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Posted On:2009-02-04 00:22:01
Posted By:» earthyspirit
how much are we alike
in how many ways can we delve into our motivations
what weakness or strength have we alone surrounded
all you want is to be put on a throne
have us hold you up and cheer
you seek a certainty of our support
our love and ginger givn sacrifice
and we want the same things
we want your support your truths
your facades to fray and fall off
we know that not knowin what words will arrive
has never been the difficulty
its been our shyness to begin
surrendering to the moment
while without holding the spotlight
sharing the daring spirit
whose to begin in the first place
and hows the flow grow when we're astounded
we walk a cold road alone as the lone lion
singing to the know that you listen
its not the same thou present yet absent
even when we dance and the chance arises
the thrill of dancing for you
knowing you are encouraging and impressed
and even when you know it already
the moves we will make the motions
and align everything to continue to lift
theres always something missing
some part of it all we miss true
how do i say i love you
and breath while you say i have to go
without returning the i love you
not raelizing until later it went
i want you and i say it
when will you say it
why does that matter to me
you dont need me
i need you
yet we're supposed to be the same
and if i am as stong as you
then you must be weak
for i am even now incapable
of healing this fissure
ive been looking for gregory
looking for terrance
seeking crockatt
and always in the seeking
im finding these others
these family people
my brother father son lover
my sister mother daughter lover
both in one and one in both
just not the same
never truly the same
as the girl youd like to remind me of
the woman who i love
the lady of my heart
the star of y and the end of n
another anybody antonym
my not na
y body na
na other

shes not here anymore
and here am i
eliminating the variables of my failures
shedding my fears and donning courage
the courage to sing and dance and uproot
to tree herd and plant seeds
to worship the fabric of fabric
and haul this chi wawa up into my chest
and shine it out at you all
what the fuck tho, a know not
a grow hot a flow dot and yacht
sailing with no course save the suggestive
and its not all that
or is it
how many variables
are involved in the truly important
treating my others golden
while being herded by security
time for you to go
come along, your reflection says
we control you
you who we want to take charge
take charge from us
stand in the traffic and yeild not
or am i wrong
take a chance and die or o live
wha have i to give
being a brother and a father and a lover
and a son
while sharing the female responsibility
the daughter
the mother and sister and lover
from inside a mans body
its all so strange
and scratch

id rather sing
i just dont know why
and cant seem to get you to tell me
or lead me as it seems you dont want
to true lead, the strong lead
even though you're capable
im stuck
and good luck greg
you need it
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