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Shalom Aleichem,
Welcome to 2010 and beyond..
This is going to be OUR decade.
Through the Nature of True Love,
WE together, shall create Magic.
Gone are the shackles of the Past,
The Present is for experiencing Life,now..
And the Future is Ours to Control and Shape.
Such is Life and Creation.
What are you creating of your Life now?
Do you feel the Spirit of Change and Growth?
Ask yourself, and answer honestly.
Are you Evolving or Dissolving?
It isn't Life that is difficult,
It's the people in their Ignorance.
Be aware, alert, able, amazed,
For the Prize goes to the Wise..
God Bless all our Souls,
May you find your Direction,
and the Journey be Safe and Enjoyable.
Find yourself and discover your Divinity..
Once the Essence of your Being is unveiled,
The Eternal Universal Source has re-established
Itself as your One and Only True Destiny.
Faith and Devotion to our Creator is the Key to
Salvation of our own souls and Mankind in whole.

I AM - Your Inner Self

Who I AM is the innocent, the You that you forgot, the moment you were born. What I AM is your Self, the Spirit of your Spirituality the You that your parents, society, teachers and peer groups have taken so much trouble to make you forget.
Spirit, Spirituality and Expression

I AM that inner self of you that you cannot see (or don't want to acknowledge) because of your boundaries, the barriers placed to the concept of your infinity and innocence, the pre-conceived ideas of who you think you are, the illusion you think you are that has been built up by your pre-conditioning, your genetic heritage and with everything that has happened to you since the time of your conception in your mother's womb.

In your mind, you judged yourself unworthy. You found yourself guilty of being unworthy and thus, needy. Everything you think you need to learn, on some level You already know.

You forgot that and in the forgetting have handed your power away to the gurus, masters, teachers, priests of what is sold as Religion and Spirituality.

The endless search for fulfillment, for happiness, for material possessions, for partners, that you have embarked on is because of that judgment. You had that feeling and now that feeling has all of you.

Judgment arose from your need to make a choice, whereas, in reality, there isn't a choice to be made. I, the real You, in the infinity of innocence, your Inner Self have no free will.

The endless search for fulfillment, for happiness, for material possessions, for partners, that you have embarked on is because of that judgment. You had that feeling and now that feeling has all of you.

Judgment arose from your need to make a choice, whereas, in reality, there isn't a choice to be made. I, the real You, in the infinity of innocence, your Inner Self have no free will.

Free will is an invention you made in order to justify your need to choose. From that need stemmed Your judgment of You.

It is only the ego that needs a name, or needs to be named. I come to you as You, the Innocence that you really are. I, in Essence, am Your Essence - the Living Expression of the Tantra or Union of all of the personalities that make up you. I AM your Inner Self.

Just as you denied Me, the Love you are, You denied Your Wholeness, you denied your Worthiness, you denied your Divinity. You made every effort to forget, particularly because society judges that if You recognized your Truth, You may be persecuted.

When you look to Me, when you enter into communication and union with Me, many emotions and feelings are aroused as you are confronted by those aspects of you, that, through judgment, you either love or hate, accept or deny, trust or fear. The infinity of innocence does not know judgment, does not know fear. I do not judge your reaction to Me.

I AM here to awaken you to Your possibilities. I AM here to show you there is another side to You that, deep down inside, You know about, but you have forgotten. I AM here to re-mind you that the voice of your Inner Self, which you deny, is very real.

I AM here to re-mind you that you do not need approval from others, from your parents, from your partners, from your friends, your peer groups or from your society, to be the True Expression of who You really are.

I AM here to awaken You from your imagination and your dreams to your reality. I AM here to awaken You to other possibilities about your existence on this planet which differ from the ideas you may already have. I AM here to expand Your horizons, to open Your eyes, Your ears and Your Hearts.

As I do this, your little self-sense, your ego, your mind, because it will lose its identity, power and control, will hate and fear this more than anything else. That is your personality. So I will accept that you will judge Me, your Inner Self.

I am aware that it is by your own reflection, by what you think is your personality, that you will judge me, just as it is through what you have been taught that you have judged your-selves and everything and everybody around you.

Your judgment of yourself is the root of all of the dis-ease, all of the dis-harmony, all of the doubts, all of the uneasiness you now feel in your body and your mind. You judge yourself. You are the only judge, jury and executioner of you.

