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Calendrier des événements - August 29, 2009
Weave World Presents: Urban Beatsters [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Sat 29 Aug, 2009 @ 9:00pm till Sun 30 Aug, 2009 @ 8:00am
Description:Clive Barker's "Le Royaumes des Devins" -
WeaveWORLD productions, in association with Twisted BASS, & Urban BEATSTERS Radio,


the "U R B A N - B E A T S T E R S * Internet/Satelite Radio Launch-Party"

2 rooms + Outdoor Chill (Ambient & Dub Step)
Full-On Vs. DnB (12 hrs)
Mc's + Visual Arts
* ROOM SWITCH @ 03:30 AM
Bar till 3AM (with licence)
uB Kiosque (Pat-Man & Barbu)
* LIVE broadcast from Italy with Dj Anentk ( Anna ) *
15$ pre-sale (1.514.447.9655)
20$ at the door
Vodka + RedBULL
Vodka + Cranberry
Rhum + Juice

the Urban Beatsters Internet Radio Launch Party

We'll be trying out some new concepts over the course of this next year. We're attempting to provide our scene with a merge of arts, fresh beats and LIVE Sets of all genres to new ears. We'll push the envelop to fully utilize today's technology by implementing LIVE-CHAT, simultaneous events broadcasted on Giant screen from Tampa FLA, NYC, Paris, London, even as far Japan. With a clean n' fresh start for many talented artists, backed by a tremendous team @ Theatre sans fil, and very supportive friends we're hoping to spark a new and more interactive way of bringing music, INFO and great acts to you!

This event hit's off a series of events to come. Twelve to be exact aimed to help promote several artists, services, upcoming plays, & shows!

HEADLINERS for this Launch Party are:
-Camo & Krooked (Austria) (double DnB booking)
-Dj Joo & Hypnoid reping U.B (Full-On)
-Possibly MC Jamalsky hosting For Dj Rotor (France)

***********N O T I C E *******************
A uB Kiosque will be on site to provide you with content and info of all artist booked for this party!!

*(ALL artist are invited to provide the UB Kiosque with INFO, press kits, t-shirts, hoodie etc... , CD's and DVD's !!!)
Vj's : HEADLINE MA & HPnotiK, featuring Dissonance, , Dirty-D & ArteK

LIVE-CAM broadcast from Italy
Room Switch
MC Steeven Serge Lafièrté
Official Internet Radio Broadcast Launch
( This event will be streamed as of 5am )

*Clive Barker, an English author, film director and visual artist best known for his work in both metaphysical fantasy and horror fiction such as HELL RAISER*

Launch-Party for [ www.ub-radio.com ] < new upcoming international internet based radio station + much more!!

*this is one of 12 events to come over the cores of this next year!
Room 1:
Camo And Krooked (Austria, Wien) (Jungle / Drum and Bass)
hypnoid (Canada, Quebec, Drummondville) (Psy Trance)
Locked n' Erbalist (Canada, Ontario, Toronto) (Jungle / Drum and Bass)
anima (Psy Trance)
AnimA - www.djschoolmontreal.ca - Oui-R1, FilthyCrew
Bass-Ic (Jungle / Drum and Bass) - www.ntkrew.org - NTK, Twisted Bass, uB-Radio.com
Bypass Live - Neurotik - www.myspace.com - Neurotik
ByPaSs TomTom (Electro)
Drizzt (Psy Trance) - www.twenty4seven.cc - 24/7 Media - Event Horizon
Gwen D.Jay (Jungle / Drum and Bass) - www.breakbeatarea.com - Galletas Calientes - Mas I Mas
Joo (Psy Trance) - soundcloud.com
JOWEL MCDUFF (Progressive Trance)
Kasdal (Dubstep)
LOngstOcking (Psy Trance) - soundcloud.com - Syzygy
LouisKend (Psytek)
Mama Trance (Psy Trance)
Max Dirt (Progressive Trance) - www.facebook.com
META.B (Dubstep) - indajunglerecording
Mo'Tea (Ambient D&B)
Nitrous (Jungle / Drum and Bass) - www.indajunglerecording.com - In Da Jungle Recordings
NTShanti (Psy Trance)
Pakau - www.cruzcontrol.org www.totemfestival.com www.hybrid-mtl.com
Plan C (Jungle / Drum and Bass) - Portal Productions/ Twisted Bass
Rotor (Jump-Up)
Screwhead (Darkcore) - Twisted Bass
Sinaë (Ambient)
Symbolium (Psy Trance)
yankat (Electro)
Room 2:
Annina (Italy, Firenze) (Neurofunk)
Extras:L A R G E - U P S to ALL for coming to CAMO & KROOKED/UB-RADIO-WEAVEWORLD Launch PARTY @ Le Theatre Sans Fil, Qc, CANADA!!! T H A N K Y O U for making this event what it turned out to be!! From our amazing administration & staff,(Andree & Lynda, Marie-Claude L., Stephanie, Francis L., Christian, Barbu-Carter, *Messila* :) & *Mama-Trance* :), Valery J, & Tony) to the Mc's & Dj's, and to most importantly, THE PARTY PEOPLE INSIDE!!!!

