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» TheUnknown on Sun 29 Mar, 2009 @ 8:51pm
Title:Mystic Knowledge 6
Posted On:2009-03-29 20:51:01
Posted By:» TheUnknown
How have you fared "in the years' steady sifting?" Have you dear friends and much sunshine in your life? I certainly wish this for you.
Mystics learn to regard the Infinite as a dear friend, also.
Its time to review the sixth Mystery

Mystics break out of body bondage through numerous expansions of the heart, of the sense of self.

You will have great satisfaction and know tears of joy as you regularly experience the profound dimensions of your increasing self-awareness (beyond self-preoccupation).

Those hearts which are most painfully bound need expansion most desperately.

The heart, your center of self-awareness, is the key to your connection with others and with your own higher consciousness. Start with your present heart, your current sense of self.

To begin the expansion and liberation of your heart, mentally and emotionally put yourself in "another person’s shoes."

Remember, in this beginning expansion you are not trying to read the chosen person’s mind or accurately know his/her actual experience of life. You are striving to sense your own self, your heart, in a different way.


The Contemplation

Try out the shoes, sandals — and bare feet, too — of people you admire. Why are they so special that you appreciate them so?


Why do I have to fight and struggle so hard just to be me?

Should being myself require so much excertion? Why can't I just be?

Perhaps I labor to be what I'm not, and the Self I seek to maintain isn't truly me at all.

Oh who am I -- in my nature, in my essence, in my untroubled, effortless presence?

Expansion Level One
Find Your Higher Consciousness Online

Have you a question?


When doing this practice I think I get an impression of how the person predominantly feels. Is this my imagination or a bonafide connection?


Are there any cautions to be aware of? Should I avoid "wearing the shoes" of bad people?


I often feel the pain of others. What should I do?


Just how is this technique supposed to help me? Could you please explain what the benefit is?


Q When doing this practice I think I get an impression of how the person predominantly feels. Is this my imagination or a bonafide connection?

A This is a good question to ask yourself as you develop in the Mysteries. Sometimes you make profound mystical connections with people, but at other times you are merely imagining and emoting.

Some people you select for this practice will perfectly — and in remarkable detail — corroborate your insights and impressions of them after you "wear their shoes." This kind of feedback from real people in the real world is the best indication that you have made bonafide connections.

But please bear in mind the purpose of the "shoes" practice is the expansion and freeing of your heart. This is not meant to be a mind-reading exercise although it may unintentionally be so at times.

To quote from the technique of this sixth Mystery: "In considering what it would be like to be another person, you free the heart to direct its energies differently. This begins the process of heart expansion."


Q Are there any cautions to be aware of? Should I avoid "wearing the shoes" of bad people?

A For now, proceed at your comfort level. If you find someone's shoes too difficult or too unpleasant to wear for a few minutes, abandon your practice and select a different person.

But, in answer to your hidden question, mystics sense the soul, the precious life, in the core being of every person — heroes and villains, kind people and cruel ones. Then mystics return to their own shoes and strive to wear them well.


Q I often feel the pain of others. What should I do?

A When you feel the pain of others, have compassion for them. Come back to your own shoes, pray for those who suffer and help them if you can.


Q Just how is this technique supposed to help me? Could you please explain what the benefit is?

A The "shoes" technique helps free and expand the mystical heart, which in turn leads to mystical awakening. The heart in most people is so limited and confined that it cannot have mystical experience or receive spiritual knowledge. The "shoes" technique can powerfully expand the heart.

» Djinthebox on Sun 22 Mar, 2009 @ 12:18pm
Title:PODCAST Simon Patterson anthem
Posted On:2009-03-22 12:18:53
Posted By:» Djinthebox
Podcast server is now back online!

PODCAST Simon Patterson anthem now online


» bohofunk on Mon 16 Mar, 2009 @ 12:09am
Title:Word .. Kinda like pr?
Posted On:2009-03-16 00:09:29
Posted By:» bohofunk
I know absoutley no one on this site. Ive been told its alot of people from quebec wich is rad.

