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» Djinthebox on Fri 27 Feb, 2009 @ 11:47am
Title:Nouvelle Compo en ligne ! New beat online
Posted On:2009-02-27 11:47:21
Posted By:» Djinthebox
TOTAL (Extended club mix) - Dj In The Box!

Maintenant sur mon playlist

Now on my playlist

» TheUnknown on Fri 20 Feb, 2009 @ 9:05pm
Title:Mystic knowledge 5
Posted On:2009-02-20 21:05:06
Posted By:» TheUnknown
Key Points

Let's first review the main points we covered last time:

Mysticism is an awakening, more than a study or philosophy.

Just as you can shift your awareness from a dream state to wakefulness, you can — with development — raise your consciousness from normal awareness to mystical awareness.

Normal day-to-day awareness is a kind of sleep also.

The invitation of the mystic is to awaken from normal awareness.

Ignorant of Spirit, man and woman misperceive everything.

Mystical awareness may be instantaneous, but it's usually gradual. It takes time to let go the old habits of mind and heart.

Arise and Awaken!

The Mysteries help you awaken and arise into spiritual awareness.

The main practice of the first Mystery is: Many times a day, whisper to yourself, "Wake up!"

The Contemplation

You have probably already experienced glimpses and tastes of mystical awareness.

Think back and recall those special times in your life when your awareness was lifted up into a beautiful and memorable delight. Or, when you knew something not easily predictable would happen before it actually happened.


Here is a small list of some mystical experiences which may help your contemplation of your own past mystical moments:

walkway with flowers


Your normal joy and happiness become filled with incredible bliss and ecstasy.


Someone you love but haven't seen for years comes unexpectedly into the room. Love and joy pour out of you — as never before — toward that special person.


You are struggling with a problem and can't solve it. Then suddenly, while you're showering, walking in the park, or falling asleep, the perfect solution to your problem leaps into your mind — and proves to be exactly right.


Now and then you see auras — the mystical light around a person's head and hands.


Sometimes you sense your True Self — serene, loving and wise — beyond the hubbub of the world's clamor and your racing mind.


You know people before you meet them. And after you meet them you find them to be very much as you intuited them to be.


At times, you feel your consciousness move out of your body and hover above it — or go to a distant place.


Your feelings of love, joy, or compassion rush outward from you in a breathtakingly wondrous manner.


You're inspired with life-enriching insights.


Alone and sad, you are suddenly surrounded and comforted by a loving presence, or a healing energy.


Despite menacing appearances to the contrary, you suddenly know deep within yourself that: "All will be well."

We could go on for hours with these examples. In each instance a "wakening" occurred, a brief mystical awakening.

Hopefully these examples jog your memory. Now it's your turn to recall your own previous mystical awakenings.


How to Contemplate

When you remember each mystical experience, contemplate it. Hold it in your awareness. Bring to mind the details of the circumstances and people involved. Then hold the experience in your mind and patiently try to re-experience that beautiful shift of your awareness into a higher state of being: from not knowing to knowing; from sorrow or loneliness to inexpressible love; from normal awareness to heightened realization.

May your contemplations be sweet.


Now I realize I'm waking up.


May the Light be yours!
Today we travel to the local prison where we will observe someone in a pitiful condition. We will seek to have this prisoner released — and invite the poor soul to join us for the rest of our mystic journey.
Shall we go now?

Seal of the Initial Mysteries

The prisoner lives in a dark cell, separated from mate, family, and society. He suffers, unable to know or love anyone. He has no meaningful or fulfilling communications. All his dreams are futile. But he's an unusual prisoner: he's free to live in a house, keep a job, and drive a car. His place of confinement is his own body and his boundaries are his thoughts, emotions, the limitations of his memories and senses. He spends his days pounding against the inner walls which keep him so disconnected.

red flowerThe brooding prisoner with the broken fists is possibly you. Do you feel painfully separate from others? Are you restricted from becoming the person you want to be? Do you agonize that your life is not moving the way it should? Do you suffer because you do not feel as close to people as you need to — even the people you love? Are you going through your years feeling that, despite family and social life, you're alone? Is the skin of your body a border, and does everyone out there seem a stranger?

Mystics are ex-convicts. They broke out of the body prison to live free in spiritual light. Their awareness reaches out beyond body, thoughts, feelings, and senses. Their bodies no longer confine their consciousness but become instruments of spiritual experience and inspired activity.


