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Endo's Profil
» Endo
a.k.a. "Mike Henderson"

42 ans sagittaire homme
De Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Dernière Visite:Tue 30 Nov, 1999 @ 12:00am
Profil Vu:11,797
Site Web:[ www.djendo.com ]
Taille:5' 10"
Couleur Yeux:Brun
Couleur Cheveux:Brun
Type De Corps:En Forme
Nature Sexuelle:Straight
Mode De Vie
Régime Quotidien:Bifteck & Frit
Veut Des Enfants:Peut-Être Plus Tard
Style De Vie:Aime La Ville
Statut Social:Couples
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He's Moodless!
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2009-09-25-B-Day Ultimate Bash! (76)
2009-04-12-Bal En Blanc 15: King Louis, Uppercut, Offer Nissim (Tel-Aviv), Ana Paula, Axwel (30)
2009-04-11-Ctrl Frk: Dj Endo ( Usa ) (8)
2007-09-16-Michael Wenz & DJ Mayhem @ Sanctuary (1)
2007-09-02-DJ Venom @ Sanctuary (1)
2007-09-01-Brainfreeze (5)
2006-11-24-Reset:Breaks presents Lee Coombs (13)
2005-11-27-ED 209 @ Blessed Breaks (1)
2004-10-13-Tipper @ Poppin and Lockin (1)
2004-05-29-Dems Da Breaks (60)
2004-05-25-The Offspring (2)
2004-03-13-Breaks In Da Jungle (56)
2004-01-24-Starlight 2 (250)
2003-11-27-Endo (11)
2003-11-21-Hybrid (2)
2003-11-14-Crystal Method (6)
2003-08-23-Push The Limit 3 (97)
2003-08-16-Abundance (1)
2003-08-01-Gravity (71)
2003-06-19-Uberzone - Live p.a (12)
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With over a decade of experience behind the Decks, Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo has become an ambassador of the art-form of DJing. His DJ Mixes are listened to by Music lovers all over the globe, and have helped land him prime time spots at all different kinds of music events around the world, playing alongside some of the top names in the DJ circuit.

His stage presence and energy behind the decks combined with quick harmonic track selection, live mashups, flawless mixing and programming wizardry are what makes Endo stand out in the DJ world.

Endo has always been into Music ever since he was born and picked up the drums at the young age of 10, and picked up Guitar shortly after the drums. To this day, he still plays both heavily.

In 1999 Endo got his DJ career started in Burlington, Vermont DJing spinning internet radio and eventually landed his own 6 Hour Graveyard Shift Slot, called "Graveyard Breaks" on WRUV FM, Burlington. The show was every Thursday, and every week he would lug in a carload of vinyl and spin from midnight until the sun came up and beyond.

While in Vermont, Endo was the resident DJ for Blessed Breaks and Sanctuary Sundays, which both brought some of the cream of the crop in the Electronic Music and DJ world to Burlingon, Vermont's humble scene.

A few years later, Endo decided to follow his musical dreams and apply to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he got his Bachelors Degree in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design. For his final project, Endo invented a new system of Harmonic DJ Mixing called "Endo Key", or "Relative Key" in which you can mix records harmonically using vinyl or CDs with pitch control without using sound degrading "key lock" to sync the keys of your tracks. The system is mathematical and will tell you which records will mix harmonically, no matter what the speed of both turntables are and is based off of the camelot system (www.harmonic-mixing.com), but adds a new twist on it and adds tempo into the formula. This is just another tool in Endo's party rocking.

After Endo's graduation from Berklee, he began working for one of the leading music software companies in the world, Native Instruments (www.native-instruments.com), who make DJ software such as Traktor Scratch, Traktor DJ Studio, as well as electronic music production and sound design tools such as Battery, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Absynth, FM8, Massive, Kore, and Reaktor. Endo works as the DJ Product Specialist, and Artist Trainer for the East Coast, and has trained DJ Gurus such as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Skribble, Dubfire, Victor Calderone, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, and David Morales on Traktor Scratch, and has also worked at various trade shows such as Remix Hotel and NAMM teaching DJ’s how to further their skills using Traktor.

Endo also just recently began instructing Traktor classes at Dubspot (www.dubspot.com) in New York City. Dubspot is a world class electronic music production and DJ institute located in the heart of New York City that offers a creative educational approach in a one-of-a-kind ten student creative lab. It has become the premier music school for both aspiring and experienced producers and DJ's and is a community of musicians and visual artists, world renown DJs, audio technology professionals, industry veteran producers, and enthusiasts of all genres who all have one thing in common: a love for music.

Over the past year, Endo has been working as a Tour Manager, and Sound Engineer for Dubfire and Sharam of Deep Dish. This position has allowed Endo to work in some of the top Nightclubs and Festivals in the world including Womb (Tokyo), Tripod (Dublin), Ministry of Sound (London), G+ (Shanghai), Ministry Of Sound (Singapore), Blowfish (Jakarta), Club Culture (Bankok), Guvernment (Toronto), The Sand (Amsterdam), and Zoo Club (Zagreb), Nature One Festival (Russia), Global Gathering (Russia).

This year you can expect a lot from Endo including a full tour schedule, original tracks and more surprises! Don't forget to Demand DJ Endo to play your town, and stay tuned to www.myspace.com/djendo for new mixes and mashups!
Commentaires des membres
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» MelooDie a dit @ Mon 2 Nov, 2009 @ 2:28pm
» TeenieWonder a dit @ Sun 3 Jun, 2007 @ 4:47am
From BOSTON?!??! NO WAY! Please invite me over so I can enjoy a few Red Sox Games :P hiihh I'm a huge fan, and would LOVE to go see them @ the magnificent Fenway Park! Hey, btw, is there any sets of yours I can get somewhere? Thanks in advance sweetie xxxx
» SeismoLogick a dit @ Thu 24 May, 2007 @ 9:34am
see u tonight sir!
» Lady a dit @ Mon 30 Oct, 2006 @ 12:54am
hey there crazy! what have you been doing with yourself????come to MTL we misses you!
» sKiiL_sAw a dit @ Tue 9 Nov, 2004 @ 11:32am
You are the best break Beat dj that I've ever known!
» Hysteria a dit @ Tue 5 Oct, 2004 @ 5:44am
You r0x0rz
» FrAnCko a dit @ Tue 28 Sep, 2004 @ 12:17pm
gooood work !!! :)
» no.name a dit @ Mon 20 Sep, 2004 @ 4:49pm
nice meeting you :D u look awesoooooome
» Le_D a dit @ Mon 31 May, 2004 @ 2:15am
Great DJ. Your set rocked at Dems Da Breaks.
» blop a dit @ Fri 23 Jan, 2004 @ 11:19pm
you're the coolest breaks-spinning candy raver from burlington i've EVER KNOWN!
» wisp a dit @ Sat 29 Nov, 2003 @ 3:00pm
hi mike!
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