Do people actually read eachothers journal or can you just if your "friends"

Fuck I dont even know if there are "friends"

you should be my friend ;)

Listening To: Kosheen - Hide U

» Djinthebox on Sat 14 Mar, 2009 @ 8:50pm
Title:Your comments / Vos commentaires
Posted On:2009-03-14 20:50:34
Posted By:» Djinthebox
Here it is, my music here was already download enough to receive some comments or mayby just a "HELLO" but the story is, i have nothing here! A sign of life will be appreciate!

Ma musique ici est somme toute assez downloadée. Cependant, je n'ai tout de fois recu aucun commentaires ni meme un "Allo" Un petit signe de vie de votre part serait grandement apprécié!

» chemical.quiet on Sun 8 Mar, 2009 @ 6:36am
Title:Lankavatara Sutra (got Ego problems?)
Posted On:2009-03-08 06:36:07
Posted By:» chemical.quiet
There are four kinds of Dhyana (spiritual disciplines), what are these four? They are, first, the Dhyana practiced by the ignorant; second, the Dhyana devoted to the examination of meaning; third, the dhyana with Suchness for its object; fourth, the Dhyana of the Tathāgatas (Buddhas).

What is meant by the Dhyana practised by the ignorant? It is the one resorted to by the Yogins who exercise themselves in the disciplines of Sravakas and Prayekabuddhas (contemplatives and 'solitary Buddhas' of the Hinayana school), who perceiving that there is no ego substance, that the body is a shadow and a skeleton which is transient, impure and full of suffering, persistently cling to these notions, which are regarded as just so and not otherwise, and who, starting from them, advance by stages until they reach the cessation, where there are no thoughts. This is called the Dhyana practiced by the ignorant.

What is then, the Dhyana devoted to the examination of meaning? It is the one practised by those who, having gone beyond the egolessness of things, beyond individuality and generality, beyond the untenability of such ideas as 'self' 'other' and 'both' which are held by the philosophers, proceed to examine and follow up the meaning of the various aspects of Bodhisattvahood. This is the Dhyana devoted to the examination of meaning.

What is the Dhyana with Tathātā (or Suchness) as its object? When the Yogin recognizes that the discrimination of the forms of egolessness is mere imagination and that where he establishes himself in the reality of Suchness there is no rising of discrimination--this I call the Dhyana with Suchness for its object.

What is the Dhyana of the Tathāgata? When the Yogin, entering upon the stage of Tathāgatahood and abiding in the triple bliss characterizing self-realization attained by noble wisdom, devotes himself for the sake of all beings to the accomplishment of incomprehensible works--this I call the Dhyana of the Tathāgata.

- Buddha

» Djinthebox on Tue 3 Mar, 2009 @ 10:31am
Title:Nouveau PODCAST / New PODCAST
Posted On:2009-03-03 10:31:04
Posted By:» Djinthebox
PODCAST 08 (1/03/2009)

01. Cold planet (Anhken rmx) - Energy Reflect & Arctic Moon
02. Forget (Jay B rmx) - Tappberger & Weber
03. Follow up - Anhken
04. Fine without you (Sied Van Riel rmx) - Jennifer Rene
05. Next page (Allan Marshall rmx) - Allan Marshall & Anhken
06. Fearless - Sied Van Riel
07. War of hearts (Club mix) - George Acosta & Truth
08. Taste - Anhken
09. Imagine (Mike Nichol rmx) - Andrelli & Blue & Hila
10. Letting go (Tasadi dub mix) - Adam Nickey & Tiff Lacey
11. Affirmation (Tom Colontonio rmx) - Activa
12. Paradise (Anhken rmx) - Cold Blue
13. Centrifugal force - Mike Nichol
14. Two - Baron Massilia