Mystics break out of mind and body bondage through expansions, expansions of consciousness. Through mystical experiences, in other words.


The Great Puzzle

Tis very puzzling on
the brink!
Of what is called
Eternity to stare
And know no more of
what is here,
Than there.

—Lord Byron, DON JUAN (1819-24)

Mystics call that part of us which expands and bestows a magnificent transcendental awareness: the Heart.

Your "Heart" is your sense of self, your feeling about who you are. Mystics don't mean the heart organ but the feeling of self-awareness. Who are you as a distinct person from everyone else? This is your mystical heart.

5th Mystery
Basis / Principle

The Heart & Its Liberation
Find Your Higher Consciousness Online

Locating your Mystical Heart

TechniqueYou can locate the mystical heart fairly easily. Often you remember your mystical heart when someone across the street calls out a name and you think you're the one being addressed. You respond, "Who, me?" as you touch your fingers to the right side of your breastbone, don't you? This spot in the center of your chest to the right of your sternum indicates the mystical heart, a focal point of your self-awareness. Your heart is your individual sense of self.

Also, you can often sense your mystical heart inside the spine, directly back of your heart organ, when you're meditating or lovingly using your arms to help others.

You can also recognize the heart when your individuality feels threatened:

"Well, I don't like that."

"But, my needs are..."

"I want you to..."

"How dare you think I would do such a thing!"

But in these uptight "I" circumstances, a person usually is not paying attention to where the "I" sense is coming from. However, simply recalling such stressful instances often brings the "I" sense and the heart to mind quickly.

The Realm of the Heart

Here, in the realm of the heart, you are bound or free, prisoner or liberator. If you'd like to see your life, well being, and world change significantly before your eyes, seek a mystical heart operation.

The normal heart is self-preoccupied with the struggles of life. We labor and strain for a paycheck, acceptance, love, and success. Most often we're in conflict with those who are striving for the same things we need and want.


Mystics term the struggling, conflicted, ambitious, worried sense of self — i.e., the normal heart — the Ego. Ego can be used to mean any degree of "sense of self" — bound or free — but most commonly, mystics reserve the term ego to refer to the bound heart, the self which struggles alone, against others, even against the Creator, for its survival and fulfillment. Ego brings separateness and conflict between husband and wife, brothers and sisters, workers, neighbors, nations, and even religious people.

bridgeAs long as ego presides in our awareness, conflict and stress abide. Ruled by ego, we are prisoners, separated from one another. We're also separated from our own spiritual essence, our soul, and its transforming power.

Ego causes us never to love others deeply, nor understand them wisely, nor experience peace within ourselves. The ego, thinking itself all alone, struggles for its causes and wards off its fears day and night throughout life. Living in ego is true bondage, no matter the appearances otherwise. The unopened heart lives in darkness and is confined, apart from all other hearts.

The heart must expand!

What is the mystical way out of ego's life sentence? The Heart must expand. Our awareness can move in new directions. We need not live in continuous contractions of self-concern. Our thoughts, feelings, and life energies can develop new patterns.

The transformation of the ego is central to the religions of the world and is expressed gloriously in their scriptures and also by their saints. For example, in Christianity, after sincere sorrow about one's old egocentric conduct and the great harm done, one sincerely repents and asks the Spirit and mystical Person of Jesus Christ to come into one's heart, to live there, and be Lord of one's life.

In Islam and Hinduism, the transformation is expressed in this way: one gives up living for only oneself to become a servant of, and live for, the Lord. To become as a reed flute through whom the Lord plays a beautiful melody of love, compassion, and constructive action.

mystic contact

The beginning mystic doesn't usually expand the heart completely all at once. There are sublime days and ordinary days. Due to old habits at times of stress, the ego will contract and go back to its imprisoned way of thought and behavior. Then, as the heart realizes its dawning freedom, the ego will relax once again and happily the heart will expand its awareness of Spirit a little bit more.

One grand day the old ego will be released and you will discover the heart in its true dimension. Your spiritual Self, your soul, will shine forth into your mind, emotions, and senses. You will step out of jail and live free in spiritual awareness.

The Radiance And The Mist

We now begin the magnificent process of expansion.