Everything that has happened to you in this lifetime is not a misfortune, mistake, error, or sin. You created, consciously or unconsciously, everything that has happened to you.

There are only rememberings. You came here to remember so you could evolve. You set all of the circumstances of your life patterns around your need to remember . including choosing your parents.

That is the simple Truth of why You are here.

You came here to learn the lesson of paradox, the lesson of separation from Source, God, Great Spirit, whatever you will call your Inner Self. That is what is sometimes referred to as 'Original Sin' - which is nothing more than "missing the mark".

You forgot that ..
I AM you .. I dwell .. inside you .. as you .. not somewhere "out there"

You keep repeating your patterns because you, in your mind, judged yourself that you have not learned the lesson well enough, that you did not achieve Wholeness within your Self. You created that separation and with the separation, all of the choices that you are faced with, all the decisions that you 'have to make'.

There is, in reality, only one choice to be made by the little you, the choice between Evolution through acceptance of your innocence (which you might call Love), or a life path through fear that moves from one crisis to another.

You forgot that your Inner Self is Love, bringing Light into Life. You forgot that You are a Spiritual being having a Human experience. You forgot that, what you can see in your physical reality, is only a tiny part of all that You truly are.

What your mind thinks, is the sum of all of the conflicting information that has been fed into it from the time of your conception.

You, your mind, thinks that is all you are. That is your ego, your personality. That is your illusion. You, your mind created the illusion and the whole of you now believes it. You think that your little you can move in the vastness in a way that the vastness approves of. That is your sense of separation and it is all in your mind.

Because that is what you think, that is what you have become. The judgment of your separation has manifested in your physical bodies and is trapped there because you denied your self judgment, you denied the guilt which you inflicted on yourselves and you take on the judgments of others. That is the only basis of all your fears.

Fear is your Lack of Love of your Inner Self,
the parasite that lives off you because of your self judgment.

So that tape will keep repeating itself until You take a leap in Faith and accept Me, until you wake up to the fact that there is more to you than what you can see through your conditioned and self imposed tunnel vision.

All You have to do is to allow the possibility. Allow the possibility that there are no boundaries to You. Create the intention to discover Your limitlessness and Your power - the fact that You are in charge of You. You, your mind, closed the door. Only You, your mind, can open that door.

I AM always here. I HAVE always been here. I WILL always be here.
I, your Inner Self, am not separate from you, nor from anyone or anything.

All You need to do is accept my existence, in silent meditation or in prayer, with Your Heart. When You open the door, you will remember. You WILL discover the Love You really are, the Love that You have been looking for all of your life.

Will to do MY Will … you will remember how to heal yourself .. Right use of WILL show you the way for You to take charge of your life .. I WILL show you the way for You to find Peace.

Right Use of Will can guide you to move in the vastness in such a way that the vastness approves of and that You can create Your own reality as You want it. The only way that you can heal another, or that you can heal the planet, is by healing yourself.

Every one of You that becomes, in Your Consciousness, in Your Awareness, a point of Love bringing Light into Life, will become just that. Just as many lighted candles more brightly illuminates a darkened room, so the more of You that wake up to who You truly are, brings more Light into this Planet.

A tree in a forest is perfectly content in its state of treeness.
Just as there are many trees and species, each dependant on the other to make up the macrocosm of the teaming life of the forest,
each individual living in harmony with the other,
so it is perfect for each of You to be different.

You do not have to do a thing. You do not have to change your lifestyle, or give up your jobs, or join a commune.

All you have to do is to be the Love and Light You are as the expression of your Inner Self.

All You have to do is make it real - to 'real-ise' the Infinity of Innocence, the Worthiness, the Vastness, the Love You truly are .. to have the intention.

Re-member, accept My existence and allow help to happen. You, in your body are an expression of the innocence of the One Fire - Wholeness.

Do You dare to be the True Expression of the Inner Self You truly are? Do You dare to allow each and every living thing to be the True expression of who they truly are?

That is the true definition of Love. Do You dare to be the Lover, the Beloved and the Act of Loving, combined, One?

