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Title:The Falling Force
Posted On:2005-11-01 01:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
It's a little something inspecificly small
prodding and pounding inside our minds
looking for a way in or out, haunting us
a unslaked thirst, an insurmountable itch
flame at your heels, turning your wheels
forcing it's way deeper into your now
keeping you from gratification, satisfaction
nothing easily defined, slight of mind
a hall of mirrors with nothing to reflect
similar to a sandstorm, it comes it goes
no warning, no way to escape, abandon
it must be attended, it demands a focus
energy to be controlled, never in control
chaos, chaotic in unified disorderly din
you find shelter and turn outward within
dissatisfaction, deterred, flight inward
angry remorse, something better comes
why wait withering, imagine the future
action and reaction, motion to stillness
subsidiary tributary, swirled perserverance
surviving the pain, scarred smoothness
dancing with wind and winding uncoiled
frustration unleashed into action and effect
hold your breath, feel your fears solidify
create passion from inability to find peace
drive into the storm and release attachment
its nothing more than illusional sensation
made from within, without substance or form
a shadow to hide within, dark internalized
free yourself from distraction and distaste
realize that there is no true race to win
that the place you end is where you begin
nothing is there to bring you down, only yourself
once you've figured it out, you'll always win
and life will be a storm you can ride with vigor
figure, define, accept and decline to be down
you cannot fall, you cannot lose, you're a winner
and life is nothing more than the track you're on
it's all downhill, you can't help but be falling
like a skydiver though, the fun is there
perspective and percievance, sensational
take it as you see it, just make it clear
you're falling, and it's good.
Miembro Comentarios
» earthyspirit dicho @ Wed Nov 2, 2005 @ 4:18pm
Thanks Sophia! *hugs
» moondancer dicho @ Tue Nov 1, 2005 @ 3:49am
This is my favourite