First, strive to discover your Mystic Heart. During busy times and quiet times, locate your heart and determine whether it is expanded or contracted. Once you discover your heart and get to know it well, your life begins to change.

When you can find your heart at will, there are two delightful techniques you can do to begin the process of heart expansion:


The Radiance

Place your awareness on either of your heart centers:

in the central front of your chest to the right of your breastbone, or

inside your spine directly back of your heart organ

When your mind pleasantly abides in either special heart place, think and feel that your Mystic Heart is radiating love, light and energy.

Let your heart shine forth. Let it glow. Extend its light into the space around you and let it touch and embrace the people nearby.

Your practice of the Radiance will greatly stimulate your heart and will facilitate the actual expansion of your heart. As you will see, the practice is in itself a pleasure and a joy.


The Mist

a misty forestYou may prefer this technique — The Mist — instead of The Radiance, but do give them both a try to find your favorite.

When you focus on the Mystic Heart, think and feel that your heart generates a white mist which gradually surrounds you and then flows outward, filling the room and bathing everyone around you in peace, love and well being.

This technique also stimulates the awakening and true expansion of your Mystic Heart.


Caution: When practicing either of these techniques, if you start to feel the pains, distresses, or negative moods of others inside your own body, discontinue these practices until you are alone. As you further develop, this sensitivity to the negative states of others will change into positive mystical experiences.

How To

Enjoy your practice of the Radiance and the Mist. A knower of the heart becomes free!


What does my Heart-- my sense of self know of life and reality?
Together again.
I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey.
Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty: The Mysteries of the Heart.
"Let my heart be wise. It is the gods’ best gift," is the way Euripides put it in his play, Medea (431 BC, Tr. Rex Warner).
Your heart makes you or breaks you, in most aspects of life. In mysticism, too, your heart enables your success or disqualifies you.
But don’t worry. Much can be done for a contracted heart. Prisoners don’t like to be in jail; they’d rather come out. The imprisoned heart loves to come forth and expand, too, when it knows how.
We turn to the Key Points of the Fifth Mystery.
Find Your Higher Consciousness Online

Only with the Heart

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

—Saint-Exupery, THE LITTLE PRINCE (1943), Tr. Katherine Woods

In a Full Heart

In a full heart there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.

—Antonio Porchia, VOCES (1968), Tr. W.S. Merwin

Update my remarks

Tiny orange flower

Key Points

In most of us, the Heart is like a prisoner — confined, contracted, and separated.

Mystics are ex-convicts. They broke out of the body prison to live free in spiritual light.

Mystics break out of mind and body bondage through expansions of consciousness.

Your Heart is your sense of self.

Mystics term the struggling, conflicted, ambitious, worried sense of self — i.e., the normal heart — the ego.

What is the mystical way out of ego’s life sentence? The Heart must expand.


The Contemplation

Contemplate the state of your heart. What do you feel this minute? What do you feel about your life, yourself, and other people?

Contemplate also: What has been the journey of my heart? How far have I traveled since I was born? What has brought me here?

Farewell, ‘til next time, dear friend.

» TheUnknown on Fri 20 Feb, 2009 @ 9:02pm
Title:Mystic knowledge 4
Posted On:2009-02-20 21:02:17
Posted By:» TheUnknown
Mystical Awakening

What the Mystics Say

But mystics say there is one more major state of consciousness: Spiritual Awareness. Just as you can wake up from a dream and recognize that you were "only dreaming," consider too that this normal state of awareness you're living in may be a kind of sleep also! Oh, the normal waking state is real enough and it's important to move about in an able and fulfilling manner — rents need to be paid, cars must be driven vigilantly, etc. The normal waking state is truly wondrous and worthwhile.

But, in the view of the mystic, there's even more to be experienced: wake up from this! This normal waking state is not the full reality at all. A richer, finer, freer life will be yours if you will only shift your awareness upward one more level.


Wake up from your present views of yourself, of others, and of life itself. These are just a higher level of dreams — too often inaccurate, ignorant, and tragically self-destructive.

sunset over waterNo wonder mystics have had such a difficult time being understood through the ages. They maintain normal awareness is a kind of sleep, a devastating ignorance. As mystics tell beginning students: Ignorant of Spirit, man (woman) misperceives everything.