Who I AM .. is the innocent - the One Fire expressed in all Being.
What I AM .. is your Inner Self

I'm feeling to change my feeling.
Awaken from the deep sleep.
2012 is coming soon,Be Ready!
Travel deep within You,
beyond the Earthly Ego,
to the very Essence
of your Cosmic Soul.
Always support and praise each other,
Never forget or deny your Origin.
Let the Light shine forth brightly
and bring Wisdom and Understanding,
as YOU are the Light; that is why
the Darkness hurts and brings much Pain.
Suffer no more, my child, be blissfully Blinded,
There is Light/Life at the end of the tunnel/Path!
Life is best savored when the thought is sweet.

Are you experienced?:
Required Reading

Christianity teaches of Love and the Holy Spirit, but has lost its understanding of the relation between Knowledge and the Light. This relation exists if Jesus is the Logos as John claimed, a term coming from Greek philosophy. Modern churches teach faith and belief, but no longer see God as the Truth, that is, as “the true Light which enlightens everyone coming into the world” (Jn 1:4,9) Thus only emotion and blind belief are left to make a connection to the Divine. Yet the New Testament teaches that the Spirit enables you to know all things, even the deep things of God. (1 Cor 2: 9-16). Understanding is a conversation with Light, with That which illuminates all knowing. Insight is based upon the Spirit according to John’s statement that the Light will teach you of all things (if you ask and seek) and that you need no other to tell you what is true because the Light itself is truth (1 Jn 2:27 KJV). That is also taught in Hebrews Chapter 8 where the relation of your heart and mind to God’s Light is considered to be the New Covenant itself.

It is as if Christianity over the ages has gradually suppressed its thinking by its feeling side. Love is taught but not what Light is. Yet God is Light and Love according to John’s epistle (1 Jn 1:5; 1 Jn 4:7-8,16) Inquiry is feared, or tethered to literal interpretation, or to carnal reasoning from accepted doctrine. The spiritual desire to know is undermined by a demand for unquestioning belief. God is taught as inscrutable, not as knowable; and God’s Presence is not seen as illumination by him, but as an emotional relation to a thought about him- especially as a feeling of dependency upon him.

Many Christians believe that Spirit is emotion, or is only accessed by emotion. They mistake the ancient meaning for soul or psyche, which is feeling-and-desire, imagination and emotion, for spirit. The spirit is the life of what we call knowing -the flow mentally of light- the literal breath (pneuma) of the mind. Mind is spirit’s lowest manifestation and expression just as the form of the body is the soul’s. The soul’s function is to turn the things of light into forms, and, to release the light bound in forms. The spirit’s function is to know and be the identity in all things. The soul’s center is the Good, as the spirit’s center is the True. These are the Divine Male and Female, or Adam and Eve of creation: thought and feeling; idea and will; image and likeness.

Connection to the Logos was considered to be through Self-knowledge, reason and the mind of man long before John taught that Jesus was Its incarnation. Self-knowledge was taught by the Stoics, Heraclitus, Socrates, and by the Mysteries. John and Paul would have known this when they communicated that Jesus was the Logos to their Gentile audiences using the Greek philosophical idea and term. In Greek and Stoic Philosophy Logos meant Reason, the acting Ideas, Order, or Intelligence of God. John identified the Logos as the Light of Life, claiming that Reason, as the ancient world translated this term, or Sophia as the Hebrews called God’s Wisdom, enlightens every person.

For all who seek God through understanding, meditation or prayerful insight, the following is intended to supplement teachings about Love and the Holy Spirit with a teaching for the mind about Light and the Logos. It seeks to re-establish the point of view of the New Covenant concerning Love, Light and Life. It distinguishes those views (Jn 6:63; Heb 10:16; 2 Cor 3:3) from the tribal, fearful and law-based teachings of the Old Covenant (Heb 7:11-16; Gal 4:24-29; Heb 8:6-11) which Paul claims place a veil upon the heart (2 Cor 3: 6-18). Rather than ‘waxing old and decaying’ (Heb 8:13) these ancient forms of early monotheism have steadily encroached upon the mind and heart of modern Christianity. According to Paul they should be set aside, as they are not fundamental to Christianity, and only serve to introduce it.

