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» moohk on Thu 31 May, 2007 @ 7:31am
Title:i'm not comfortable inside my mind
Posted On:2007-05-31 07:31:20
Posted By:» moohk
all the things that i now know are wrong
maybe one day will all seem ok
will i abandon part of who I am
and though i never want to go that way
the temptation is always there
and to change the only sign of life
and when i look inside myself i find
im not comfortable within my mind
told that men are simply sperm-machines
if we're mindless can we take the blame?
im not mindless im a human being
and i feel and make mistakes the same
all the stupid things i cant make up for
maybe i do love you after all
and when i look inside myself i find
im not comfortable within my mind

the things i know are wrong but dont know why
how can i ever hope to explain?
will i ever need to justify them to myself
can i trust myself to how i feel
maybe one day i wont be enough
sometimes i think i dont feel at all
and when i look inside myself i find
im not comfortable within my mind
the only thing we ever learn is that we care
about some arbitrary cause to die
pass it on and it will never end
maybe all i need to do is pray
nothing i say doesnt sound juvenile
im not comfortable within my mind
is this music all i'll leave behind?
im not comfortable within my mind
'I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind' - John Callaghan

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that’s turning
Running rings around the moon
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on it’s face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of it’s own
Down a hollow to a cavern
Where the sun has never shone
Like a door that keeps revolving
In a half-forgotten dream
Like the ripples from a pebble
Someone tosses in a stream
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on it’s face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Keys that jingle in your pocket
Words that jangle in your head
Why did summer go so quickly?
Was it something that I said?
Lovers walk along a shore
And leave their footprints in the sand
Was the sound of distant drumming
Just the fingers of your hand?
Pictures hanging in a hallway
Or the fragment of a song
Half-remembered names and faces
But to whom do they belong?
When you knew that it was over
Were you suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning
To the colour of her hair?

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind
'the windmills of your mind" dusty springfield

» Le_D on Tue 29 May, 2007 @ 8:08pm
Title:About TGIT
Posted On:2007-05-29 20:08:13
Posted By:» Le_D
Okay, a lot of people have been complaining about me and Louis ending Thank God it's Thursday­. While the night as been really fun, we both felt that we should focus on other projects. Some nights have been absolutely incredible, especially Dave the Drummer and the trance night with dj Emm. However, we did get the feeling that the night wasn't as big as what we expected. We first came up with this night as a way to start partying a little bit before the weekend. Thank God was never meant to be the event of the week. (with the possible exception of the Dave the Drummer night) Since very few parties are happening this summer, we're not sure if a rave music night on thursdays would be a good idea. Truth be told, I'd rather throw some weekend events.

Saphir as always been a great place to have a few beers, and not that we finally have some good weather people like to drink outside. This makes me wonder, do we really need two rooms of music in a club where everyone drinks and smokes outside? I know some of you have been enjoying the djs we booked a lot. I'm really glad that you guys supported Project Mayhem, and hope that you'll support us again at future events. For those of you who enjoy Saphir, by all means continue to support Mix Thursdays. The same deals hold regarding alcool, and the music there is amazing.

Regarding Project Mayhem, we're currently working on Time Machine 2, on september 8. We might get into club events again. For now, we'll take the time to think this over, and if we find a suitable concept, we might come up with something bigger that we hope you'll all enjoy even more than Thank God it's Thursday. For now, I welcome you all to Saphir for Psychedelic Sunshine, our last night at Saphir featuring Djs Rickam, Psydraulix and Marvin vs Nico.

» pussyvamp on Tue 29 May, 2007 @ 2:23am
Title:Closed Books
Posted On:2007-05-29 02:23:11
Posted By:» pussyvamp
I suck at reading people. So just imagine what it's like for me with people who are excruciatingly hard to read. URG! It's so frustrating sometimes. People don't always say what they mean or mean what they say, and sometimes it's hard to read between the lines. Don't get me wrong, I know it's pretty normal.. Hell, I don't always speak my mind either. I just wish some people were a little easier to understand is all.

» pussyvamp on Tue 29 May, 2007 @ 1:01am
Title:Crack Computer
Posted On:2007-05-29 01:01:31
Posted By:» pussyvamp
Hooked on this damn machine.. wires and fibres and cables. Can't pull myself away. It's like crack.. just can't stop myself from coming back. Reasons? It keeps me connected.. it's how I stay in touch. I have been zombified by technology. What would I do without it? I gotta have my fix man!!