We Don't Know Who We Are

In normal human awareness, mystics suggest: we don't (can't) know who we are; we can't know others very well at all; and we don't know our true natures, talents, possibilities, or higher faculties. We know so little about love, compassion, and how to get along with others. We don't understand Nature and our relationship with it. Nor do we realize the purposes and possibilities of life. And in this stupor, we, of course, don't know our mystical calling or our mystical nature.

So, the first mystical teaching is: Wake up! Arise, awake.

Fortunately, people awaken and rise from sleep every morning. Shifting your awareness from dreams to daily life is routine. The project here is just one more shift — to Mystical Awakening. Mystical awareness can come in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, or it can take years of preparation before you let go your intense grip on normal day-to-day awareness.

» TheUnknown on Fri 20 Feb, 2009 @ 8:59pm
Title:Mystic knowledge 3
Posted On:2009-02-20 20:59:59
Posted By:» TheUnknown
You become a mystic by waking up. You awaken from normal day-to-day awareness into the mystical.


Mysticism is more a series of progressive spiritual awakenings than it is a study or philosophy. The educational and philosophical aspects of mysticism are important and fascinating, of course, but their purpose is to assist and facilitate the wondrous awakenings of mystical life. The chief value of mystical study is not how many years you have studied but what you have spiritually realized and the person you've become.

You become a mystic through awakening. Just as you find release from a dream by opening your eyes and shifting consciousness from sleep to the world around you, you become mystical by shifting from the normal waking state to a higher level of awareness.

mountain reflected in a lake

For example, you may be having the nightmare that a shark is attacking you. The shark seems very real and terrifying to you. You may, in your dream state, try to swim as fast as you can, kicking your legs and flailing your arms in panic. As the jaws snap closed on your torso, do you die? No. You wake up; you shift your awareness to your quiet, safe bedroom. Immensely relieved, you happily realize, "It was just a dream." You dismiss the shark's jaws and the terror which filled you only a minute before.

In another dream, you are showing your great masterpieces to the leaders of the world, presidents and celebrities. All of them give you awards and want to hear your opinions. But suddenly, the clock radio sounds and you let go your eminent companions to shower quickly, drink coffee, and drive to your job. Here again, you wake up. You switch awareness from a dream state, which seemed so real, back to your daily life and its circumstances. As you proceed along the freeway to your office, you may reflect, "That was a great experience. Too bad I was only dreaming."

A Mystic Act

To know, to get into the truth of anything, is a mystic act...

—Thomas Carlyle, ON HEROES (1841)

Every time you waken from a dream, you are using your amazing ability to shift consciousness from one state to another: dream to wakefulness to dream to wakefulness to dream.... We go on doing this for a lifetime.

» TheUnknown on Fri 20 Feb, 2009 @ 8:57pm
Title:Mystic knowledge 2
Posted On:2009-02-20 20:57:30
Posted By:» TheUnknown
All the Mystic Self needs is a little attention. It will do wonders for you.
Let’s review the main points of this Mystery.

Key Points

Mystics have helped people find greater meaning and happiness in their lives for many centuries.

Mysticism is a way of personal fulfillment to those who learn how to awaken their latent mystical abilities.

All of the Mysteries involve contact with your Mystic Self and your supernormal levels of awareness.

In the view of mystics, the major problem in life for most of us is ignorance of our mystic selves.

In normal day-to-day consciousness we don’t know ourselves very well at all.

It is our ignorance which leads us into much conflict and unfulfillment.

The Mysteries reveal many ways that you can actually contact your Mystic Self and the Infinite Consciousness in which you live.

Do you, can you, contact your Mystic Self?

This test is an excellent indicator of your mystical development thus far.

Try it for several times. Find that part of you which views your mind and reveals to you "My thoughts are wandering away. Come back."

Can you recognize this overseeing awareness?

This special awareness which views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is your Mystic Self.

If you can contact your Mystic Self you are ready to make your journey through Life’s Great Mysteries. You are among the most fortunate of people.



Now that you can contact your Mystic Self from time to time, and you are beginning to recognize this marvelous part of your consciousness, can you recall your previous contacts with the Mystic Self?

Sit back. Relax. Look back at the important events of your life and see if you can recall a number of special moments when your awareness soared or your heart filled with serenity.

In a pleasant contemplation try to recall your times of distinct connection with the Mystic Self.

Likely you will gradually realize your Mystic Self has been within you — and wanting the very best for you — since you were born.

