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» FreeLotus on Thu 29 Jun, 2006 @ 11:53pm
Posted On:2006-06-29 23:53:39
Posted By:» FreeLotus
I just found out that im going to see ROBB mother fuckin GEE Play.
I can now die a happy death :)

Another Check on The List!

...and ya know what?
It never happened..
what the fuck.

all I asked for
Was a little Hardcore,
come on, Give me what I asked for..
I hate being let down..Period.

first musician this year to let me down was NIN,
Now Robb Gee,
Deliver, fuck.

» Le_D on Thu 29 Jun, 2006 @ 1:54am
Title:That new anti-smoking law.
Posted On:2006-06-29 01:54:14
Posted By:» Le_D
Everyone has heard of it, some non smokers are happy, some smokers are pissed and a lot of people just don't care. The law's been here for a month now. Everyone who's been raving during this month saw the results; people spend the whole night outside.

Now, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this is that the government as no business telling business owners what to do, and non smokers who are afraid of smoke can just stay home. Unfortunately, we can't do that.

Actually, we can throw loft parties with 50 people where everyone will be able to smoke, since those parties aren't legal in the first place. The thing is that we can't smoke in raves anymore. Now, this is going to affect the scene in many ways. Some people will spend whole parties outside, some people won't botter to come, some won't care, and some non-smokers might just go out more.

Oh, and the rave goo will never be as bad as it used to be. Bye bye rave goo, we'll miss you....or not.

First, let's face it, some people are totally addicted to smoking, they smoke one cigarette after the other. Those people will either stay home, or smoke a bit less. Of course, as time go by, more and more smokers will quit. This is what happened in Toronto anyway, last time I was there, me and my friend where amongst the only people smoking in the street. Smoking just became un-cool. It's probably going to happen here too. People will smoke outside too, let's face it, most of the raving population goes out mostly for the social aspect, that means smoking outside will do for a while. Until winter comes back at least.

Now, I was just talking about the social aspect. Like it or not, a lot of ravers prefer being with their friends than dancing alone. That means that a lot of people, even non-smokers, spend a lot of time outside. This means two things. First, less people dancing, chilling, or actually partying inside, that's hard on the vibe. Second, and this one worries me, more ravers outside, in front of the venue. This screams: "rave here, bust me please!" The cops don't like people hanging out in the streets in the middle of the night. They tolerate it with the bars, but won't be so gentle when it comes to rave. Let's face it, they let us party as long as we don't botter anyone. 30+ people smoking in the streets do botter people.

Now, there might be an itty bitty tiny positive aspect to this. Those non-smokers who stay at home and argue that smoking is the devil. Those few for whom the law was passed, some of them might just want to rave. A fun thing about non-smokers is that they tend to have more energy, that means they dance more than the average smoker. We'll just have to see if it actually brings new faces to the scene. Hopefully it will.

Overall, the scene will be hurt by this. Smoking, like it or not, is an important part of going out. Even me, who quitted smoking, feels that there's something weird with going out now. We'll need time to adjust, and djs will have a harder time keeping the ravers inside to listen to their sets.

Now, I just want to see how they manage to work with the ins and outs at big events like bal en blanc...

Listening To: Some old trance set by dj Omni

» Le_D on Fri 23 Jun, 2006 @ 4:05am
Title:What's wrong with the rave scene
Posted On:2006-06-23 04:05:58
Posted By:» Le_D
Yay, first blog entry! I intend to use this as my blog on the rave scene. I always loved to talk about it, so I figured writing about it here would be the best thing to do. First, this is just my opinion on the scene, no drama please, I'm not accusing anyone in particular here. Now, feel free to leave comments, after all, we do need to talk about those things.

How often do we hear: the scene is dead, raves used to be so much better, the music sucks today, no one raves anymore, etc. It's true that the rave scene isn't quite like it used to be. I wouldn't say it's dying, cause a subculture never dissapears. Punks are still there, goths are still there, hippies are still there and unfortunately emo kids won't go away any time soon. Same goes for ravers. Now, it's true the disco scene isn't quite as strong as it used to be. Same goes for raves. We had our moments of glory, now the mainstream moved to something else. That means less ravers. Less ravers will mean less djs and less promoters.

Here's the problem right now. A raver will last for usually no more than 3 years. After that he'll either:

a- become a dj
b- become a promoter
c- start selling drugs and ruin his life
d- just leave this whole rave thing behind and concentrate on real life.