» LunaPsyk on Mon 28 May, 2007 @ 10:37am
Title:Space Mushroom 3
Posted On:2007-05-28 10:37:25
Posted By:» LunaPsyk
Congradulation! (Mario Kart style)

It was my 1st rave! Im so excited. Its so cool, friendly and relax. ok I dont really dance, but the music is great and the ambiance help for my inspiration. I draw something odd, fantastic and I will put it on frame to paint it! Thx to everybody who have put something on my chain of thought.

Mon premier rave! Je suis toute excitée. Cest tellement cool, amical et relaxant. Ok jai pas vraiment danser avec tout mon corps, mais la bonne musique et lambiance aidant a aider a mon inspiration. Jai dessine quelque chose de bizarre, fantastique qu'un jour je vais mettre sur une toile et la peinturer. Merci a tout le monde qui ont participer et mis un dessin sur ma chaine de pensées. (Je nai pas de scanner a proximiter alors des que possible je vais les mettres dans ma banque dimages!)


» BomBolenath on Sun 27 May, 2007 @ 4:57am
Title:Indigo Rising
Posted On:2007-05-27 04:57:29
Posted By:» BomBolenath
Take me down to where I want to be;
a place for you, for you and for me
Down to the bits of what I've become

One more time in the dark, I'll dance with you;
and then I know, that we are through,
and that we must live apart.

At night when I peer over the sea,
I wonder could you be peering for me,
and for this melody

One more time won't you let me hold your hand,
So i can learn to understand, what it means to be,
... touched by eternity

In this game called life we learn to play,
and to lie 'till our dying day.
Let our souls be free, find out who you're meant to be

Choice is illusion soon you'll see,
everything past was meant to be
From this lesson we can learn, to see the world in unity

Non-linear time is happening soon,
after that fated twenty-twelve moon,
we will learn to spread our wings and fly, like gods up in the sky

The human race is still a child,
running amock and acting so wild,
ignoring spirituality and creativity

The masses convinced that we are lame,
blinded by richness and fleeting fame
Gods only waiting for; us to open up the door

The portal is wide, we all can pass,
no single soul left for last,
this is more than dreamy scenery, its filling destiny

Each pounding heart will be our own,
welcoming brothers and sisters home,
join with us in this celestial dance; lets put the world in trance!

Let it flow from your root up to your crown,
pulling that sacred energy down
Shiva/Shakti just like you and me; live life imortally.

So many things left for us to mend,
we'll reach beginning before we end,
walk a circle; cast it with a line, pull down on the divine!

Love divided is infinity multiplied,
we'll crack a smile for each soul who cried,
one by one and eye to eye; let's get this whole world high!

» Screwhead on Sat 26 May, 2007 @ 1:41pm
Title:When you put everyone else first, you end up last.
Posted On:2007-05-26 13:41:29
Posted By:» Screwhead
For years now, I've always thought, always believed, that the only reason I had to be alive, was so that I could suffer. It's like I'm the punchline to some cosmic joke; like the only reason I have such a complete and total dissbeliefe in god and religion, is because I'm trapped in hell, and it'll be that much more fun to whoever runs things when I find out that my beliefs are wrong, and that once more everything I believe in and everything I trusted is pulled out from under my feet.

People always say "you have to love yourself before you can love another"

What if you've never really known love? What if you were nothing but hated and unwanted by those around you unless you were helping them, or if you could be used to make them feel better about themselves?

I've always been there for people; for my friends. Like that footsteps in the sand story, whenever someone I know is at their lowest, I help them, I do all in my power to make them better, irregardless of how I may feel or what I may want to do. I've kept people from commiting suicide, more than I can even remember. I've been there to help people too fucked up to get home when they were vulnerable and easily taken advantage of. I've been there at the lowest times in the people I'd cared about's lives, helping them through and trying to give them something to look forward to.

What do you get rewarded with for that? For being a good, loving person?

You get stabbed in the back by the friends you kept from killing themselves. You get thrown out like a garbage bag when you have a problem and need help. When you confess something to the person you love about something in your past that's been haunting you for years and dissgusts you about yourself, looking for someone to help make you feel better, someone to talk to, to give you the same kind of hope that you try to give them, they turn on you and want to walk away; they turn and want to go throw away everything you've tried to build up and help them with.

