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» WassUpOnEarth on Mon 28 Jan, 2008 @ 7:08pm
Title:Paroles en l'air
Posted On:2008-01-28 19:08:21
Posted By:» WassUpOnEarth
Il vaut mieux renforcer ses points forts que de combler ses points faibles.

Une des plus grandes frustations est celle de ne pas avoir fait ce qui était le mieux.

Ça ne sert à rien d'être en criss contre qqch que fait la société quand on ne connaît pas de meilleur moyen de fonctionner. Par contre, il est utile de chercher à comprendre le problème et à trouver des solutions.

» WassUpOnEarth on Mon 28 Jan, 2008 @ 7:04pm
Title:Mon entrée
Posted On:2008-01-28 19:04:32
Posted By:» WassUpOnEarth
Eclipse 2006. 1er trip de vrai lsd. J'ai découvert le psy et suis tombé en amour avec. J'ai aussi cru observer une genre de communauté, comme si tlm se connaissait, que tlm était complice. Je me suis dit: "Wow...faut que je démystifie ça, que je garde contact." Pis là j'ai trouvé un collant de rave.ca. Je me suis dit:"Voilà la clé du mystère." Je me suis inscrit en espérant retrouver cette mystérieuse communauté.

» Charley on Thu 24 Jan, 2008 @ 12:06pm
Title:In the End...
Posted On:2008-01-24 12:06:19
Posted By:» Charley
It starts with one thing
I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try, keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme, to explain in due time
I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised it got so (far)
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me (in the end)
You kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I

I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There's only one thing you should know

» prodigyprincess on Wed 23 Jan, 2008 @ 4:17pm
Title:a semi-rant
Posted On:2008-01-23 16:17:22
Posted By:» prodigyprincess
Im getting really fucking sick to death of people not taking me seriously because they think I'm alot younger than i actually am! I was flat out refused a financial service today because he said I'm too young! I didn't correct him because i was so stunned and he pretty much "shooed" me out of his office. After some later reflection on his behavior i realised he thought i was some young punk wasting his time... and I'm going to be 30 in less than 6 months! Why would you treat someone that disrespectfully and dismissively in the first place REGARDLESS of their age, sex, race, etc, etc, ETC!? FURTHERMORE, after that and other similar incidents where people mistake me for being "too young", I feel sorry for anyone who IS younger! ATTENTION OLDER PEOPLE!!! Be respectful of younger generations! They may be in charge of your entire life when you're too old to take care of yourself!

Listening To: A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash

» DramaPolKa on Mon 21 Jan, 2008 @ 4:42pm
Title:be a space pirate prt.2
Posted On:2008-01-21 16:42:58
Posted By:» DramaPolKa
rule 1.. always be ready.. etre pret a tout

rule 2 .. never stop ...jammais arreter

rule 3 always keep going ...toujour continuer

rule 5 . stach stuf before.. avoir des reserve ...(alcool et compagie)

rule 6.. always involding ... toujou inover .. toujour trouver quelleque chosse de nouveaux..

rule 7 dance flore its not a place for a conversation .. la music est trop forte de /toute facon..

rule 8 .leave your mark .. dans le souvenir des epais qui sont la .. faire en sorte que le party pognen pis qui sen rapelle ..

rule 9 . trach the party .... un party cest pour faire le party

rule 10 boost on the party and the partyer .... faut que sa leve on vas les faire lever les asstie de larve

rule11 space pirate dont have a cruch on pepole only on marchandise ... cruch on pepole are for emo ... marchendise are for my pocket

rule12 choose a good equipage ... ne pas esiter a les passer a la planche si il vous sont nuisible..

rule 13.. must see the devils in your eyes ... letincelle magique ..savoir les faire fondre

rule 14 .. punk'n'go

rule 15 .,. savoir choisir le bon moment pour agir..