» Djinthebox on Mon 16 Feb, 2009 @ 1:04pm
Title:New Podcast online EPISODE 07
Posted On:2009-02-16 13:04:36
Posted By:» Djinthebox


01. Total (Extended club mix) - Dj In The Box!
02. Remember december (Paul Miller rmx) - Dj Shog
03. First flight (Phatt rmx) - Pierre Pienaar
04. Spectrum (Duderstadt rmx) - Solarstone
05. Caldari (Cesar Lugo rmx) - Neal Scarborough & Frase
06. I'm alone (Ronski Speed mix) - Sun Decade
07. Elara (Abstract Vision & DSI rmx) - Simon Hunt
08. Kingpin (Simon Hunt rmx) - Airbase & Parc
09. 776 miles - Angel Ace
10. 3 ur mind - Paul Miller
11. Alchera (Firestorm & Steve Allen rmx) - Will B & Steve Allen
12. Refit your mind (Love Parade mix) - Dj Toxic & Project Logical
13. The new world - Markus Schulz





» Cya on Fri 13 Feb, 2009 @ 2:34pm
Title:im blind
Posted On:2009-02-13 14:34:15
Posted By:» Cya
"When I'm Gone"

There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Or maybe I'm just blind...

Or maybe I'm just blind...

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

When your education X-Ray
Cannot see under my skin
I won't tell you a damn thing
That I could not tell my friends
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive but I'm alone
Part of me is fighting this
But part of me is gone


Or maybe I'm just blind...


Love me when I'm gone...

Love me when I'm gone

» r4k4kon on Mon 2 Feb, 2009 @ 11:58pm
Posted On:2009-02-02 23:58:12
Posted By:» r4k4kon
bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon voissi quelque insitation qui finie juste en ON que je disais pendant que je fesais dla télépathie avec un petie cris dextratereste translucile qui courais partoue cher moi bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,chpence chten dépression,jregardais un video de céline dion,pie jai u une érection-------- bonjour jmapelle céline dion,cris que chu teton,jai changer mon nom avec r4k4kon,chpence chtencore en dépression------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,veux tu une félation,enfile moi mon étalon,aprais dans ta bouche un étron------- bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai un interlocution,regarde un film cochon,tu va avoire une érection------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,tu savais tu que lé poisson,aime la transition,entre la sodomisation,pie une félation-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jaime les raie de ton,sa une bonne dimention,pour mon tie baton--------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,la seul oublicaton,pour que je touche ton piton à,c quil faus que je reluque té teton-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,enfile moi mon cochon,jm la soumision,en sodomisation-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai une proposition,va faire une comition,pie ma te susé le suson------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jaime bien la dimention,de tes fesse dans ton costume de natation-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai été dans une réunion,pour les élection,sous la table de loto satisfaction-----bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jme suis acheté un chaton,pendant qui fesais un mégatron,a bin gadon un érection,bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,lautre jour jai vue un bo garson,oups pas dérection,bin non c juste dla fiction------- bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,lautre jour jai u une fixation,sa paire de teton,du travesti qui travaille au tim horton------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai tailement pas de temps pour mon fiston,quil faus que ji aprenne a atacher son blouson,pendant que je chie mon mégatron-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jveux une érection,dans des escalié en colimason,possé moé meme pas de question-------bonjour jmepelle r4k4kon,c temps si jai une obsesion,c de me venir sul bedon-----bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,chu tailement con,que quand je boie boison,rendu au moment dla satisfaction,bin cris jme pisse din pantalon------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai u une vision,de mon future de con,dancer du rigedon avec un cochon,a dance dance révolution------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai vue quelqun se faire taxé povre garson,il lon poignardé din tenton,au lieux dapeller un anbulance ou lui faire les premier soin,non moé le cave ji mort les teton--------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jme suis refaite faire la dantation,pcq jme suis toute peté les dants quel con,pcq stais pour payer ma nouvelle dantation-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,jai découver une nouvelle partie de mon corps dapolon,le trou dla sastisfation,lest go pour lexploration------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,chu aussi chaud que de la lave en fusion,cris de bonne expresion------ bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,ma méyeur sastisfaction, c de moto susé en me regardant moto susé a la télivision-------bonjour jmapelle r4k4kon,chu en tran de faire un obsesion,c mot qui fini en on,pie i va en avoire plus dans pas long