I'd like to personally thank my partner’s ; Fred-Low, for completely running the Theatre Sans fil, with myself & his boy, "Toupette" aka "Toups" | to Dj BASS-IC; for being the back-bone of uB-Radio's Tech side and Twisted Bass's heart-beat that keeps it all in sync, &, best mate to work with, and always a surprising friend | to Dj Joo, for his invaluable guidance and input with the full-on room and it's artist's, to being probably the most consistent friend AND FULL-ON DJ in MONTREAL. TO Dj Hypnoid for being an absolute animal on the “hot-wheels of CDJs800 digital steel” – “Beans-Bra”, and showing up way early and being part of the very last "fabulous-seven" to have left the building at 11:45AM Sunday morning after tear-down. T H A N K Y O U to all on the guest list who had reduced prices and free entries with your donations!! THANK YOU ALL for keeping this event CLEAN and SAFE!!
EXTRA SPECIAL T H A N K Y O U to DJ DREAMTEKTOR aka Jim, for coming out of nowhere and saving the LAST set at 7:30AM to 9:30AM of this event with a luscious morning trance-set in the full-on room, reserved exclusively for Dj Louis-kend who, due to his untimely absence, failed me, personally, and the organizers of this launch & uB-Radio as well as the people who stayed till the end to hear HIS set !!

DOOR count, 376 + STAFF!!

I’d like to remind you all that this fantastic debut launches our site and station: [ [ www.ub-radio.com ] ] | Montreal's NEW internet radio station. This is the new home for show's like : Da4:20show, Twisted Bass-ShiZOe, The Cruz Control Show, The NTKREW Show, The Vinyl Fatigue show from New york, Ontario's Uncle Doobie's Uni show called soldier seasons and Dj Brockout's weekly hold-Downs, and so many more to come.Be sure to get lok’d in!! We'll be streaming 3 channel's at 96 kbp's ( site and station is still in progress… )

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Events Calendar - August 29, 2009
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Commentaires des membres
» PinWhEeL a dit @ Sat 29 Aug, 2009 @ 4:17am
Psy VS DnB... Meilleur combo evah... celui qui a pense a ca doit avoir le prochain prix Nobel!?!?!?!? Every day I go to work I hear a gun shot... brrrrrrap brrrrrrap... POW
» rodroid a dit @ Wed 26 Aug, 2009 @ 10:26pm
je bande
» FUCKERS a dit @ Tue 25 Aug, 2009 @ 11:06am
Mettez du UK HARDCORE/HAPPY:) ??? reste chez vous!
» ZimO a dit @ Wed 19 Aug, 2009 @ 12:25pm
Full support from us to you guys!!! We'll be there for sure :D
» Streicher a dit @ Thu 13 Aug, 2009 @ 9:26pm
ca va etre malade !!!! trop hâte !! ENFIN UN RAVE AVEC DU RHUM !!! XD
» Nitrous_N2O a dit @ Wed 12 Aug, 2009 @ 6:49pm
Sick Sick Sick
» JEE3.14_agricole a dit @ Wed 12 Aug, 2009 @ 2:19pm
ta po full compris lconcept gringo! get with the program or GTFO
» Special_S a dit @ Wed 12 Aug, 2009 @ 11:49am
Deco / Visu provided by Vj Ma et HPnotik - Cruz Control
» earthyspirit a dit @ Thu 6 Aug, 2009 @ 5:08pm
» MightyMike a dit @ Thu 30 Jul, 2009 @ 12:55pm
Qu'est-ce que le UK hardcore ou le HHC viennent faire là-dedans? Psy vs D'n'B. Que voulez-vous de plus??? Rock on!
» Mental_D a dit @ Sat 25 Jul, 2009 @ 10:55am
Ben oui mettez en
» JEE3.14_agricole a dit @ Thu 23 Jul, 2009 @ 3:22pm
Mettez du UK HARDCORE/HAPPY:)????? WTF dood!~ mettez en pas
» Kraken a dit @ Mon 20 Jul, 2009 @ 11:56am
nice c'est sur la jour de ma fete :D
» yankat a dit @ Wed 15 Jul, 2009 @ 3:20pm
Yes Papa !!!! Ca va etre malade !
» MrJavel a dit @ Mon 13 Jul, 2009 @ 12:51pm
Avez-vous besoin de toiles pour la salle full-on?
» Mental_D a dit @ Thu 9 Jul, 2009 @ 11:57pm
» Rebella a dit @ Sat 4 Jul, 2009 @ 2:24pm
Braaaaap !!