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» KandiKidChii on Sun 29 Jun, 2008 @ 11:50pm
Title:Nite-lite was kick ass! and Tiesto soon + more!
Posted On:2008-06-29 23:50:09
Posted By:» KandiKidChii
Alrighty. I havent updated shit on here in a while.. So, here it goes..

Nite-lite was kick ass, The freestylers were awesome shit. I couldnt stop raving <3
Carnage was pretty good, but I think Nite-lite was a tad batter <3

Anyways, summer has been up and down for me so far. Plans are made some are broken, some are re made, and end up better!..

As for my FOR SURE PLANS!: Tiesto in 2 days! In halifax <3 and then a days break and then off to Toronto~ Will be with Enso and Maus for some of the time. Can't wait<3 Kind of sucks that WEMF is going on around that time.. That means no raves while I'm there [bummer] But oh well! It should still be awesome! wish me luck~

Listening To: Tiesto - live at duch dimension

» Lyzzie on Mon 23 Jun, 2008 @ 12:09am
Title:Les temps changent... les gens...
Posted On:2008-06-23 00:09:33
Posted By:» Lyzzie
J'vous apprends rien, admettez-le. Mais des fois on en prend un peu plus conscience, les temps changent... Ou plutôt, les choses et les gens changent avec le temps.

Le printemps ramène du nouveau, avec les oisillons et les feuilles vertes. Mais aussi la paix d'esprit. Le soleil apaise mes sentiments. Les vieilles douleurs se cicatrisent et un sourire serein vient s'installer sur mes lèvres.

J'arrive à voir le passé non comme une ombre, mais comme une autre couleur; non pas comme fade et défraîchi, mais comme quelque chose de précieux que l'on conserve et que l'on chéri à travers les âges. Je peux revoir des gens sans souffrir, je peux les regarder en souriant, non pas un sourire triste, mais un sourire de bonheur sincère, celui des moments de joie et de pure liberté.

À l'arrivée de la St-Jean, tout le monde pense à l'image de la fleur de lys; et l'image pour moi s'accompagne du bon vieux "je me souviens"... Et comme notre esprit fait bien des liens, "je me souviens" s'associe aussi pour moi à quelqu'un. Quelqu'un qui m'a beaucoup appris. Quelqu'un qui avait des convictions. Quelqu'un qui m'a montré qu'on pouvait encore rêver.

Toi né "ailleurs"
Moi sous le lys
Je me souviens

Qu'on peut refaire le monde
Un peu plus chaque jour
Avec la force de nos idées

Un monde de coloriés
Une vie de passion
Une existence sans raison

Je retrouve aujourd'hui
Celle que j'ai oublié hier
Qui ne voyait ni futur, ni passé

Une autre moi qui voulait se battre
Sans oublier, sans arrêter
Toujours cherchant à continuer

Toi né "ailleurs"
Moi sous le lys
Je me souviens

Que je voulais vivre
Sans barrières, sans attaches
Dans un monde de liberté

» BreBell_Kali on Thu 19 Jun, 2008 @ 7:31pm
Posted On:2008-06-19 19:31:26
Posted By:» BreBell_Kali
I have so much stuff to do before I leave in two days!! I don't even know if I have time to do it all!?! I have to pick up my report card,finish packing,call some friends,tell my other friend I can't see her tomorrow,buy some final things at the mall,clean my room,and get some spending cash.Eeekk!!!
god help me right now..Well going to take a shower!Wish me luck XD


Listening To: music :)

» Mico on Thu 19 Jun, 2008 @ 3:49pm
Posted On:2008-06-19 15:49:40
Posted By:» Mico
YL : Is free public art more or less valuable than expensive gallery work?

O : Valuable is a subjective term. free is free. non? I saw paintings that changed my life at no price to me but it was of immesurable value. Everyone seems to be obsessed with cost and no one really focuses on value. I think Graffiti is termed as free art as well as street art. In the same measure, one can view video works and happenings and installations as "free" because there is nothing you can take with you. No real ownership. The only true ownership is the fluxus based relationship that the viewer brings to all interactions with art. The more one brings to the art the more one gets out.

Yves Laroche interview with Omen.

» BreBell_Kali on Sat 14 Jun, 2008 @ 7:18pm
Title:Bored:Saturday,June 14th,2008
Posted On:2008-06-14 19:18:07
Posted By:» BreBell_Kali
Hello everyone!
I'm very happy to say that school is FINALLY over and summer 08' is here!!Unfortunately,I don't think I'll be able to make it to many raves because of travel plans,and parents being all protective and stuff :/
I'll try my best to get to the good ones as much as possible.I'll start thinking up some lies so I can come XD

Hope to see everyone!!

Listening To: Dj Zany :D

» MunchinSushi on Thu 5 Jun, 2008 @ 12:11am
Title:Midnight Random Thoughts
Posted On:2008-06-05 00:11:46
Posted By:» MunchinSushi
It is one minute till Midnight and here I am doing nothing at all. Alot has been going on in my mind lately, I have had a few weeks that have been unlike most of my weeks. Oddly enough I keep running into this Awesome Mitch guy I met through a promoter here in Ottawa. When I met him I was completely taken but I just kept it to myself, I mean, come on... Ottawa scenester hanging out with a kid I've known since he was in diapers, He'll never show any interest in me... Well tonight I was with his friend and apparently they talked about me after the last Rave that we all hung out at all night, Word on the street is Mitch thinks I'm "pretty chill". I was wondering for a while too, you'd think that the day he saw me and I told him about my adventure to Stereo to see Deadmau5 and he told me to call him and gave me his number I'd have caught on... apparently not lol I can be pretty dense sometimes.

Now I don't know what to do I mean I've made subtle hints that I like him but nothing overly serious. His friend says we should just start hanging out more often and see what happens, which is probably what's gonna happen but I don't know, I might just stay in my little shell, I mean, I've been happy here for the last year, Liking people but not actually having any relationship which has meant not ever having to give myself to anyone. Not having to worry about the pain I fear so much after being hurt so badly last year. Maybe This will be the one that pulls me out of that shell though... I don't know... I really don't...

Listening To: Dilemma - Nelly and Kelly Rowland (D'n'B Remix)