rule 16 .. be hardcore than you can

rule 17.. A L'ABORDAGE

» prodigyprincess on Sat 19 Jan, 2008 @ 10:08pm
Title:stuff from my personal journal
Posted On:2008-01-19 22:08:01
Posted By:» prodigyprincess
Friday January 18 2008 1:01 pm
I got a text!
U know what i like about your legs? u have ankles, incredibly muscular thighs and calves but without going all tree stumpy

Wow, what a compliment to wake up to!

i just got a call for another job interview from the same place i think theyre going to hire me...
i had to go to class on wednesday after my first job interview. I was half deaf, coughing, had a runny nose, was high on cough medicine, and im in the middle of the worst acne breakout ive had since i was a teenager (WTF?!I'm almost 30 and i still get zits?!)
*Later on*
GAD! Dr. Phil has been exposed as a fraud! he apparently has been operating without a licence since 1989 and no one noticed until now. I've always hated that guy and thought there was something fishy about him...
on a lighter note in local news, i have been coughing up less green stuff!
*drawing of two thumbs up*

Saturday January 19 2008 11:17pm
You know what trend i hate in this decade? Streaking and highlighting your hair! It looks terrible most of the time. Like the person's trying to look like a zebra! Alot of people suggest i should put blond streaks in my hair. no thanks! Low maintainance, healthy hair is the name of the game here. I cant go back to dying my hair. i hate dealing with roots showing and dry tangled ends. When I dyed my hair blond i had the complexion of a cherry, When I dyed it black i looked more pale and eyebrowless than usual...
i am still sick but its just the tail end of it. i have a headache from coughing so hard and Ive gone through an entire box of neo citran since yesterday. i've been sneaking tokes here and there because they make me feel better and cut the boredom of being stuck inside for the last few days. ive been sleeping on and off and listening to music. I cant listen to my pink prodigy disc because catzgurl has the disc... I left it in her discman before we left montreal. I have the song wind it up from the prodigy experience album stuck in my head... GAD I love that group and the black guy in that group is effin hot!

Listening To: Wind It Up & Your Love - The Prodigy

» Horus on Wed 16 Jan, 2008 @ 1:31pm
Title:Ravers are depraved. (???!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Posted On:2008-01-16 13:31:11
Posted By:» Horus
I recently saw someone post about how Ravers are "depraved"... This person means to be a "real raver" somehow... Where in PLUR do we see depravity? Pleasure, yes. But depravity? PLUR does not mean "Orgy"... Or anything like that... Some people are clearly misguided, no?

Raves were ever meant to be a celebration of LOVE. If there is something that is anti-depravity, love would be it. Remember, love yourself, love others, that leads to NOT degrading yourself, not becoming depraved... Ah, but that path is so narrow, it is much easier to just fall into debauchery, no?

» Horus on Tue 15 Jan, 2008 @ 2:47pm
Title:PLUR, what?
Posted On:2008-01-15 14:47:58
Posted By:» Horus
The original PLUR:

PEACE: No friction or conflict, either internal or external. This means that people who PLUR are first and foremost peaceful in nature. This does not mean only that they will not fight other people. That is an OBVIOUS external behavior criterion. Peace, true peace, goes much deeper than that though. One must be at peace with oneself. This means that insecurities and complexes are thrown aside, their importance reduced to zero. Anyone who cannot do this will have an unpleasant vibe to those who do, and will be removed from the scene. Peacefully, kindly, but with implacable seriousness. PEACE must be preserved.

LOVE: There is an old story about a guy trying to teach mankind about Love and he ended up nailed to a piece of wood. Has the world improved since then? Nope, not really. So... Would I be pretentious enough to teach love to people in a journal on Rave.ca? I sure hope not. Still, love cannot exist if one does not love oneself. Love yourself, then love others. Real ravers have good self-esteem even when dressed in "normal" clothes and truly sober, even at work for example. Someone with low or no self-esteem cannot understand or do PLUR. Obviously. They are thus given the idea that this scene is not for them.

