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» mechanical27 on Mon 30 Nov, 2009 @ 3:44pm
Title:written while stoned . 1
Posted On:2009-11-30 15:44:02
Posted By:» mechanical27
you know
that feeling you get
you realize that ...
everything is gonna be alright
no matter how bad it gets
because in the end
no matter what kind of life we live
as long as your positive
you will be happy
you have lived
and that is enough to make
happy to be here , right now .

Listening To: djlogic

» couleombre on Sat 28 Nov, 2009 @ 1:29pm
Title:le feu arrive dans mon reve
Posted On:2009-11-28 13:29:27
Posted By:» couleombre
j'étais dans une maison qui m'est devenue inaccessible par mes vices.quand le jour se leva avec un fracas flamboyant pour se recoucher en un clin d'oeil. apeuré autant que surpris je m'installai à la fenêtre de la cuisine. La rue autrefois nice,se croutait de cendre alors que les flammes lèchaient les dernières écorces.J'entendis des cris infamillier provenir d'alentour. Mais je ne trouvai en nulle lieux le fil pour me rendre à celle dont j'avais besoin alors que la fin du monde terrassait la terrasse. Son nom raisonne à coincidence dans le réel, mais il devient écho à mesure que je ne puis retrouver le fil.
obsession,je vous poindre cette affirmation par une trop présente introspection.

une fois que j'ai choisit, j'hésite longuement
-jules renard

» DjCy-Fi on Sun 22 Nov, 2009 @ 3:03am
Title:Cy-Fi Double Feature
Posted On:2009-11-22 03:03:38
Posted By:» DjCy-Fi
I'll be performing TWO sets @ Passport Wednesday 11/25/09
2037 Rue Saint-Denis
So all you crazy Canada ppl better come party with me :-) or I'll be sad...
First set is @ 12:30
I'll be there when doors open for sound check.
comment me back and let me know if you're coming! Bring your friends...I have some sick new music. If you like my mix Monster: Digitized...well this is going to be better
I'm going to be recording my set LIVE. It'll be available for download (FREE) shortly after it is mastered!!
I'll also have copies of my mix Monster: Digitized that I'll be giving away FREE

See you ALL there!!!

I'll also be filming the club during my sets to post on FaceBook, MySpace, VampireFreaks, YouTube, and anywhere I can post/host it :):)

Expect to hear:
NEW Infected Mushroom
Growling MAchines
Apoptygma Berzerk
Razed In Black
Virtual Embrace
Aesthetic Perfection
and a bunch more fun music...but I'm not telling you wat...you'll have to come and find out

and YES I am playing 'I'm on a Boat!'

» DjCy-Fi on Fri 20 Nov, 2009 @ 8:17am
Title:Playing @ Passport on Wednesday the 25th
Posted On:2009-11-20 08:17:23
Posted By:» DjCy-Fi
So I went out to Passport with some friends on Wednesday, and the people in charge of the night asked me if I would perform there next week (11/25) so I am!
Getting some killer new music together :) :)

The weather's just awful today, crawling back under the covers

» DjCy-Fi on Sun 15 Nov, 2009 @ 2:30am
Title:Never Fear, I is Here!!!!
Posted On:2009-11-15 02:30:49
Posted By:» DjCy-Fi
So I"m finally in Canada, @ my family's estate in Granby...
I think I weird them out a little with the pink hair and Lolita look I arrived in...
Can't wait till like Tuesday to go exploring!
Hit me up if you're in the Montreal/Granby area so I can have some 'human' conversation :)

» couleombre on Fri 13 Nov, 2009 @ 10:47am
Title:mille chose a dire, aucune de consciente
Posted On:2009-11-13 10:47:02
Posted By:» couleombre
voilà au moins 3 semaines(21oct)que je veux écrire un truc et que je nai pas le temps, meme aujourdhui je suis pressé pour le dentiste et pour faire l'épouventail...d ici 2 jours, ce sera écrit

» DjCy-Fi on Wed 11 Nov, 2009 @ 9:41pm
Title:Droid Phone rant
Posted On:2009-11-11 21:41:49
Posted By:» DjCy-Fi
While I'm sure the new DROID phone is responsible to the dramatic increase of being irritated by people and their gadgets...I have decided to buy one.
Though I'm certainly not installing all that garabage on it...like different guns & sounds, the dilldroid (don't ask), oh and it even has a sound grenade that emits a high pitched noise that isn't loud enough to do anything but annoy every one in the room.
IF you can't tell my boyfriend bought one...and the god damned thing was so annoying we almost broke up. Not even kidding. I wanted to cram the thing down his throat until he stopped moving and it stopped making noises.

And now I'm buying one...mainly because I need something that will work in Canada and hopefully it's network will be in full service. Otherwise I'm going to be stuck messing with the dial-up internet :(
Already packed my Hercules RMX...I have 3 pieces of luggage. a big one containing the RMX and my clothing, a medium one that has my under garments/stockings and the like in, and a carry on duffle with my accessories, valuables, and clothing too irreplaceable to let out of my sight...and the laptop...I'll go mad if I can't even practice.

» ikce on Sat 7 Nov, 2009 @ 7:28am
Title:La joke d'la chaise électrique (texte de t'chat)
Posted On:2009-11-07 07:28:18
Posted By:» ikce
- La joke d'la chaise électrique .. . -

[Burnside] j'ai une joke
[Burnside] pourquoi on a pas la peine de mort comme la chaise électrique au québec

[ikce] ..
[ikce] ça coute trop cher d'hydro?

[Burnside] oui

[ikce] c'est ça la joke?

[Burnside] oui, on épuiserais nos ressources naturelles
[Burnside] messenble que ça dois etre le fun opèrer une chaise électrique, une job de bourreau :D

[ikce] j'ai pas de permis pour ça, des plan pour que j'dorme sur la switch ..
[ikce] a force de faire ca, j'vas peter une fuse certain, ça pourrais choqué mes proches..

[Burnside] lol avant de passé quelqun a la chaise tu lui dit veux tu une plug?

[ikce] durant l'execution ..
[ikce] "Sa te branche pas d'te faire eletrocuter? J'étais pas au courrant.."
[ikce]"Eh merde on a été coupé, j'ai pas payer ce mois ci .. "
[ikce] le lendemain dans les journaux..
[ikce]"Ironiquement, sa mère c'est fait débrancher avant son execution.."

Listening To: Le Roux - Bulletproufe

» EggmanRobotnik on Mon 2 Nov, 2009 @ 6:00pm
Title:One of my weird dreams
Posted On:2009-11-02 18:00:02
Posted By:» EggmanRobotnik
I'm not always a character in my dreams. In this one, I was only a spectator, a camera.
A character showing not much emotion but seeming to be a nice guy entered a house in company of a toucan. He met in that house an old man who never saw him and vice-versa. It was the bird's owner and started to tell a long story to the character.Then I don't remember much. But when the old man finished, the character was gone. He looked around saying something like «This guy is suspicious, something might be wrong with him». He looked where his bird was the last time he saw it and it wasn't there.
He started to panic a little and then he looked up and then I saw his face doing a super exagerated horrified ''take'' to see the character had cut the bird's head vertically to remove its skull and a part of its spine and nailed them to the ceiling. There was also a message on a paper...
Then I woke up, and I still remember clearly the nailed toucan.