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» Dj-Raven on Thu 30 Oct, 2008 @ 6:43pm
Title:Un album?
Posted On:2008-10-30 18:43:13
Posted By:» Dj-Raven
Il va bien falloir un jour que je travaille sur un nouvel album qui offrira du jamais-vu. J'hésite encore pour les titres, j'hésite encore pour ce que je dois utiliser pour y arriver. J'ai déjà deux titres en tête par contre pour débuter le projet.

» Screwhead on Wed 29 Oct, 2008 @ 2:58pm
Title:getting really sick of these dreams...
Posted On:2008-10-29 14:58:12
Posted By:» Screwhead
The one that I had last night/this morning, I don't remember as well as that one that I posted up before.. I swear though, it's an awesome premises for a horror movie..

for the first part (I went back to sleep after I first woke up and had another dream in the same area, but from a different point of view) my perspective kept alternating between being one of two kids; a girl anda boy, both no older than 10-11.. The boy was black, and the girl was white, because our mother's first husband was black, but he died and she got married to a white guy and that resulted in the girl.. Our parents though, hate us, and they don't want to take care of us, they just want to get drunk and do drugs and party instead..

They hear about a house that's haunted, where people who move in tend to either move out durring the first night, or die a really nasty death. So our parents figgure it's a great way to get rid of us. Doing some research on it, they find out that the house was built by some crazy occultist, and that, much like the building in Ghostbusters, the house's layout/foundation/etc all works as an antena/gateway to some hell/spirit world/whatever.. And that he built two rooms to be shielded from everything, and that the spirits/evil can't get into those two rooms.

So our parents buy the house, we move in, and then me (from the perspective of the little girl) and my brother are playing with our toys in our room, but right at the doorway. I'm sitting outside the room and he's sitting inside, and we're playing with cars on the floor, when suddenly, the perspective shifts, and now I'm seeing from the eyes of the brother and I see my sister just scream and get dragged out of sight, so I get up and step out of the room to see what's going on, and I just see her getting dragged by her feet down the stairs while she's grasping around, trying to find something to hold onto, and there's what looks like a translucant woman with a knife right over her that's trying to stab at her hands so that she doesn't find anything to hold onto..

I run out and grab the sister's hand, and then the force stops trying to pull her down the stairs and the woman with the knife dissapears, and I pull my sister back to our room.. She's infront and I'm walking behind her, and then the perspective switches again, and now I'm the little girl, and I step into our room, turn around, and my brother that was just behind me gets yanked out of the doorway before he could walk in, and I just hear him screaming like he's getting mutilated, but the scream is getting further away, but not like it was going through the house, more like if it was an open field and he was just going in one direction really, really fast.

I peek out of the doorway and looked to where the screams were coming from, and the hallway just looked like a long, never-ending hallway, and it was covered in blood, bones, bits of flesh, entrails.. like if someone was walking with a lawnmower down the hallway (similar to Dead/Alive) and was just mowing people in his way..

Then I hear another scream from the room across the hall and to the left, the room where our parents are sleeping in, and I hear my mother screaming "This was supposed to be the safe room! We were supposed to be safe here!" and I go over to the door and open it to see what's going on..

I don't quite remember what it is that I saw, because as soon as I got the flash of it I woke up.. It was totally dark, and I turned on the light, and it just flashed on and burned out in an instant, but I saw what looked like my parents getting pulled into the wall, like they were made of rubber and being stretched into weird shapes..

Then I woke up with the sleep paralysis, and I saw some weird shape/person that kind of looked like the black shadow from Ju-On (the original, not the american remake) at the foot of my bed, crawling up towards me.

After I managed to get up and move, I went to the bathroom, took my medication (it was 8am) and then went back to bed to try and sleep..

This time the dream lasted about 5 minutes. I was sitting outside of the house, in a small tool-shed with Alex (HostOne), and he was smoking a joint and had dropped a few buds of weed on the ground and not noticed. I picked them up and put them in my pocket, and he stands up and goes to stand in the doorway and look outside while smoking, and then I say something like "I think I've figgured it out", and he turns around and says "figgured what out?", and then I say "This whole thing. This isn't my dream, it's the demon's dream"

As soon as I say that, his face instantly warps all stretched out with the wide-open mouth, black and rotting, like in The Ring, and he's just face to face with me, holding my shoulders and letting out this scream/screech that I couldn't even begin to describe..