Now, not everyone is cut to be a dj or a promoter, and even if a lot are, the scene just isn't big enough. Now, who's job is it to decide who will stay? Actually it's the raver's decision, as the raver his the customer in all of this. I'm throwing a party myself. Among many, I think I deserve my spot under the spotlight. The important part is to know how to share it. I'm gonna talk about the promoters, the djs and the ravers.

First, the promoters. They're a lot of us out there, and we all want to throw the party of the year. A few things to remember. First, we gotta share the scene, that means not throwing too much parties. A few ravers will go out every weekend, but most won't take more than one party per month. Nowadays, most promoters throw a party every 2 or 3 months. This is a good way to burn yourself, as well as the ravers. A few years ago, the scene could support one party every weekend. Not anymore. Now, a good thing to do would be for each promoter to throw one or two parties a year, but put all the energy possible in it. Give it at least 3 or 4 months promotion. Go out, talk about it, make up some crazy idea, than take a big break, and do it again after a few months. And be original, the scene needs something new to stay interesting. Parties don't have to be just music and dancing, add decoration, add a theme, suggested dress code, beach toys, some clowns running around the party, anything crazy, it's a rave after all! You don't have to throw big raves with big headliner, but do something original, and listen to what the ravers have to say, they're the boss, not you.

Now, the djs. There are two things that you guys need to do, be original, and promote yourself. Oh, and producing helps. Roughly, they're three types of djs. The first type goes out to every party, talks to everyone, plays a lot cause everyone loves him. The second type stays at home, concentrates on his mixing, maybe produces his own tracks, and is much more technical. The third type does both. You want to be that third type. Go out, talk to people. If you wanna mix, first you gotta understand the dancefloor. Remember that every dj used to be a raver first. (ok, most of em) You gotta work on your skills and track selection too. Be original. Too many djs just play the tracks everyone know and mixes them the easiest possible way. Find the thing that places you apart from the other djs, and work on this. Make it your unique sound. As for producing, well not everyone can do it, but if you wanna put the work into it, you could maybe make it big, and Montreal serioustly needs more producers, to have a better spot on the international scene. Remember, djing is about charisma, promotion and originality.

Now, the ravers. You guys make the scene alive. The only thing I can tell you, don't burn yourself, and believe in the scene. I love that quote on top of the page: "This is your scene, love and respect it and it will grow. Disrespect it and it will go". This is the way it goes. It's not cool to be jaded, it's not cool to diss people. You're there to have fun, and if you're not having fun anymore, just take a break and come back in a few months, the scene won't dissapear. Too many times I've seen kids really hyped up about raves, start doing drugs every weekend, and go to 3 or 4 days afterparties. Then, after 6 months, they drop out of the scene in a gargantuan burst of drama. It's ok to do drugs once in a while, but please do it responsibly. It's better to rave for 3 years, but only one party every two months, then burn yourself up.

All in all, this is your scene, you gotta respect it for it to stay healthy. Don't diss people, don't cause drama, help out in any way you can, and most importantly, have fun!

Listening To: Good old silence

» AYkiN0XiA on Tue 20 Jun, 2006 @ 7:35pm
Title:a reason why
Posted On:2006-06-20 19:35:20
Posted By:» AYkiN0XiA
you, the one
who can play music and...
you touch me with the sound.
please touch me again,
rock me a million ways
with your magic hands
the sounds in the air touch my skin
in the thick air of a summer night
it's the beauty that makes me come,
the emotions, the sounds.
you play me like a guitar and i melt
another chord, never stop,
we're in heaven.
you know the words to my soul,
you know the sounds to my heart,
the keys, the pathway to ecstasy
where i become you
and you become me.
i want to sing your beauty
with a thousand angels
under the moonlight,
rainbows coming out of my hands,
burning eyes meet burning eyes,
something beyond words,
like the life under the words,
like my heart feeling your heart.
and i could sit there and cry,
but i will learn how to sing.
turn my scream into music
and come to touch you back.