And you're the kind of idiot who puts all of your problems and worries aside to follow them and make sure they don't go and do something stupid.

All of my life, I've been there for people when they've been at their worst, the lowest they could possibly get, when they've needed someone to be there for them more than ever before, because I never want anyone to feel like I feel; alone, unwanted, useless, hated, rejected.

I can't love myself, because I've never felt loved without having a back turned towards me when I need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to me, a hug when I need one. I'm always the one that's there for people, the one that's strong, the one that helps people out and cheers them up when they need it, and when I need the help, when I'm vulnerable and desperate, it's like people don't believe me that I could possibly need help. Like I'm so strong for them, that I can't be human and weak, just like they are.

I've spent so much of my life being strong for others so that they wouldn't feel unwanted and alone like me, that I don't know how to be strong for myself anymore. I *can't* be strong for myself anymore.

I can't love myself for who I am, because I've never felt worth loving.

When I need someone the most, all I ever get is rejected, walked away on, or used and manipulated. So I lock it all away. I isolate myself, I stop trying to show emotion, stop trying to feel, to love, to care.

So many times I wish I could just kill myself to end everything. I just want all the pain, all the sadness, all the empty and nothing that I am to go away. But I can't do it. I want to die, but I don't want to die alone. I don't want to die un-loved.

It's an interesting paradox, when the only reason you have left to live, is because you're looking for a reason to live. I want to die because I'm so alone, but I don't want to die alone. I want to die because of how insignificant I feel, but I don't want to die insignificant.

» Lyzzie on Sun 20 May, 2007 @ 10:25am
Title:Des quotes rave.ca 2007
Posted On:2007-05-20 10:25:11
Posted By:» Lyzzie
Quotes d'une soirée tranquille chez nous avec Loof et Jérémie...

Lyz *en fixant le mur de sa chambre passionément* ''C'est la plus belle vie de ma vie!''

Jeremie *debout dans le milieu de la chambre* ''Hey gang! j'suis rendu à c'point là! J'pas capable de m'assire... sérieux j'suis pas en train de poser là!!!''

Lyz ''Ya tu quelqu'un qui se souvient du nom du chat dans Alice au pays des Merveilles? parce que j'me sens exactement comme lui en ce moment avec mon gros sourire!''

Loof ''Je suis un hétéro-flexible'' *on est toujours pas trop sûrs de ce que ça veut dire!*

Lyz *en mangeant un raisin* ''OH MON DIEU!!! C'est comme une révélation! C'est comme si y'avait pleins de couleurs dans ma bouche!!!''

Jérémie dit à Loof ''Bravo t'es capable d'utiliser une tablette! T'es un être évolué!''

Lyz *en étirant les bras pour donner un hug* ''C'est l'fun gros comme ça!''
Loof *en lui prenant les bras écartés* ''C'est comme le Titanic mais en version couchée!''

Jérémie ''En plus, Loof il sent le Old Spice!''

Lyz à Loof ''Esti que t'as un beau cul dans MES pants''

Loof à Lysandre (et Lysandre à Loof)''J't'ai tellement pas vu v'nir! Normal, j'te joue dans l'dos''

Lyz ''Hey les gars! Vous connaissez le jeu... genre, je m'en vais en voyage et je met dans ma valise... et là vous dîtes tout ce que les autres ont apporté et vous ajoutez quelque chose! Go go go on joue!!!!!''
La finale donnait... ''Je m'en vais raver et je met dans mon sac: ma suce, mes glowsticks, mes goggles, mes bonbons, ma bouteille d'eau, mon coupe-pilule, ma couverture, Jeannot Lapin, mes clés de char, une autre paire de bobettes, de l'huile à massage, des capotes, un jeu de Dance Dance Revolution, une carte mémoire pour ma playstation, un autre chandail et un projecteur...''
(wow sérieux c'tait malade vous essayerez ça un jour pis vous m'en donnerez des nouvelles!)

Loof ''Fais toi'z'en pas Jeannot Lapin, t'es pas en retard!''

Jérémie ''C'est COMPLEXE''

Lysandre ''Hey les gars, j'ai trouvé l'meaning of life!! Pis j'ai pris le temps de l'écrire avant de le perdre... mais j'sais pu ou j'ai mis la feuille...''

Lyz à Loof ''T'as tu suivi c'qu'il a dit? Parce que moi ce coup-là j'ai tout compris!''