And then I woke up, AGAIN with the sleep paralysis, and again this time, just past the foot of my bed, but crawling towards me FAST, is again that black shadow, but this time I can make out the features of that warped/stretched/rotting face on it, and it crawls over me and just sticks it's face right infront of mine, about an inch away from my nose, and it's still making that sound, screeching at me, untill after a few minutes I finally manage to move again, and then it's just gone in a flash, as if it was never there.

» Djinthebox on Sat 25 Oct, 2008 @ 9:24pm
Title:Dj In The Box! PODCAST 02
Posted On:2008-10-25 21:24:53
Posted By:» Djinthebox
One week later, this is my last PODCAST!

PODCAST 02 (25/10/2008)

1) Smalltown boy (Luca Antolini rmx) - Bronski Beat
2) Why does my heart (Technikal rmx) - Masif Dj's
3) Children (Sean Tyas rmx) - Robert Miles
4) Omega thursday - Tom Colontonio
5) Platitude - Onova
6) Lmy (Aira Force rmx) - Nr 32
7) Compurter Park (Redstar rmx) - 4Mal & Matthew Adams
8) Stadium - Greg Downey
9) Deflector - Kamil Polner
10)Indefinite suspension (Paul Miller rmx) - Adam Foley
11)The way it should be - 4 Strings & Dj Shaine
12)Undone (Dj In The Box! nine rmx) - Anton Sonin
13)La ultima (Deep Voices rmx) - Kyo & Gil


Listening To: http://djinthebox.mypodcast.com/2008/10/Podcast_02-153647.html

» Djinthebox on Mon 20 Oct, 2008 @ 10:16am
Title:Dj In The Box! on RadioFree USA
Posted On:2008-10-20 10:16:18
Posted By:» Djinthebox
Starting tomorrow (oct 21th) You'll be able to listen 3 songs from me. LE DORMEUR 2008 , TARZAN and SNOWBIRD.
Here is the link: http://www. radiofreeusa. org (if you can't clic the link,copy & past in your browser)

By the way, if you are an ARTIST, you can also upload your own music.

» DiddyKong on Fri 17 Oct, 2008 @ 12:54pm
Title:Signification de rêve
Posted On:2008-10-17 12:54:12
Posted By:» DiddyKong
J'me souviens pus des moindres détails (le lieu ou j'étais avec qui?) mais j'étais dans mon auto... pis tous d'un coup, mon volant tournait dans l'beurre... pu capable de tournée…
Les freins... pff… Y'en avais pu… Le break a bras me pette d'in main
J'vois le lampadaire arriver pis PAFFFF…. J'me réveille en sursaut ... tout en sueur… pis j'tiens mon gros oreiller dans mes bras… comme si j'essayais de sauver quelqu'un…

Ya quelqu'un qui sait s'que ça veux dire ?

» Screwhead on Thu 16 Oct, 2008 @ 6:50pm
Title:Another WTF dream that goes into a sleep paralysis
Posted On:2008-10-16 18:50:03
Posted By:» Screwhead
I'm living somewhere.. it kind of looks like where I lived in the West Island with my mom, but it's not quite right.. The neighborhood looks more like Laval. A lot of this part is a blur, but I remember I was doing something at home.. I think I was watching a horror movie. Then I go outside and I get in the car with my dad, and we were going to a bank in Carfour Laval..

We get there and he parks the car in the handicap parking spaces, and then most of my family park infront of us.. My dad, two of my uncles, my grandmother and my cousins get out of the cars and they all go to the bank and come out, get back in their cars, and then we drive off. My dad tells me that we're going to watch one of my uncles preform a show at a brasserie.

We drive to a little hole in the wall kinda place that looks more like a diner than a brasserie.. As I'm getting out of the car, the thing I notice the most prominently is that across the street is a Donald K Donald sponsored strip club called Les Filles Dore.

We get into the place, and I see a small stage in the corner of the room, and there are a few cheap plastic tables. On the stage, there's a drum kit and a stand with an old Roland SH-101, but the label says that it's a Juno 116. I sit down at a table and a waitress comes up and says "here, we're out of plates" and slops down a bunch of sauerkraut infront of me, and then takes a boiled hotdog sausage out of the container she's carying and puts it next to the sauerkraut, covers it all in mustard, and tells me to take a plastic fork and knife from the small wicker basket in the middle of the table filled with plastic cutlery.

My uncle that's going to be performing the show comes in with his own synthesizer, and asks his daughter to take the one that's on the stand and go throw it out onto a homeless person. As she's walking out with it, I say that they shouldn't throw it out, give it to me instead! So I get the car keys from my dad, go and unlock the car, and for some reason I sit in the pasanger seat while my cousin puts the synth in the back seat of the car, and then she closes the doors and goes back inside.

