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» couleombre on Tue 20 Oct, 2009 @ 11:12am
Posted On:2009-10-20 11:12:59
Posted By:» couleombre
Eh,oui jme suis tape presque toute cette série là(j'acheve le 3).Par contre, cette histoire de fille m'a quand même touché.Pas par la nullite d'edward,ni par l'innocence de jacob,ni par les description de premier degré de l'auteur, ni par le fait que j'aie du passer la moppe parce que la fille mouillait trop dans le premier livre,un quart moins parce que l'auteure fout des variables inventé dans la recette sacro-millénaire de ces mythe..

Mais par le sentiment de folie et de confusion sentimentale de Bella. C'est le personnage dans lequel je m'identifis le plus.Edward a pas d'autre motivation pour l'aimer que parce qu'il ne la comprend pas(telepathie)pis qu'elle est un peu maladroite.Je ne suis pas decu d'avoir commence cette serie, même si la motivation pour la lire n'était que pour mieux la bitcher.

Moi j'avais entendu que Bella était une gentille petite fille, presque parfaite..Bullshit,c'est une fille normale qui ment a tour de bras,qui cache des choses,double dépendante affective,un peu schizo.Normale quoi.

le livre est beaucoup mieu que le film en passant.


» katatomic on Mon 19 Oct, 2009 @ 7:48pm
Title:eighteen days without you.
Posted On:2009-10-19 19:48:16
Posted By:» katatomic
i don’t miss you.
my walls stayed white.
my eyes stayed blue.
that disordering of senses
promised for so long
is undelivered.
nothing is breathing
except a taut beauty
where the sheets are drying.

there is no heart.
lifted like swimming
i am more weightless
than one hundred small fish.
but i am out of water
and i am going bad.
there is no heart
in an ocean.

my eyes are open, naturally.
if i could sleep
i would dream of white crows
pecking my ego down to size.
instead, my eyes
cannot even close to blink.
i thought i saw you
looking in the freezer for vodka.

and where did we meet?
the night you lied
and said it was poetry,
and not the way
my lips moved as i read it
that you liked.
but you admitted it later,
it was my lips all the time.

that was a cold september
and you without running water
traded secrets for a shower
i was the writer and you did all the talking
my other asked me if one of the languages
you spoke was "kat".

with an armspan that almost doubled mine,
he speaks of my friendly cruxifixion.
but a man who holds back,
who denies me my piercing
when it is precisely that
which i require,
that man makes me strong
when the blood in my hands
is weak.

i mark the hours like some
mark days.
4am is a holiday.
it is a solstice.
the longest hour of the night.

i am uncomfortable in my own bed.
i am remembering a breakfast,
our first,
when i was embarassed
to swallow. funny how
that morning’s coffee
still keeps me awake.

you are not a soldier.
you are duty-free.
i read your poetry and
you read mine
and i wondered if we were
fighting the same war.
even when you loan me a book,
i study the bookmark
as a map to your territory.
those scraps are the details
you’ve forgotten
and the cities you’ve seized.

i see it coming.
dawn is the most silent
catastrophe around.
but i cannot afford sunlight.
literally. cheap apartments
are surrounded, and mine
is always dark.
my ears slide on sheets
that held our conversation
about how you are not my boyfriend.
and you said "yet,"
not me.

and i think of your mouth.
the funny way
it twists around french words
and how you suck my tongue
like a suicide
in a locked garage
with the engine on.
but my need to breathe
is as eloquent
as any frenchman’s kiss.

such a good lie
to say
"i have no memories"
no still-life snapshots
no motion pictures
of little bites above my knees
and little bruises rising.
i could see them
if i crossed my eyes.
but to remember is to lie
and no perfect memory
can touch me, can leave those marks
with such gorgeous perfection.

i sing a song
of teatotalers.
drunk only with sleep,
that stranger, that tease,
i tell the joke
that is decaf.
bitter and useless
as old age.

"a couple of kids"
you called us, as if
we meet each day to skip rope.
as if tetherball was foreplay
and i was your hopscotch virgin.
do you remember growing up?
i remember pretending to.

1pm is almost christmas.
i will freeze your vodka
and hang parsley over my door
and we will pretend.
you will come with your full bag
and stir me like pudding.
i have counted the hours and the days
between the birds and the bees
and it is now.

find me in the doorwat
come time your breaths
in sync with the spaces
between my ribs.
homing pigeon,
come squeeze your notes
into me.
we can ignore the stroke of 2pm
in favour of our own holiday.
you can pretend to forget.
i will loan you a pillow
and later we will sleep
like two bulbs that
must be switched off,

Listening To: in for the kill // la roux (skream remix)

» couleombre on Mon 19 Oct, 2009 @ 10:53am
Title:faire une carte géo-onirique
Posted On:2009-10-19 10:53:17
Posted By:» couleombre
Petit exercice qui m'est venu en tête comme ça..

toi ami lecteur, as tu déjà retourné dans certains lieux dans tes rêves.Exemple être dans un centre d'achat inconnu et quelques semaines plus tard rêver du même endroit?
J'ai décidé d'essayer de faire les plans de telles construction d'ici les prochains temps. Celui que j'ai visité plusieurs fois se trouve à être (dans ma tête)le place rosemère altéré.J'y suis allé environ 4 fois. Alors, pour le plaisir, prenez-vos crayons et essayez de faire le plus précis possible les bâtiment possible de vos rêves!

par structure possible j'entend qu'une maison qui change de décor lorsque l'on ouvre une porte ne compte pas(selon moi).En plus ça travail la mémoire de se rappeler à quoi ressemble un bâtiment altéré.

» Djinthebox on Wed 14 Oct, 2009 @ 10:02pm
Title:New Podcast online !
Posted On:2009-10-14 22:02:30
Posted By:» Djinthebox

Playlist :

01. Chainsaw (The Crow mix) - Dj Shredda
02. Sirens of time (Dub mix) - Fast Floor
03. Keep rockin (M.t.w mix) - Fast Floor
04. Digital interface - Ray Clarke
05. Flashback (Dave Joy mix) - Alphazone
06. Circle of the darkness - Dj The Crow / Mad Creatures
07. Acid message - Ray Clarke
08. T34 - Mark Norman
09. Few days away (John Askew red square) - Sensorica
10. Here come the drums - Mark Sherry / Dr Willis
11. O (Dark By Design rmx) - Dj Scot Project
12. Getting better (Technikal rmx) - Darren Styles
13. God - Jason Cortez / Phil York
14. Ebony angel (Mat Silver rmx) - Lisaya / Dj Deraven


» Tannerz on Tue 13 Oct, 2009 @ 10:11am
Title:Total Request Rave 4 in Toronto - Nov, 14
Posted On:2009-10-13 10:11:04
Posted By:» Tannerz
If you're ambitious enough to go to Toronto to attend a rave November 14th is a good day to go since TRR4 is then and it should be amazing. Here is the link if you're curious! http://www.nocturnalcommissions.com/index.php?opti...

» vj_sakara on Wed 7 Oct, 2009 @ 9:46am
Title:back to montreal
Posted On:2009-10-07 09:46:47
Posted By:» vj_sakara
hohoho, 40 days of visit in china .

great family time .

back to the cold city again , let us party now .