UNITY: This cardinal virtue of the Raver means that he is United to other ravers in this whole PLUR thing. This means to bring into the rave scene ONLY people who do show the necessary attributes for PLUR, and turn them to PLUR. Failure to do so is dis-Unity and a breach of the code of rave. Unity is the guardian of the rave vibe. Through Unity, a thorough screening of potential rave candidates is achieved. Through unity, disturbers are quickly recognized and never re-invited. They are kindly asked to not show up anymore, that this is not for them.

RESPECT: Respect is, like love, given to oneself and then to others. Self-respect requires that one does not degrade oneself. That one always behaves according to the great value which is theirs. And with consciousness of the great value of others. People who disrespect themselves, who degrade themselves, are quickly recognized as being non-PLUR and quickly but kindly removed from the scene.

Have things changed?

» prodigyprincess on Mon 14 Jan, 2008 @ 2:19pm
Title:The New Rave and our trip to montreal
Posted On:2008-01-14 14:19:15
Posted By:» prodigyprincess
So i got to the bus station on Rue Berri. I hailed a cab and told him what hotel I was at. He looked at me and said "It's right over there" pointing and sounding annoyed. the hotel was a 5 minute walk from the bus station. I was in Montreal a total of 5 minutes by then and had already embarrassed myself!
When Catzgurl arrived on Saturday we were so nervous we both drank a large bottle of pink dragonfruit juice cooler. We spent a long time getting ready. I packed up all the dollarstore candy i could possibly fit in my kitty bag before we left.
At the New Rave, we danced for a while in front of the mirrors. i soon discovered my back pack was over packed and heavy so i gave out all the funny mouth candy soothers, rocket candies, ring pops, candy braclets and hook on Mcdonalds toys i had with me. i gave out my dancing hemp dolls too, and the bag became much more comfortable after that. I was quite pleased to see a few people walking around with the funny mouth soothers I'd given out!
Catzgurl and I met some of the nicest people! Sychronicity introduced herself to us and to alot of other people. Lots of hugging went on. As the substances in my system took effect I became happy and excited. In the chill out room I announced to everyone "June 24th 1978!!! Woooo Hoooo!" (my birthday). Ok. I yelled it actually and everyone went silent for a moment and looked at me. "I'm embarrassed now!" I announced again and turned tomato red. I realised not everyone is the yelly type when they're intoxicated like I am and alot of people in T.O. are. Rainboo Fright said "1991" after that and I realised alot of people there were quite young (compared to my age anyway).
After a bit Catzgurl wasn't feeling well so we left to go back to the hotel. We walked for a bit and talked about our lives and how they had lead up to that point. When we got back Catzgurl set up the discman and speakers and we toked ourselves retarded and listened to music. There was a blackout in the hotel and the room was lit up by the 2 dozen or so glowstick bracelets we had scattered all over the hotel (they were even beside the toilet!) The place was a complete mess! There was clothes, bracelets, rolling papers, towels, dollarstore candy, empty bottles of wine, and a pizza box, all over the floor. You could barely see the floor to be honest.
I'm back in T.O. I'm thinking of looking into the deal they have with Greyhound where you can buy 5 round trip bus tickets for half price. I cant wait until June for the next trip I'm taking. If I get the bulk priced tickets, it may be sooner!!!