For some reason, I put the keys in the car, turn on the engien, take my shirt off, and then tilt the seat back a little to try and sleep.

Suddenly, the car springs to life and starts driving down the streets back to what looks like my house, but it's driving on it's own and swerving out of the way of cars, always going as fast is it's capable of going.

The car turns onto a dead end (where I seem to recal I live) and then drives right to the apartments at the end of the streets, doesn't stop or slow down, but swerves to the right like it was going to drive around the apartments, only all there is to the right is a fence, and a tree that's behind the fence has fallen and has the leafy-end of the tree is sticking past the fence.

The car goes driving straight for it, and I finally come to my senses and slam a foot down on the break from the passenger side to stop the car, and it starts breaking, but it still skids and flies into the tree-branches.

I get out, and even though I'm right next door to "home", I walk to a nearby payphone to make a call to my dad and tell him what happened with his car.

When I get there, the payphone is right outside this small, trendy looking coffe shop, and searching my pockets I have no change on my. I take my cell phone out of my pocket, and the flip-part of the cover is partialy broken off, and for some reason the part that's broken is the only button I can press to see what time it is on the phone. I try to call my dad, but I can't remember his phone number (THAT's the first thing that makes me 'aware' that I'm dreaming; he's had his cell phone with the same number since at least 1995-96), but I've noticed that if I shake the phone around like if I was moving a record, the static that comes out of it "scratches" like if I was scratching with a turntable and a mixer, so I start having fun and wiggling my phone around and making a racket.

By this point, I'm totally aware that this is a dream, so I figgure I'm at least going to get laid, and a short blonde girl walks out of the crowd of people on the sidewalk, comes up to me and takes my hand, and we start walking towards what looks like an area under the 20 going into montreal (big concrete columns holding up a huge structure.. almost like a tunnel, but there's just sand/dirt on the ground and the real road for cars is above us)

As we're walking to this area away from everyone, I notice right ahead of us, hiding behind a support column and peeking out of the corner, is someone that's looking at us with wide eyes, like they're completely and totally terrified of something in the direction we're coming from.

Now for some reason, my brain decides it's not going to focus on the 'me getting laid' aspect of the dream, and leaves that off, and it's like in a movie or tv show, the camera pans off from behind us walking off and turns to the window of the coffee shop that I went to to use the payphone, only now the coffee shop is a restaurant for dogs. A family of dogs walks into it and sits down at a long table right onfront of the window. I'm watching all of this as if it was a camera outside the restaurant, even though I can hear them talking.

The dogs all sit around the table and start talking and eating like a family having a large meal on the holidays. The scene ends up looking like the Last Supper painting, but done with these reddish-brown dogs. All of the dogs that do any talking have the voices of characters from Family Guy. One of them is a scientist and he's invented a robot dog-computer that walks around infront of you and it has a keyboard on it's back right near where it's butt would be so that you can type while it's walking infront of you.

The dogs finish eating and walk out of the restaurant, and the camera pans back to me and the girl that had walked off, and we're lying down on a blanket on the dust/dirt after obviously having gotten laid. I'm lying on my back and she's cuddled up to me with her head on my arm, when suddenly she freaks out and gets scared and terrified and says to me something like "Oh god, I remember what just happened to me!"

She looks behind us at the parking lot next to the restaurant and suddenly my dad's car is there, and for some reason I seem to "remember/understand" that the whole 'car driving out of controll on it's own and slamming onto a tree' part of my dream is a memory of hers that she'd forgotten from having hit her head, and behind us, in the parking lot, is my dad's car (SUV, really.. It looks like a Nissan Murano, but it's in the grey colour of his old Honda CRV).

Suddenly in the dream, it's night time, no one is around but us, and the car in the parking lot has the front hood open, and it's not the insides of a car, it's a mouth and it has teeth and a tongue and looks like the inside of a mouth.

This is when I wake up, and I wake up RIGHT into a sleep-paralysis.

Usually, when I get sleep paralysis, I just can't move, and it only 'feels' like there's something bad/evil in the room that wants to hurt me/kill me, but this time I could actually SEE someone sitting at the corner of my bed..

It looked like it could have been a small/young child, sitting there with his legs pulled up to his chest and hugging his legs, staring at me.. But his face was deformed and fucked up, like the face of the girl in the closet from The Ring; his mouth is all stretched out, his skin is blue and has patches/lines of black from where he's started rotting.. And he's just staring at me, and he's smiling, because he knows that I see him and that I can't move or do anything about him being there, and that he could do whatever he wants to kill me/steal my soul.