Listening To: roy buchanan - the messiah will come again

» eatingownbrain on Tue 20 Jun, 2006 @ 2:13pm
Title:before sleep
Posted On:2006-06-20 14:13:25
Posted By:» eatingownbrain
Darkness creeping in- deadly nightshade memories resurface after spanning several grassroot utopias, now the happy human faces are melting and twisted. Eyes removed from sockets are empty-blind, crying now dead- now decayed organic matter that once covered the visionary walls of these pits. Time has stopped and the somatic effects of aging race to the finish line…withering, paling, and shrinking in on myself- I am ghost faced and bare boned and haunting my karass, my corolla, as soon as last breath escapes. Finally cut from the warm ambience of earthy connection I am instantaneously consumed by the thrashing panic of humanity's insanity. Desperate junkie eventually grows heavy grows mouth foaming hysterical and urgent and crazed. I am sickly alien body crowned Golgotha- dusty and hollow and gone.
Little girl faded memory waves at tortured-soul me, and I collapse defeated by myself.
Tonight- suicide, lying down in coffin bed; now is gone and happy humans are null, void, meaningless enameled eerie glowing fossils. Never again- only in diseased memory.

Listening To: La Revancha del Tango -- Gotan Project

» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:39pm
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:39:29
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
Dans ta main une seconde
Dans la mienne l'éternité


» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:37pm
Title:Le temps
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:37:02
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
Le passé, c'était hier. Ce sera demain.
Le présent est une illusion, ne dure pas.
Le présent est une situation, une émotion éphémère.
Le présent n'est qu'un pas de plus vers le passé.
Le futur, de son côté, n'est que l'espoir du présent, une pensée, une projection.
C'est un présent modifié, un passé retravaillé.

Le temps n'est rien d'autre qu'une idée.
Le passé peut se souvenir,
Le présent peut essayer,
Le futur peut espérer.


» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:30pm
Title:les mots
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:30:50
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
N'absorbe pas trop les mots.
Ce ne sont que des lettres qui se tiennent par la main.


» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:29pm
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:29:43
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
--Excusez-moi, puis-je entrer? On m'a dit que je me trouvais ici!----


» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:28pm
Title:Mon nuage..
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:28:00
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
Haut perchée sur mon nuage d'inquiétude
J'absorbe les images du présent
Qui filent et se faufilent dans ma tête
Cherchant un endroit ou mettre pied,
Combattant l'anxiété qui est anormalement reine de mes pensées et qui ne se gêne pas pour prendre toute la place.

Trop de questions sont posées en même temps
Et les réponses qui devraient s'en suivrent
Se sont perdues en chemin,
S'entrecroisant et se multipliant sans cesse.

Haut perchée sur mon nuage troublé
Je ne sais que faire de ce qui m'arrive.
Ce qui semble si facile
M'apparaît comme étant un casse-tête impossible
Une série logique totalement illogique
Un message indéchiffrable.

Le positif et le négatif s'entremêlent
Me laissant seule pour les séparer.
Aucun des deux n'a le dessus sur l'autre,
Leur querelle m'embrouille la vision.

Haut perchée sur mon nuage indécis
Je marche en solitaire
même si pour une fois quelqu'un m'accompagne.
Justement, sa lampe m'éclaire
Mais mon nuage s'empare de la lumière avant qu'elle ne m'atteigne.
Si seulement j'avais le courage d'en descendre...
Mais me laisser tomber d'aussi haut,
Au risque d'atterir encore plus bas?

En rêve, un pont se construit
Entre mon nuage noir et son voisin blanc;
Un pont solide, fort comme l'amour,
que je traverse de vive joie.
En réalité, ce pont je le construit peu à peu,
Brique par brique
À mesure que mes questions trouvent réponses à leur pieds.

Haut perchée sur mon nuage lointain
Je ferme les yeux et sens le vent
qui pousse le brouillard
Pour laisser place à une légère éclaircie.


» MoKBaNanA on Sat 17 Jun, 2006 @ 5:12pm
Title:La terre est en guerre
Posted On:2006-06-17 17:12:41
Posted By:» MoKBaNanA
Si nous respirons aussi aisément
La terre, de son côté, s'époumone
A force de crier à ses habitants innocents
De l'écouter au moins quelques secondes

Il suffit pourtant de tendre l'oreille
Ou mieux encore de regarder autour;
Ce n'est plus la peine de chercher l'issue de secours

L'homme prend la terre pour une poubelle;
Pourquoi recycler quand on peut jeter?
Pourquoi planter quand on peut couper?
Pourquoi économiser quand on peut gaspiller?
Pourquoi réfléchir?
Pourquoi agir?

