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News (Media Awareness Project)
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PublishedMedia Awareness Project (39742 Articles)WordsLines
2012-02-02New Zealand: Drug Test Work Cheats Using Bleach31952
2012-01-30Israel: Israeli Researchers Say More Doctors Should Recommend62881
2012-01-27New Zealand: Column: Cash In On Green Grass Of Home64774
2012-01-26Australia: War On Cannabis Continues27336
2012-01-25UK: Backing For Softer Sentencing For Hard Drugs28345
2012-01-24UK: Could Magic Mushrooms Help The Fight Against Depression?47068
2012-01-23New Zealand: PUB LTE: Say ''No' To American Inquisition23340
2012-01-22UAE: Drug Term Reduced From Life To Three Years18024
2012-01-21Brazil: Brazil's Emerging Market: Crack1329159
2012-01-21Malta: PUB LTE: Cannabis, Schengen And Double Standards33145
2012-01-18Mexico: UN Gang's Key Cartel Contact Gunned Down In Mexico665108
2012-01-17UK: 108 Hull Addicts Weaned Off Methadone After Drug Treatment29145
2012-01-17Cyprus: Banned Legal Highs In Prison28237
2012-01-16Mexico: Gov't Choppers Under Fire In Mexico Drug War61183
2012-01-15Jamaica: No Let Us, Says Gregory Isaacs Foundation28041
2012-01-14Bolivia: Cocaine: The New Front Lines2052280
2012-01-14Tanzania: Editorial: Let's Sustain Anti-Drug War20630
2012-01-12Mexico: Government Withheld Data From Public on Drug War802107
2012-01-10New Zealand: Editorial: Cannabis Policies Are Not Working But32448
2012-01-09Australia: New Research About Cannabis Use28652
2012-01-09Australia: Cannabis Mouth Spray May Help Addicts Quit39560
2012-01-09Sri Lanka: Editorial: Containing The Hard Drugs Inflow73682
2012-01-07UK: How Well Do International Drug Conventions Protect Public61491078
2012-01-07Ireland: The Herb That Got Too High1837309
2012-01-07UK: Editorial: Jail Terms Show Drugs War Goes On42852
2012-01-07Australia: Down Under, Residents Are Atop The World In25129
2012-01-07Australia: Louisa Degenhardt - Hooked On Addiction Research878107
2012-01-07Mexico: Creatively Confronting Addiction54670
2012-01-07UK: Editorial: Addiction - A Global Problem With No Global35741
2012-01-07UK: The Rise, Fall, And Revival Of Recovery In Drug Policy1587168
2012-01-06Bermuda: Magistrate Unmoved By 'Medical Marijuana' Defence21832
2012-01-06Australia: Healthy Image Up In Smoke As Nation Lives The High35959
2012-01-02New Zealand: Schools Suspend More Than 100 Over Drugs458107
2012-01-01UK: Operation Put Crooks In Jail For 60 Years45371
2012-01-01Mexico: Guatemala New Center For Meth Production34651
2011-12-31Mexico: Mexico Gang Reportedly Ramping Up Meth Production In64092
2011-12-31Mexico: Mexico's Days Of The Dead2817360
2011-12-31Australia: Drugs Craze Warning46080
2011-12-29New Zealand: Drug Treatment Options Lacking1109166
2011-12-28Nepal: OPED: Tackling Drug Abuse40248
2011-12-26India: Addict-Felon Turns Role Model, Thanks To De-Addiction52277
2011-12-26UK: Briton Jailed For Drug Offences In Philippines Pardoned45063
2011-12-26UK: Drug Smuggler Pardoned After 20 Years In Jail55978
2011-12-26Iran: Heads Of 3 Branches Of Govt Decide To Intensify Drug War10518
2011-12-26UK: Police Swoop On Stunned Couple After Sniffer Dog Mistakes46180
2011-12-22Mexico: Latin American Leaders Assail Us Drug 'market'40054
2011-12-19UK: 150 Years In Prison: 83 Dealers Off The Streets In40368