It takes a few minuts of fighting to regain controll of my body, but I finally manage to start moving my arms, and the thoughts of me thinking "you're not real, you aren't here" start coming out of my mouth in a whisper, and I'm actually able to slowly start sitting up and moving my head, but he's still there, staring at me and smiling, like he knows something I don't, like he's got something horrible planned for me and that I only THINK I'm going to escape/get out of this..

By the time I'm fully in control of myself and actually, fully awake and can stand up and move around, when I look in the corner of my room, I can still sort of see him there for the first few minutes.. Even standing up and walking out of my room, going to the bathroom, and coming back in and turning the lights on, I can still make out.. not really an outline, more like the shaddows that make up a person.. Like if you were to take a picture of a person, completely remove them, but keep the shadows they cast (like the shadow of their nose on their face, the shadows of their arms crossed infront of their chest)..

And the thing is, it's still staring at me. No matter where I go, where I sit, where I look at it from, I see these shadows on a body that isn't there, and it's head keeps turning to stare at me, and I can still see it's smile, and even though I can't make out the details of it, I can almost see or feel the intent behind those eyes that won't stop looking at me..

I've had weird, fucked-up bits of Sleep Paralysis kind of like this before; where I'd wake up and actually see someone or something staring at me, but it's almost always been a blur, never clear, just like some dark, human-shaped shadow from a picture taken out of focus, and by the time I've managed to start moving in the slightest, it's gone.. But never have I actually been able to actually SEE the 'thing' up to 5 minutes AFTER I've woken up and started walking around and moving.

» DiddyKong on Thu 16 Oct, 2008 @ 2:04pm
Title:Maudite Bronchite
Posted On:2008-10-16 14:04:48
Posted By:» DiddyKong
Pas drôle d'être malade :( Mais la j'suis entrein d'sortir de ma bronchite.. que j'ai probablement pogner au Renegade en fds... malgré que j'ai déjà eu la grippe depuis un boute.. pis que je l'ai donner a quelque personne sans faire expret (désolé jasmin et Caroo !!)

Bénylin à été ma solution pour une soiré.. mais mon nez coule encore :(

A cause de ça, j'ai raté le lancement du DVD de BMC :( j'voulais pas me maganer encore plus!

Ça tombe toujours quand il faut pas des maladie :(

Listening To: radio ckmf

» Djinthebox on Sun 12 Oct, 2008 @ 11:04am
Title:Dj In The Box! PODCAST
Posted On:2008-10-12 11:04:26
Posted By:» Djinthebox
Here is the link to download my last Podcast named Trance my mind. Enjoye it ;-)


» Toots on Mon 6 Oct, 2008 @ 8:23am
Title:First Journal
Posted On:2008-10-06 08:23:11
Posted By:» Toots
So I'm new to rave.ca, so I guess I'll try to see what stuff is about. I'll start with a journal.

Let's see, I'm staying home late today because I called in sick. I don't really feel like going to school right now, but while I'm here I guess I'll get some homework done, so it's not a total waste of time.

For the past 7 weeks, I've been living in a deep pool of shit, trying to swim my way out. A couple of days ago I saw the light, it was exactly what I've been waiting for, what I've been dreaming about.
I got a second chance that nobody ever gets, and it made my day, and the day after that etc. However, for some reason something doesn't feel right, I feel as if it's a cosmetic happiness, like there's something still not right.
I don't know what to do about it though, how are you supposed to react when what you've been hoping for isn't cheering you up? Is it something else, that's totally irrelevant? Am I wrong, is this not at all what I actually want? I don't know.
But that's not even it, it's as if she's the only important thing to me right now, I don't care about much right now but I no doubt care about her.
I'm extremely grateful for what I've been given, and I'm going to try not to fuck this up, I'm gonna keep it forever, or as close to it as possible, because I love this girl, and I won't willingly give that up.

EDIT: So I was feeling shit for the rest of the day, until I went to school to go see her and now I feel better :)

Listening To: NOFX

» BenRama on Sun 5 Oct, 2008 @ 12:48pm
Title:I love this city
Posted On:2008-10-05 12:48:11
Posted By:» BenRama
It's been an incredibly stressful few weeks moving and trying to find a place in Montreal, but we absolutely love the vibe and feel of this place. This is such a beautiful city and the people are very nice; I'm stoked to get settled and get back into the swing of things. I have tons of music on the back burner that I am dying to finish, so I am feeling the creative energies building up. I'm sure that we will have a place very soon, and will be celebrating that fact next Friday at the Attitude Recordings night at Cherry (In Progress 11). It's been a long time since I danced too, so that will be very cathartic. Peace!