» PrettyKittie23 on Mon 14 Jan, 2008 @ 10:10am
Title:NEW RAVE!, New Friends...and a Sadly Early Departure REVISED
Posted On:2008-01-14 10:10:58
Posted By:» PrettyKittie23
Well the first weekend in Montreal was a whilwind trip!I arrive shortly after 4pm from an uneventful 6 hour bus trip I find Prodigyprincess waiting impatiently on the platform.
We head back to the hotel,our room already sporting that rock-star-in-residence look from 3 days of complete disregard for the maid service. We drank Dragon Fruit champagne cooler (sharing pulls from the bottle as to keep from having to find cups amongst the rubble),we smoked strong,tarry hydro (the kind that makes you laugh till your paranoid)and we prepared to really party.Eventually orcurred to me that I had not really eaten anything beyond coffee and Sweet Chili Heat Doritos since 6am that morning.It was decided that there should be pizza.Upon it's arrivald we experienced an irrational moment of total confusion while we attempted to find evidence we recived the correct pizza since all visible indications of the toppings were coated in what was essentially half a family-sized brick of cheese. Both of us being on unfriendly terms with lactose, eating this pizza was congesting millstone around our collective neck.To clear the feeling of mounting cholestorol and solidifying arteries, Prodigyprincess and I have the *brilliant* inspiration to WALK to the location...on Rue Jean Talon....from the Voyager hotel on rue Sherbrooke...with neither of us having visited the city before and having only vague Google map instructions to guide us.
One Hour of walking along rue St Denis being less than 100% certain we were truly headed east, we accept defeat and hop the Metro. 2 stops and less that 10 minutes later we know we have come to the right place! The blasting beats of Psycore and flashing semi curtained strobe/lazer lighting welcome us like your favorite Power Rangers episode. There is an abundance of phat pants,neon and shivering outdoor smokers (damn useless smoking laws)! A quick run past the ticket table (where we incidentially meet the Dave himself without our knowledge),we hit the large,sparcely populated dance floor and BOUNCE!
2 hours later we are tired, sober and saddened to see so few attending. As the comment of one random stranger Prodigyprincess hands candy to "This Rave is Depressing" (thanks Mr. Bringdown).However with much perservere we maintain out cheerful and hyper attitudes and we are soon rewarded! Strinking up a conversation with Nuclear we are learning some names,places and meeting people!Suddenly a fantastically adorable Casper-clad person comes over and offers me a hug! I accept and offer her Kandy. I now have met Synchronicity!
In the chill room and by the cubbys I am introduced to more online personalities! Human-Disease (whom is taller than I expected) excitedly hugs me and tells me about his upcoming ZIM party (which will ROCK)and introduces me (loudly as we are in the music room) to Rainboo Fright (whom is shorter than I expected)she looks shocked and confused when I hand her commemorative Kandy but happily accepts after a moment and an re-introduction. With newly met and awesome friends we pass around a balloon,toys,candy,kandy and all assorted fun chemicals as we bond. Prodigyprincess and I shock (and possibly offend though I hope not) people with our obnoxtious Torontonian(IKK! Hate that phrase and that Im included in it)behaviour of loud talking, frequent cutups, having a husband and being an AINCENT 29 years (1978! WHOO!!).
Alas, the love and good natured tripping could not last for suddenly the lack of nutrients and high quantities of chemicals and calories catches up with my 3 month re-virgin to chemical substances body, and my fun buzz quickly shifts to a terrible sensation (not unlike going through menopause on a kayak in the ganges river during flood season with a 30pound cement block attached to your feet)in the span of under 2 minutes.Stepping outside in hopes of clearing my head Im caught up in the sensation that I may clear the contents of my stomach instead. So, with one last so long and 'you'll be fine'from Synchronicity I am forced to return to the hotel and smoke by the toilet while I ponder maggots and hope it discusts me enough to get the damn expulsion event over with.Post joint and all at once it passes and I am hyper and well once again! Sadly it is now it is 4:30am and too late to say a proper goodbye to everyone:-(
Later,whilst lying in bed re-hashing and disecting our most interesting and beautiful orf evenings, the hotel room is suddenly plunged into semi-darkness....there has been a blackout. Thankfully the 10,000 (grossly exaggerated) some odd glowsticks we have lit are keeping the room in a foggy neon glow. (see pics)Prodigyprincess finds my description amusing and hysterical.Somwhere around 8am the lights snap back on...I noted this as I had already been awakened for several minutes by Prodigyprincess clean cutting forests next to me.The light, starltling her awake,launbches her in to anothe bout of hysterical laughter at the hazy recollection of our glowstick adventures.
Around 11am we drag outselves out for a moderatly healthy breakfast.At this point we are monstorously short on cash after having cleverly spend the food buget on lik-m-aid, candy bracelets, ring pops and candy soothers.We are forced to use the 'only-for-real-like-ending-up-in-the-hospital-with-a-broken-spine-caliber-emrgency fund'. That being spent on steak, eggs and enormous quantities of coffee, we are left with no option but to return home. Cleaning the room(and hiding the evidence) to ensure there are no lawsuits from disgruntled hotel staff and packing up all assorted kandy,socks,toothpaste,cds,cat bags, shoes and smokeables. A HUGLEY long wait later we are on the last bus out of town. I sleep (on a pile of coats,scarves and bags) through Kirkland and Cornwall and awake long enough in Kingston to chug more coffee and slurp down more junk before passing into a burnout, blood sugar stupor.
At 11:55pm we are back in the Capitalist Capital. Prodigyprincess and I are in virtual silence...to tired to even complain.
Dragging myself in @ 12:45am I am still to wired from the trip for sleep so I wake up HouzeCat to amuse me. He asks 100,000 questions which I find easy to answer even through the fog and exhaustion (it made such an impression!). Finally crashing @ 2am.
So here I am now,at work and barley consious but smiling!
Hello and Goodbye to everyone I met!! I promise I can stick it out better next time!
Peace,Love and Glittering Dreams All!

