow into slush. Every unique flake fell upon a surface to form the exact shape it made. Wires and pipes hanging of the house next door, twisted and twirled in many directions. But the snow followed. It formed a layer just a top it, swirling and taking its shape. When it gathered together it made mounds and hills. But as it fell it seemed so tiny and insignificant. But somehow I could imagine a tiny world within each flake. A thought suddenly crept into my head as I watched in awe; Was anyone else watching this beauty? Was anyone up at this hour watching this wonderful occurrence? No. No one would be awake. I did not know whether to feel special or lonely....... So I just sat there and listened to the soundtrack in my mind of a dream I once had while I watched...... I stare through the window once more and feel the want to venture outdoors. But it must be cold, why leave the warmth of my room? Oh the warmth. Suddenly with that thought I feel a brush of hot air creep up through my shirt and touch my chest. I could almost feel a hand trailing up my back and neck. Then I realize the base heater is beneath my window, and I've just been standing here over it the whole time. All was so perfect that night. I couldn't dare fall asleep, so I stayed awake and watched the snow.
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