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Posted On:2005-08-21 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
Cannot is incorrect impartiality..
Will not becomes negatively negotiate..
Should not being judgmental jealously..
Could not be slightly exemplary or exclusive..
Might not be impartial innocence..
Would not sever selective severity..
but as things go, does anything make..

Can is a positive preventative..
Will allows simplistic security..
Should is a means to meandering..
Could is imaginative impotence..
Might could and will but won't..
Would however won't, wasting..
Isn't it funny what people will..

Done, a finality, infrequent..
Sure, seldom positive, premature..
Likely, law of averages, aggressive..
Slight chance, variable, versatile..
Needs, always changing, characteristically..
Can it be we'll never..

May 9th - 2000
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