Rakoon a une idée de e-tarded
-"Hey! on va se cacher dans mon placard!"
et Lyz de répondre
-"heu... pourquoi?"
-"Ben parce qu'elle est belle mon armoire!"

Et ensuite... Lyz dit à Rakoon enfermé dans son garde-robe
-"Allez ouvre la porte!"
-"Mais c'est pas des portes!!!!!"
-"Ben c'est quoi d'abord si c'est pas des portes!?!"
-"Je sais pas, mais j'suis pas capable de sortir"

Lyz (pendant le chill après Neverland": "Si raton est écrasé au soleil sur une nappe de pique-nique, ça veut tu dire qu'on mange du raton grillé pour dîner?"

Rakoon: "AAaaaahhhhhhhhh d'la lumière naturelle!!!! Éteignez-moi ça!!!!!" (quote recyclée d'un party de salon chez Rakoon)


Lyz: David! Je sais pas comment m'habiller ce soir!
Clouder: Oh mon dieu! C'est la fin du monde! Tu veux tu du thé glacé?


Party à la New Venue...

Rémi *en mettant la robe de chambre de Lyz*: C'est tellement doux qu'on dirait qu'on se met le pied dans un lapin!

Rakoon, à Lyz *en allant se coucher*: Bonne nuit Lydia!

Suzie *first timer à tripper avec nous*: Hey Lysandre, c'est super cool, j'ai comme le goût de parler genre!

Rémi: C'est l'histoire d'un médecin blanc qui habite en Afrique noire. Un jour, ya un des africains du village qui vient le voir parce que sa femme vient d'accoucher d'un bébé blanc... Le médecin est tout confus et il dit à l'africain: "ben tu sais, la génétique, c'est complexe, c'est des choses qui arrivent. Regarde par exemple le troupeau de moutons là-bas... ils sont tous blancs, mais yen a un au fond qui est noir! Tu vois, la nature est comme ça des fois. Et l'Africain lui répond: "c'est correct, j'dis rien à propos du bébé blanc, mais dis rien sur le mouton noir!"


Lydia (en recevant un toutou de Optimus Prime qui se transforme en camion): Wow!!! c'est comme un toutou Transformer!!!!!


Shindy: Tout va bien, je suis un accordéon


Au jour de l'an chez Lysandre...

-Un passant: C'est où la rue Casgrain?
-La gang: 6 de trèfle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr_Jwa qui déménage sur un lendemain de party --> Si j'étais du H2o, en ce moment, j'srais sous forme liquide!


À Little plastic castle... et au chill après...

Dr_Jwa: Hey Lyz! T'aurais pas du Jigaloo dans le char par hasard?
Lyz: Heu... Non pourquoi?????
Dr_Jwa: Parce que la porte d'entrée du party a grince pis ça me tue!

Dr_Jwa: Un chat sachant assurer sait assurer sans censure...

Rakoon à Dr_Jwa: Tu peux pas réfléchir Anaël, t'es pas un miroir!

Shindy et Lyzzie (en jouant au Scrabble): Si on a toutes les lettres pour faire EEEEIIIOU, ça peut tu compter pour un mot?

Dr_Jwa (toujours en jouant au Scrabble): Hey! j'pourrais presque faire Jean-Pierre Ferland si il me manquait pas des lettres!

Mot du jour: PALMADAIRE!

Shindy: Hey Lysandre, j'pense que j'ai brisé Anaël!!!


Anaël un dimanche à la job (trop fatigué): "Messemble que je me roulerais dans une poubelle pleine de choses confortables pis que je dormirais..."

Listening To: Deadfunk

» M1N1M4L_FR34KKK on Sat 19 May, 2007 @ 8:41pm
Title:This is the stories of......
Posted On:2007-05-19 20:41:12
Posted By:» M1N1M4L_FR34KKK
Cet (Animal) a été (parti) de périodes constructives et (gentilles).WOW!
C'est intense de (danser) toute la semaine comme ça. Accompagné de (pluvieux)people comme vous, c'est intense d'avance. Si Mr.(Cheminée) est allé demain on (CRI) l'ouverture du Piknic, le paradis de l'(ESCALIER).


(cétait un premier essai... lOl...makes no sense haha)

Listening To: WHO ?