2011-12-19Italy: Illegal Drugs Can Be Detected In The Air - And Could23436
2011-12-19UK: Sniffer Dogs To Join Christmas Police Patrols In Hull City29748
2011-12-19Australia: Ban On Synthetic Cannabis Kronic Fails44386
2011-12-18New Zealand: Crimestoppers Phone Line Guarantees Anonymity28351
2011-12-18New Zealand: Kronic Problem No Longer Chronic49378
2011-12-18Malta: Pro-Cannabis Demonstrators Call For Decriminalisation1023134
2011-12-18Australia: Column: Children Are Growing Up In An Increasingly760110
2011-12-17Australia: Capital Addicts Get Help At Home49971
2011-12-16Australia: Police Defend Use Of Sniffer Dogs27650
2011-12-15Australia: Finding Pot At End Of The Rainbow1428171
2011-12-15South Africa: Column: Lessons From Drug Busts1083147
2011-12-14South Africa: Editorial: She Should Not Have Died28241
2011-12-14South Africa: Editorial: Death Penalty31945
2011-12-13South Africa: Editorial: Merciless China18327
2011-12-13South Africa: Drug Woman's Sister Talks81198
2011-12-12Mexico: The Cartel Connection1031159
2011-12-11Australia: Grisly Drugs Replacing Ecstasy32549
2011-12-11Australia: Column: The Appalling Behaviour Of The So-Called916132
2011-12-10UK: Coventry University Students Join Police To Help Combat36454
2011-11-25Mexico: Violence Tests US Prohibition60080
2011-11-22Kenya: Column: Ceasefire In The War On Drugs?72681
2011-11-22New Zealand: Editorial: Sickening Statistics35144
2011-11-22Denmark: Legal Marijuana Gets One Step Closer45263
2011-11-22New Zealand: Ecstasy Puts Schoolgirls In Hospital51081
2011-11-20New Zealand: Drug Users Relieved After 'Dangerous' Pills45565
2011-11-20UK: PUB LTE: Western Leaders Must Back Colombia's Courageous13721
2011-11-20UK: PUB LTE: Western Leaders Must Back Colombia's Courageous14622
2011-11-20UK: PUB LTE: Western Leaders Must Back Colombia's Courageous20833
2011-11-20UK: PUB LTE: Western Leaders Must Back Colombia's Courageous19527
2011-11-18New Zealand: Syndicate's Pills Make Drug Users Turn Vicious51684
2011-11-18Denmark: Copenhagen Votes To Legalise Marijuana33652
2011-11-18UK: Column: Our Flawed Drugs Policy Puts The Young In Danger54165
2011-11-18UK: Cameron Urged To Make Drugs Legal By Former Us President32044
2011-11-17New Zealand: Brightest Kids 'More Likely To Take Drugs'34445
2011-11-17UK: Ex-Head of Mi5 Calls on Government to Decriminalise and41954
2011-11-04Ireland: Minister Considers Portuguese Drugs Strategy44666
2011-11-03Netherlands: Maastricht Loses 'UKP 26 Million-A-Year' After Drug28545
2011-11-03New Zealand: Key's Delicate Ears Spared Young Critic's Plea To68085
2011-10-24Mexico: US Agencies Infiltrating Drug Cartels Across Mexico1181164
2011-10-18CA: OPED: Don't Confuse Legitimate Marijuana Dispensaries With50777
2011-10-18New Zealand: Sending Out Marijuana Smoke Signals2439352
2011-10-17UC CA: Editorial: State Needs To Clear Smoke In Medical Pot Law49861
2011-10-11Indonesia: Every Corner In Kuta A Drug Store37270
2011-10-08Amsterdam: Dutch Classify High-Potency Marijuana As Hard Drug58185
2011-10-07Australia: Australia Wants Boy Drug Suspect In Bali Back Home42560
2011-10-06Mexico: Kidnap Victims Allegedly Held In Mexican Jail57184
2011-10-05New Zealand: Drug-dog Ban Not A Problem In Southland32158
2011-10-05New Zealand: PUB LTE: Prohibition Doesn't Work10616
2011-10-05New Zealand: School Pays For Drugs Testing52673
2011-10-03New Zealand: PUB LTE: Politicians Hypocritical Over Marijuana15228
