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Title:The string on this yoyo is getting old
Posted On:2010-05-05 15:59:47
Posted By:» Lady_A
The time has come to roam again amongst the pebbles and the tar
In studded gear, some random bar, a boring beer, a small cigar
This time around, I'm settling down, won't hook my eyes with lures of gold
I'm getting tired, I'm getting old, yeah I'm too fat for you to hold.

But then after a drink or two, some sparkling charm and boyish wine
Maybe if you want me to, I'll try to glisten, I'll try to shine,
Gleam my way towards your arms and burst into suns and stars divine
Rolling down and spinning up, yeah maybe now, I'll do just fine.
Commentaires des membres
» Lady_A a dit @ Wed 5 May, 2010 @ 4:16pm
Yeah, I'll just be a little dizzy. Ha!