Listening To: the low hum of the fax machine

» solkwan88 on Wed 9 Jan, 2008 @ 7:28pm
Title:Vida de la musika
Posted On:2008-01-09 19:28:59
Posted By:» solkwan88
Saludos ! je m'appel Noey Kwan, je travail dans un bar, je fais des soirées DJ et un peu de menuiserie, je suis compositeur, interpret et producteur de musika Hip Hop psy, Électro-Trance, Hard Trance, Happy Hard Core et Chill Out. Je fais mon lancement bientôt. J'adore foncer dans la vie, acquérir et vivre, tous les jours, des expériences enrichissantes pour l'Esprit et le savoir. J'aime les Bellisimas sociales, gentilles, avec un peu de mordant ;) , ouvertes d'esprit et passionnées de la musika et de la vida.

1 Love

We are One, somos Uno !!

Listening To: Urbano Électro CD is coming

» PrettyKittie23 on Tue 8 Jan, 2008 @ 8:49am
Title:New Rave! The Prequel!!
Posted On:2008-01-08 08:49:38
Posted By:» PrettyKittie23
Only 4 more days until Montreal!!
I can't wait to be out of the city (although I am NOT looking forward to the 6 hour bus trip @ 9:30am on Saturday)
As Prodigyprincess wrote we are prepping by hittin the AWESOME local Value Village and makin some Kandy. Most of all i'm looking forward to DANCING! I am looking forward to meeting some people too! I'll be donnin my cute pink Snoopy shirt!
Meantime, I have to be marginally functional @ my job and try to keep my house from falling into total disarray. Poor Stormcloud (big fat grey cay/rug in my pics) He hates it when I leave. HouzeCat does too, but he can amuse himself...
Drugs,hugs and day-glo snocones!

Listening To: TRANCE!Prodigyremixes

» prodigyprincess on Sun 6 Jan, 2008 @ 11:51pm
Title:Value Village is Awesome!!!
Posted On:2008-01-06 23:51:27
Posted By:» prodigyprincess
2 more days and im outta here! i went to Value Village with my sister today to look for pants. Didn't find any cuz they don't have alot in size 14... it's mostly skinny bitch clothes only my sister can fit into:P needless to say she found some outfits there and...
I found an awesome fuzzy cat backpack! It is the perfect bag!! We also found about 2 dozen toys Mcdonalds had put out in happy meals a few years back that you can hook onto your backpack... so i attached all of them to my new kitty backpack. i also found one of the potato bug characters from Bug's Life, an interesting corked bottle with houses painted on it, some pjs, and picture frames. I think I'm going to make some hemp bracelets on the bus ride up here, i just need to get some beads...
Next stop tomorrow; Dollarama, for candy, beads, a new journal, fake flowers... and whatever else i can find there!