2011-10-02New Zealand: Drug Dogs Search 'Every Inch' Of King's20633
2011-10-01New Zealand: Schools Search For Drugs Without Police30344
2011-09-27New Zealand: Editorial: Brash's Dope Idea Misguided And57266
2011-09-26'Column:' doesn't really apply...LTE's and PUB25653
2011-09-26New Zealand: Chasing Cannabis Users A Waste Of Police, Says44664
2011-09-25New Zealand: Don Brash Calls For Decriminalisation Of Cannabis8014
2011-09-24New Zealand: Take A Drug Test Or Lose Benefits? Proposal1288198
2011-09-22Trinidad: PUB LTE: Try Different Tactic In Drug War34245
2011-09-21Israel: Pot May Be Used To Treat PTSD29742
2011-09-20UK: Judge Grants Anonymity To Police Officer Who Used Official37456
2011-09-19UK: Liberal Democrats: Panel Should Consider Legalising661105
2011-09-18UK: Personal Drugs Like Cocaine And Heroin Should Be Legal25840
2011-09-18Pakistan: Addicted to cocaine: Cutting The Line2895341
2011-09-18Pakistan: Experimenting With Drugs: The Sting In The Tale72291
2011-09-17Thailand: PUB LTE: Marijuana 'War' Is No Laughing Matter23840
2011-09-16PUB LTE: Facts About Pain And Cannabis18936
2011-09-15Denmark: Mobile Injection Room Rolls Out38258
2011-09-15UK: Judge Vows To Put Anyone Growing Cannabis Immediately Behind57179
2011-09-09New Zealand: Foundation Disappointed At Govt Drug Response40572
2011-09-08New Zealand: Legalise Cannabis Reformers In North16823
2011-09-03UK: Cannabis To Be Used In Hospital Treatment20436
2011-09-02UK: LTE: Pain No Excuse To Break Law10121
2011-08-30UK: PUB LTE: Punished - for Fighting Pain24336
2011-08-28Afghanistan: Trapped in a Narcotic Haze1203144
2011-08-27Mexico: End Sale Of Assault Arms - Mexican Leader65288
2011-08-27Mexico: U.S. Bears Some Blame For Casino Attack47259
2011-08-27Mexico: U.S. Shares In Blame, Calderon Says41851
2011-08-26UK: John Read Jailed After UKP2m Kent30349
2011-08-25UK: Nelson Couple Who Grew Cannabis For Arthritis Spared Jail13223
2011-08-25Mexico: Time For Real Debate On Drug Legalization53071
2011-08-22New Zealand: 'Negative Publicity' Halted Ketamine Trial27942
2011-08-22Saipan: This Time, Just 'Medical Marijuana' Bill50777
2011-08-20New Zealand: Proactive Policing Working41971
2011-08-20New Zealand: Drug Peddlers Know No Boundaries25347
2011-08-20New Zealand: Fingerprints Fail To Convict Man29446
2011-08-20New Zealand: Synthetic Cannabis Sold Illegally In City48773
2011-08-19Australia: Medicine Man Silent No More51865
2011-08-16UK: North Albury Pensioner On Cannabis Bond26055
2011-08-11UK: Shaman Found Guilty Of Supplying Hallucinogenic Drug33657
2011-08-09Brazil: Uncontacted Amazon Indian Tribe Missing After Attack46065
2011-08-09Fiji: Substance Abuse Linked To Peer Pressure20736
2011-08-08New Zealand: Editorial: Take Weed Claim At Face Value37255
2011-08-08PUB LTE: Drug War Has Failed13526
2011-08-07UK: Brighton Man Grew Cannabis 'To Ease His Depression'18332
2011-08-07Jamaica: Buju Moved33352
2011-08-07Israel: Israeli Government Approves Guidelines For Medical14024
2011-08-05Mexico: Mexico Elbows Into US Meth Trade790104
2011-08-05UK: Lib Dems To Vote To Decriminalise All Drug Use67391
2011-08-05UK: Lib Dems Move To Decriminalise All Personal Drug Use And48976
2011-08-05IRAN: Don't Praise Iran's War On Drugs748103
2011-08-04UK: Shaman's Potion Helped Sort My Life Out: Witness35857
2011-08-03New Zealand: Ban Leaves Drug Sellers With Stock Worth Millions54684