» Party_Girl on Sat 19 May, 2007 @ 7:05pm
Title:Histoire d'accoté 3
Posted On:2007-05-19 19:05:49
Posted By:» Party_Girl
Y faisait VRAI, y faisait COCHÉE, la CUILLIÈRE était trop POILUE. C'était le 333 juillet 1969. GLEND SUAIT tout le monde, tout le monde ÉQUILIBRAIENT. Ça fait que après qu'il se soit fait faire ça, le DjGÉRARD mit son beat ÉPAIS, les CHATS ont DRÔLEMENT défoncé la POUBELLE. Le son rentrait aux DANSEUSES NUES. Substances MINIMES se JUSTIFIAIENT dans toute la fête. Après une soirée bien ÉROTIQUE les accotés ont traversé LA RONDE pour DÉGUISER tout ça en beauté !

Écrit par Patricia,
Remplit par Sherley.
Samedi 19 mai 2007

» Party_Girl on Sat 19 May, 2007 @ 7:00pm
Title:Histoire d'accoté 2
Posted On:2007-05-19 19:00:20
Posted By:» Party_Girl
Il était une fois, une petite TOILETTE se promenait sur le boulevard. Il faisait très EXTRÊME en cette SOLIDE journée d'été. Cette petite TOILETTE s'appelait SHERLEY. Elle était SUPERBE, SA COCHE et MINCE. À ce moment vint la rejoindre son ÉBÉNISTE Peter. Ensemble, ils aimaient CHANTER, VOLER et JUSTIFIER. Aujourd'hui pourtant, c'était un jout spécial: ils avait décidé de s'AMUSER toutes les TABLES DE POOL du quartier. Ils avaient planifié ce coup depuis 3 ans. Malheureusement, Peter et SHERLEY manquaient de CHAISE. GINETTE leur amie LAIDE les avait PITCHÉ et décida d'aller les SAUTER. Ensemble, ils décidèrent de S'ALLONGER dans le GROS appartement de GINETTE. Jocelyne était leur ÉCOLE favorite. Ils l'IMAGINAIENT en train de COURIR dans un BÂTON LONG.

Écrit par: Caspale,
Remplit par: Sherley.
Samedi 19 mai 2007

» Doone on Sat 19 May, 2007 @ 10:21am
Title:mark knight
Posted On:2007-05-19 10:21:04
Posted By:» Doone
hum...belle soiree,premiere acte tres bon dans la derniere heure, quand a M. Knight...tres genereux, trancy,deep, dark and un peu girly....very cool

» Vee-Vee on Fri 18 May, 2007 @ 5:14pm
Posted On:2007-05-18 17:14:29
Posted By:» Vee-Vee

Nelly Furtado

All I know
Is everything is not as it's sold
but the more I grow
the less I know
And I have lived so many lives
Though I'm not old

And the more I see,
the less I grow

The fewer the seeds the more I sow

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try

I wish I hadn't seen all of the realness
And all the real people are really not real at all
The more I learn, the more I learn
The more I cry, the more I cry

As I say goodbye to the way of life
I thought I had designed for me

Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
I'm all I'll ever be
But all I can do is try

All of the moments that already passed
We'll try to go back and make them last
All of the things we want each other to be
We never will be

And that's wonderful, and that's life
And that's you, baby
This is me, baby
And we are, we are, we are, we are
In our love
We are free in our love


"When I say, "I love you",
it's not because I want you
or because I can't have you.
It has nothing to do with me.
I love what you are,
what you do,
how you try.
I've seen your kindness and your strength.
I've seen the best and the worst of you.
And I understand with perfect clarity
exactly what you are.
You're a hell of a woman."

-Spike to Buffy


Every word.
For so many reasons.
And so many times.
So many, many words.
So many, many times.
So many, many reasons...
For you
from me
for me,
From you
(Way, WAY to many me's
and so, so, SO many you's...)