Self-realization through Art, Atman Art, that works just like the Icons and relics and remains of martyrs and saints worked to Wake followers up to the Heaven that Jesus, Krishna and Buddha and masts and all the ecstatic-saints of all religions keeps telling us is Inside, Atman, and not outside.
Atman Art can work just like a Guru to wake us up the Heaven Inside starting with a feelings of Joy, Peace and Harmony Inside that slowly increases ... but sometimes Explodes into the god-intoxication – Atman-intoxication – that masts and all the ecstatic-saints of ALL Religions and Cults keep trying to tell us about. There are only two types of Art: Atman Art and Ego Art.
All Creativity, in Art, music, dance... sports is Atman Art.
The art whose outside reward masks the Inside Reward is Ego Art,
or Pavlov's Art.
Blessed be All!

My own Website:Tranzn.com

Visit one of my OnVibes sites:
Atman or

MySpace profile:

MySpace Musician profile:

Peace&Blessings to All..
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» Orraggan a dit @ Fri 9 Apr, 2010 @ 11:21pm
Hi! How are you? Thanks for having passed by my page and let a little hi! I'm not really going in partys anymore, but 1 or 2 time in the summer you'll see me around! Take good care! XX
» Destructiva a dit @ Fri 25 Dec, 2009 @ 11:34pm
Thanks for the dinner man! Merry Christmas.
» FHLARE a dit @ Tue 14 Apr, 2009 @ 6:11pm
hey!! :D
» vj_sakara a dit @ Fri 10 Apr, 2009 @ 7:35pm
cool ,man , ithink i will be there around 6 nor 7 , full time school and work , haha , talk you later tomorrow ..
» sabinonstop a dit @ Wed 8 Apr, 2009 @ 5:41pm
Allo je vous invite a la 2ieme edition des soirees L.O.V.E A L'alize le 17 avril avec dj's Galaks,Longstocking, Mama trance,Sabinonstop see u on da dancefloor!
» eatingownbrain a dit @ Wed 11 Feb, 2009 @ 2:13pm
whiskers ... thought of you today
» recoil a dit @ Thu 8 Jan, 2009 @ 3:52am
ya man hope you had a good holidays =)
» Reaper a dit @ Thu 11 Dec, 2008 @ 12:15am
» Hexa-5 a dit @ Wed 29 Oct, 2008 @ 12:18am
Yooo. Wazzup dude??
» MLion a dit @ Wed 3 Sep, 2008 @ 6:22pm
yeah i saw it on your camera and sabi show it to me on youtube last night .nice J-M
» MLion a dit @ Mon 1 Sep, 2008 @ 8:03pm
nice week end bros [ fr.youtube.com ]
» JimmyLightShow a dit @ Tue 5 Aug, 2008 @ 8:17pm
It was a pleasure to party with you at Eclipse 2008, you are a lot of fun and generous.
» Destructiva a dit @ Mon 4 Aug, 2008 @ 6:29pm
Nice party man! good to see you again, thanks for all the surprises.
» getupstandup a dit @ Tue 13 May, 2008 @ 11:15am
aww :) hiii u ! sorry I forgot your [ rave.ca ] name ( I have a very bad memory) thats why I didnt talk to u before! But hey im very happy u found :)! <33 and I'll take a loook at your web site as soon as I come back home !
» Nath a dit @ Sun 4 May, 2008 @ 9:50pm
;) merci pour ton ti mot c pas mal gentil ;) a plus x x x
» Kaoottinen a dit @ Fri 2 May, 2008 @ 4:34pm
Nope, not yet. hah
» PoiSoNeD_CaNdY a dit @ Fri 21 Mar, 2008 @ 1:01am
The philosophy of Atman is powerful stuff!
» deadandgone a dit @ Thu 28 Feb, 2008 @ 9:57pm
^-^ I SMILE WAY TOO MUCH. My face hurts alot because of it. =D
» TeenieWonder a dit @ Wed 13 Feb, 2008 @ 11:33am
:P xxx
» Keppy a dit @ Fri 8 Feb, 2008 @ 5:42pm
Malade ta photo
» Synchronicity a dit @ Thu 17 Jan, 2008 @ 2:05pm
Happy new year to you as well. :)
» Destructiva a dit @ Tue 15 Jan, 2008 @ 9:30am
Thank you!!! The best for you too.
» Agata a dit @ Mon 14 Jan, 2008 @ 10:13pm
Happy new year too! All the best and wish. Take care.
» Annily a dit @ Fri 11 Jan, 2008 @ 8:48pm
I am here. And yes I am basking in all of world's beauty. Hope you feel as lovely as I do :)
» Pixie-Dust a dit @ Sun 23 Dec, 2007 @ 11:55pm
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