2011-08-02PUB LTE: Declare Peace In Drug War14022
2011-08-02New Zealand: Dunne's Law Puts Block On Synthetic Cannabis54188
2011-08-02New Zealand: Kronic Ban Empowers Organised Crime, Importer47176
2011-08-02New Zealand: Big Rush Expected As Kronic Faces Ban33959
2011-08-02New Zealand: Claim Fake Cannabis Ban Won't Work42470
2011-08-01UK: Anti-Drugs Worker Became Heroin Fugitive51882
2011-08-01New Zealand: Govt Eyes Party Pills For Possible Ban34052
2011-08-01Malta: Drug Abuse Mothers Worry Child Protection Agency Staff48569
2011-07-28Mexico: Democrat: Weak US Laws Hurt Gun-Trafficking Fight In56384
2011-07-26Mexico: Mexico's Cartels Rely On Their Cash Crop920124
2011-07-26UK: PUB LTE: Law Must Be Changed14823
2011-07-26UK: PUB LTE: Make It Legal9117
2011-07-25Pakistan: Leniency Against Accused41249
2011-07-24UK: Richard Nixon's 'War On Drugs' Began 40 Years Ago, And The1930313
2011-07-23New Zealand: Northland Is Cannabis Capital47869
2011-07-23New Zealand: Editorial: Upping The Ante For Drug Dealers18526
2011-07-22Mexico: To Die in Mexico: Dispatches From A Deadly Drug War924103
2011-07-21Kenya: Staff Shortage Hurts Drug Rehab Drive37061
2011-07-21Mexico: Mexico Widens Police Corruption Probe47764
2011-07-20Israel: Police: Importing Medical Marijuana Would Curb Illegal66389
2011-07-19Australia: Cannabis A 'Gateway' To Drug Use37152
2011-07-18Mexico: Accused Teen Hitman For Cartels Goes On Trial32248
2011-07-17New Zealand: School Drugs Crackdown30253
2011-07-17Australia: Tough New Cannabis Laws For WA48878
2011-07-17Mexico: Gun-Smuggling Cartel Figures Possibly Were Paid FBI847121
2011-07-17UK: Mephedrone Is More Popular Than Ecstasy Among UK Clubbers67584
2011-07-17Australia: OPED: War To End War On Drugs Gains Allies On Right729112
2011-07-17Malaysia: LTE: War On Drugs Needs Greater Effort45779
2011-07-16Mexico: When Cartels Overrun A Town1723298
2011-07-16New Zealand: Designer Drugs A Cat-and-mouse Game1071164
2011-07-15Israel: Future Of Medical Marijuana In Israel Up For Gov't27540
2011-07-15Venezuela: Chavez Foe Convicted Over Remarks692101
2011-07-15Mexico: Mexico Finds Large Marijuana Farm In Baja49482
2011-07-14Mexico: Matriarch's Rescue, Then Irreplaceable Loss1342220
2011-07-12Antigua: Rasta Elder Wants Antigua To Show Spine On Ganja Issue39452
2011-07-12UK: PUB LTE: The People Of Hull Deserve To Know Why16524
2011-07-12New Zealand: Bosses To Be Able To Test For Synthetic Cannabis592101
2011-07-12Mexico: Cartel Leader Spills The Beans26640
2011-07-11New Zealand: 'Herbal Highs' Should Be Regulated - Scientist21741
2011-07-11Mexico: Mexican Drug Wars Kill 40 More52478
2011-07-10Thailand: Rights Groups Fear Wave Of Deaths As Thailand Faces New858121
2011-07-10Mexico: Drug War Escalates39457
2011-07-10Mexico: Day Of The Dead3346359
2011-07-09UK: Review: Boxing Cleverer70183
2011-07-08New Zealand: Police Begin Clampdown On Legal Highs44478
2011-07-07Colombia: Colombia Tries to Heal Wounds of Long War69391
2011-07-05Nigeria: Rising Violence, Crime Wave: The Drug Connection858109
2011-07-04New Zealand: Alarm Bells Ring for 'Legal High' Dealers40367
2011-07-04New Zealand: Editorial: Ban Gateway Drugs36857
2011-07-03New Zealand: Banned Kronic Still On Shelves45264
2011-07-03New Zealand: Boycott Looms For Retailers Over Synthetic821115
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News (Media Awareness Project)