Listening To: "Try", Nelly Furtado

» narfette on Tue 15 May, 2007 @ 12:17pm
Title:llama foetuses and bowler hats
Posted On:2007-05-15 12:17:48
Posted By:» narfette
a sign reads: 4.085m: paceña es cerveza.
i´m in el alto, the poor suburb of la paz that gulfs the canyon all around the city which lays 285m below, after 18 hours with a fat chiquitana spilling into my seat and a brasilian whose seat goes back so far it´s digging into my legs.

i huff and puff, tiago stay still, my 30 kg pack digging into my shoulders, arms stuffed with another pack and the dog, a bag full of leather and yarn in my other hand. the altitude is making me dizzy and faint, going up and down up and down, searching for a hostel, a cheap one, but no luck.
hay una habitacion?
lo siento, no hay.. no hay...

three hours later i put down my pack and sigh, gasping for breath at this altitude is difficult, despite chewing what seem like kilos of hojas de coca and bica.
tiago is hungry and whining and i´m hungry too, can´t remember the last time i ate. i decide to go to the hong kong pollos a la brasa where three funny looking dudes are standing, looking at me, until one comes up and asks

sabes donde hay ketamina? o cocaina?
non mec, ch´uis en desintox

turns out they are all french, turns out they know friends of mine, turns out the world is small, but i knew that already.

i kiss a llama foetus and click, snap a picture, children run up to me to pet tiago and try the accordeon,
quiero sacar una foto! puedo? porfá! dame dos bolivanos...

seems like they should be paying me for using the accordeonito, but i laugh and snap away, click, click, click, blurry hazes of smiling faces stolen in the night.

cold altiplano morning wakes me up, i hear french all around, babies crying, tiago whining - ok little man, i´ll take you out as i sip my maté and try to combat the oncoming symptoms of soroche.

la paz awaits, filthy cesspool of markets and gringos, witches markets and plainclosthed policemen trying to sell you cocaine so you can land 20 years in a cramped bolivian jail cell - not my idea of a fun vacation.

the dog twitches in his sleep, a boliviana walks by, que lindo! como se llama?

oh! me lo prestas! que lindo cachorrito!

i smile as the mountain sun touches my face, the smell of salteñas making my mouth water, the images of flapping skirts and aprons, colourful patterned shawls used as backpacks and bowler hats propped firmly atop thick tresses of wool and hair dancing on my eyeballs.

a woman sits next to me, asks me about the dog, asks me about the piercings, her name is liliana, i think, cause that´s what the ski mask wearing shoe shiner calls her.
he asks me if i´ll give him the dog. i laugh.

a second one comes and tries to steal my shoes. un cambio por los mios!
no, lo siento, dame mi zapato, gracias. buen día, i say and walk off into the hustle and bustle of the city.

crazy mornings, crazy lives. bolivia is never quite what you´d expect, and so much more.

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» Shango on Mon 14 May, 2007 @ 3:28pm
Posted On:2007-05-14 15:28:14
Posted By:» Shango
J'ai perdu mon ipod a ma job....c une SHOP, genre un entrepot...l'entrepot Provigo en fait!

En finissant mon chiffre à 1h du matin, en grand distrait que je suis, ben caliss, j'ai laissé mon Ipod nano 2g new generation sur une des multiples tables a la cafétaria.

Et ben un dude du nom de LOUIS, un dude qui travail de nuit, l'a rapporté a la sécurité!

J'suis allé voir a la sécurité et oui....ils avaient un Ipod....

Belle histoire non?

Vous feriez ca vous aussi?

Moi entk, oui.

Etre honnete dans la vie...c'est une bonne valeur qui peut seulement en attirer d'autre...

WOw...haha....les bonnnes valeurs!

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» Nayme on Fri 11 May, 2007 @ 9:56am
Posted On:2007-05-11 09:56:35
Posted By:» Nayme
De l'inexhaustible splendeur de la vie je me nourrie. De la beauté des passionnés, des expériences incalculées, marginalisées... je me delecte. Pour mieux déambuler, crapahuter... vagabonder, je consomme les sentiers encore indéfrichés afin de mieux fixer et identifier ma réel identité dans cet univers zelé, erroné, encrassé, courroné par la médiocrité de la normalité, par l'inconscience de l'offrande qui nous est ici imposée, la grâce de l'entité. Je préfère rêver.... oser.... défier le protocole imposé plutot que de laisser se chevaucher les engrenages sans m'interposer. Vive la liberté... vive la créativité... vive l'intégrité.

» Orraggan on Wed 9 May, 2007 @ 2:49pm
Title:Le son d'une clé...
Posted On:2007-05-09 14:49:59
Posted By:» Orraggan
...--Attachée par un anneau à un petit sifflet, (de métal tous les deux), sifflet made in Taïwan, qu'on a assortit, (puis-je voir par son ajouré) d'une bille de bois--...
et qu'on rythme dans le creux de la main et puis d'une main à l'autre.
Ça me hante. C'est très beau.
C'est un son que toutes et tous peuvent reconnaître en ville. Connu et reconnu ici, le son des clés qui s'entrechoquent. Et depuis quand, dans l'enfance reconnaît-on ce son ?

