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Title:the decision
Posted On:2011-06-11 00:44:50
Posted By:» raveralex
look across the dark valley
where wheatgrass stands like the brissling hair of a wild dog.
and billowing thunder rolls overhead,
unfolding across the sky.
the air is charged and scintillates cool breeze in anticipation;
was that a raindrop?
too much weight added to a glass table.
stepping out on a lake not quite frozen.
don't move, barely breathe,
don't breathe at all.
hurry now, look across the dark valley
where every direction is uphill,
where every direction looks the same.
choose and walk forever.
there is such a thing as destiny:
it is we lovers,
coinciding as our footsteps cross beneath the roaring sky,
left to our deafening solitudes when we've diverged.
embrace me and I will go back.
and then, from the distance:
beneath the sonorous blanket of
mumbled raindrops,
were cries of laughter-
or maybe it was nothing at all.
Commentaires des membres
» evahafter a dit @ Sun 17 Feb, 2013 @ 12:50am
this is so moving and deep, I love this poem so much !!!! You're awesome