Simplement parce qu'elle nous le demande

La terre se meurt peu à peu
Plus qu'un siècle ou deux
Avant qu'elle abandonne son combat
Avant qu'elle souffle son dernier soupir
Avant qu'elle nous ordonne de partir

Pourquoi ne pas lui laisser une dernière chance
Tout comme nous en a donné une
Pourquoi donc lui faire regretter
Elle qui nous a créée, élevée, supportée

Écoutons ensemble la terre
Mettons fin à cette stupide guerre
Faisons lui un cadeau
Et arrêtons d'être un tel fardeau.


» eatingownbrain on Tue 6 Jun, 2006 @ 11:43am
Title:sixty hour discourse
Posted On:2006-06-06 11:43:59
Posted By:» eatingownbrain
Slowly, lone wanderer, now a charmed thoughtful process of ever-becoming; the fragments of my inarticulate awakenings leap onto pages incomplete and trickle down the primordial walls of a cave filled with fairytales; in lucid dreams my make-believe is your make-believe is the other’s make-believe where we continue to grow vine-wild, spreading green up the somber grey-blue glass commercial towers of being here, now.

Hungry-eyed insects the treasures of another beings trash, together we move together one small star, witness to the wonder of minutia forgotten by the current on the peripheries of vast void expanses, together towards a center oddly angular for first glance organic phenomena but we like it here in our ecstatic state of biomechanical revolution, evolution into six-legged cellular tissue propelled by ephemeral steely suspension, rigged with energy panels absorbing sun light and moon light and black light.

Incomprehensible mutterings from a red-haired angel remind me that my toes are still touching the ground, how much higher I could rise with a shield of love and a sword of neutrality in my pocket, and liquid light in my veins; timeless is the sweetest friendship because it has nothing to explain, beyond the breath of words with heavy histories, can see me when I sway to the trembling wind, and so must not be understood, and so I grow to mutter too.

The trickery of a candle flame reflection, sitting on a blue sofa sea undulating and warm, staring into imagination, and body still vibrating to the thump-thump of summer’s electronic heart; in the presence of the most beautiful muse serenading me with her bittersweet nostalgia, impartiality giving way to awe –part fear, part love, all-powerful-her of fantastic passion exploding my new technology, and rebuilding us together through symbiosis.

A boy I never knew before baring his kindred soul to me through the clicking of cheap metal spoons that feed his creator, he tells me about when he was born; moments of first eyelid flutter stimulating sensory hyperspace and we have history brother, and I sit in your home at home at last, calculating the improbability factor of any moment but mostly these ones, giving up on impossible calculations, and listening to the meandering minds of our collective unconscious.

The muse and my brother are in love in front of my shinning eyes next to a painting depicting the war between plus and minus, plus is winning, all are glowing amber-red, and I am calm and I am whole and I am brimming with serotonin and unconscious entactogenesis because we are one; the muse holds my hand.

A pop-psy-guru told me a life before that it is impossible to grow wings from human DNA, but this pop-psy-guru believed in truth, and DNA, and so do I, and I believe in nothing, and random atoms can spin forever creating the mutable everything- contradictions of existence and coherency of infinity- but now I believe in this, and every name is the name of god.

Listening To: Florida --Diplo

» Dauc on Mon 5 Jun, 2006 @ 5:44pm
Posted On:2006-06-05 17:44:31
Posted By:» Dauc

Listening To: The Faint

» Sparker13 on Mon 5 Jun, 2006 @ 9:56am
Title:The Obscure Rambalings of a Dislexic, ADD Ridden, Irelin Syndrom, Paranoia Nut Case
Posted On:2006-06-05 09:56:41
Posted By:» Sparker13
I just want to have fun and when I came to the US everyone was pretty up tight They are mean and vandictive manny times and they don't seem to want to be happy. what the hell? Smile everyone feal the love and peace ect. I don,t know I gess everyone can be like that but it sucks.

Listening To: A Perfect Cirlce

» moondancer on Thu 1 Jun, 2006 @ 9:23am
Title:The Land
Posted On:2006-06-01 09:23:11
Posted By:» moondancer
somehow you showed me there was sunshine in my skin.
now even when it rains i can find that warmth within.
fair lady, i want to go now, to the land from wence you came, to find your name, to find your name.
trickling underneath my skin, the light within',
fair child be warned there is no sin,
feel the music of the silence, the trees know where youve been, there is no sin.