Si j'habite un lieu, et que dans mon village il n'y ait pas de portes et que tout ce qui soit utile en ville -et qui soit fabriqué de métal- soit chez moi fabriqué de bois; eh bien, ce tintement de clés, il voudra dire quoi pour moi ???

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» Le_D on Tue 8 May, 2007 @ 2:14am
Title:The state of the scene
Posted On:2007-05-08 02:14:24
Posted By:» Le_D
So...anyone heard about parties getting busted?

A few things I think we need to clear up.

1. There's no proof that it's any afterhour's fault. Whatever anyone says they've heard, we don't have any tangible evidence. Even if it is their fault, there's nothing we can do about it.

2. It's NOT the end of the scene. We've seen busts in the past. The more it goes, the harder it is to throw parties. Every city has seen that, and Montreal has been a little bit behind with all of this. How many cities in North America still have warehouse raves? Not a lot.

I'm not going to whine here. Plenty of people are doing that on the message boards. I want to explore the problems and propose solutions.

The first problem we have is that parties are getting busted. They are 3 solutions to this. First one is to make parties 100% legal, with permits. We didn't really need to worry about that for a few years, but we do now. The police will only leave parties alone if they're small enough. After all, a 50 people party can easily pass off as a private loft party. The second option is to throw parties at afterhours. Not everyone likes this option, and it might not be suited to every genre of music, for now. Still, it is a viable option. The third one is to throw parties out of the city limits. The Montreal police can't do anything if the event is outside of their juridiction. That doesn't mean we can get careless about it, but the good old bus trip worked in the past, in even gave a sense of adventure to the party. All 3 of these options will work, if done properly.

It's up to the promoters to do these things, wich brings us to the second problem. Where are the promoters? Many retired. Most upcoming events are all local parties, small parties where less than 100 people will go, and this is on the weekends where something is actually happening. Granted, the scene doesn't need more than 1 quality event per month to stay healthy. Quality events are still hard to find. Most of the veteran promoters have already retired, and a lot of the new ones don't feel like throwing much parties anymore, since they're afraid of getting busted. Only the psytrance scene seems to be doing good (if we exclude the commercial scene). The reason is simple, veteran promoters are still active there, and helping the younger ones. To everyone who wants to throw a party, don't be afraid to do it, and most importantly, to ask for help. Even promoters who retired will be more than happy to give out a few tips. I can help out myself.

What the scene needs right now is to stick together. Quit it with the drama, the bitching, and concentrate on making sure the scene survive. Criticize, but do it in a constructive way. You have to say it when a promoter or dj's attitude doesn't seem right. Keep in mind that you're saying it so this person can improve. Over all, remember that the scene belongs to all of us. Always keep that in mind, and eventually, more and more people will want to go to parties, and will enjoy it as much as we all do.

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» Vee-Vee on Mon 7 May, 2007 @ 4:27pm
Posted On:2007-05-07 16:27:19
Posted By:» Vee-Vee

MSN'ing with RaveDAVE

D dit :
u see i spent 10$
D dit :
look at my nick
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit:
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
So, what'd'you get, tell me.
D dit :
i bought a couple of chocolat bars
D dit :
something sweet for my dad too
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
D dit :
i bought a new blanket for my ferret
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
i wish i was ur dad.
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
or ur ferret.
D dit :
i bought coat hangers cuz i have too many raver clothes
D dit :
u wanna be my clothes now huh
D dit :
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
vé | Cute guy. Teenager! Post-pubescent fantasies! <- (it's a girl thing.) dit :
... and ur dad and ur ferret, all 3, and at the same time too! *eyes sparkle*
D dit :
and when u merge into one basicly ull be a non-naked dad playing with a ferret

I love RaveDave.
So should you.

» Cya on Sun 6 May, 2007 @ 12:30pm
Posted On:2007-05-06 12:30:01
Posted By:» Cya
?Donne-moi une chance
Strappe-moi quelque chose
Donne-moi une chance
J'trouve pus ça drôle
Entre le vide et le fantastique
Je m'accroche encore, mais j'ai les bras morts
Donne-moi une chance, dis-moi quelque chose
Donne-moi une chance, inversons les rôles
Entre la Chine et le fantastique
Je m'accroche encore mais j'ai les bras morts
Oui j'ai les bras morts
Sans préjugé, sans préjudice
À faire le mal ou bien le vice
La mort au bras les nerfs au vif
Si près si fort j'en veux encore
Donne-moi une chance dis-moi quelque chose
Donne-moi une chance
Je trouve pus ça drôle
Entre le vide et le fantastique
Je m'accroche encore mais j'ai les bras morts

» LOof on Sat 5 May, 2007 @ 11:41am
Title:Et un rave manquer un.
Posted On:2007-05-05 11:41:47
Posted By:» LOof
Bon ben sa lair que dark matters 2 auras ete la 3 place qui me ferme dans la face... commence a perdre fois en Montreal serieusement. Back to the groove auras ete un choc mais dark matter 2 a ete douloureux. Jattend des jour plus heureux pour les prochains je croise les doights. I will shine again in surounded by dark and lazer show.

» LOof on Sat 5 May, 2007 @ 11:26am
Title:Trip de e chez lyzandre
Posted On:2007-05-05 11:26:58
Posted By:» LOof
Bon bah voila quelque phrase que ma cher lizy c prise la peine de noter lors dune petite soirer etre ami bien au chaud dans la chambre de lyzandre, Etant present, moi meme, jeremy et bien sur lyzandre
Bonne lecture.

Lyz *en fixant le mur de sa chambre passion?ent* ''C'est la plus belle vie de ma vie!''

Jeremie *debout dans le milieu de la chambre* ''Hey gang! j'suis rendu ?c'point l? J'pas capable de m'assire... s?ieux j'suis pas en train de poser l?!!''

Lyz ''Ya tu quelqu'un qui se souvient du nom du chat dans Alice au pays des Merveilles? parce que j'me sens exactement comme lui en ce moment avec mon gros sourire!''

Loof ''Je suis un h??o-flexible'' *on est toujours pas trop s?s de ce que ? veut dire!*

Lyz *en mangeant un raisin* ''OH MON DIEU!!! C'est comme une r??ation! C'est comme si y'avait pleins de couleurs dans ma bouche!!!''

J??ie dit ?Loof ''Bravo t'es capable d'utiliser une tablette! T'es un ?re ?olu?''

Lyz *en ?irant les bras pour donner un hug* ''C'est l'fun gros comme ?!''
Loof *en lui prenant les bras ?art?* ''C'est comme le Titanic mais en version couch?!''

J??ie ''En plus, Loof il sent le Old Spice!''

Lyz ?Loof ''Esti que t'as un beau cul dans MES pants''

Loof ?Lysandre (et Lysandre ?Loof)''J't'ai tellement pas vu v'nir! Normal, j'te joue dans l'dos''

» puresexmegs on Fri 4 May, 2007 @ 9:07pm
Posted On:2007-05-04 21:07:00
Posted By:» puresexmegs
Anime is so good. I have anime on demand and when i connected my computer to my tv and use that as the monitor its friggin awesome on big screen.
Sunday night cartoon are good as well
And cant forget harvey birdman,Sealab, Aqua Teen.

So much good shtuffers out there its a shame they dont creative more episodes more ofton for all of them, but I gues thats what keeps the watchers, watchin'

Ive been taking alot of french calls at work. People call in and direct them to me because Im one of the few who speak it, but I dont get the $1.50 extra per hour like the rest
I should tell them to fuck offf unless i make more blingage

Places i want to go to for 2007:

Ottawa and Montreal and pretty easy my parenta are like 30 min from montreal downtown and ottawa is like an hour

but im really hoping to go out west. I miss it. or miss some of the people I should say. BC its self can lick balls. its overrated. But Cindy is coming in august but i want to go , its always nice to get away from the mister and do debauchery like ol' times.

I wish for old times sometimes. ahk I hate being emotional. meh no one will read this anyways. I miss hanging out with Zoe like ol times. I miss not falling alseep every night at like 10:30, I miss being able to see my friends whenever i wanted to, fuck
Kitchener sucks in so many ways
But im being all responsible and going to school and having a good paying job.Gaining good credit history, buying nice things

But it sucks when you have n one to appreciate it with
ben sure as hell dosnt