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Events Calendar - June 16, 2012
Rancorous Records In Montreal: Babyshaker, Raxyor, 0=0, Laf-O, Fishead, Mutante, [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Sat Jun 16, 2012 @ 10:00pm
Location:TBA 24H B4
Description:§\\\\ ȐANCOROUS ȐECORDS PȐESENTS ////§

ṃutḁnt jungle ■ dnb ■ ṃḁshup ■ breḁkςore ■ idṃ ■ hḁrdςore ■ gḁbber

[Glasgow, Scotland]
Ranςorous Reςords | Meganueral Reςords

GAVIN ẰKẰ ḒISTILL, BẰBYSHẰKER, ḒISCṐPIG, ḒJ SHIT THE BED + many more rediculous & rancorous worthy monikers, has been raving ḁround the world for the latter half of the century, laying down Hard Breaks, Dubs, Mutant Jungle all the way to splatter Breakcore, which could be put into sub genres ten fold! Appearing at festivals and shows around the world including New York City @ BARCORE, Holland @ ZXZW FESTIVAL, Switzerland @ MAKE OR BREAK, France @ INFECT, and you can see this fool rinsing the pish out of his recent city move in Glasgow @ PIEYED & ᵯany ᵯore! Get ready for Home baked reaktor recipes and breakbeats, seasoned and fucking served to perfection matey, ney lie from this ᶊcot!!!!

[ www.myspace.com ]
[ www.gavinhislop.com ]
[ meganeural.com ]


[New York City]
Ranςorous Reςords | Meganueral Reςords

RAXYOR Been Slicin up Beats since he was first old enough to hold a knife, Originally hailing from The Hauge, Netherlands. Touring almost the entire region of north America, Europe, Canada and Scandinavia with his stellar take on what could happen afer upping the bpm on a DNB rave party.

Smashing out banging drum and rave music at some of the hottest parties around the globe such as Elevate Festival Graz, ZXZW Fest Tilburg, Bangface London, & Day Of the Droids Barcelona to name a few. Destroying Canada in 2012 with Babyshaker, just as they have slayn' so many cities around the globe, soon taking on Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, UK and Spain in Sept 2012, with part 2 of the RANCOROUS World Tour!!!

[ www.myspace.com ]
[ twitter.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
[ soundcloud.com ]
[ rancorousrecords.com ]


▼▼ 0=0 ▼▼
[Toronto, Canada]
Planet Mu | Tigerbeat6 | Smerk | Dross;Tik

Jason AKA 0=0 taking refuge in Toronto, Canada has been spanking out stellar anthems and break-jungle tunes with the most unique twist on genre's earning him a spot among the top electronic labels in our scene! From Planet Mu, Tigerbeat and Toronto's own Smerk, Gracing the stage after being away for far too long, 0=0 will smash an exclusive liveset for the Rancorous Records RAN006 release party exclusive!

[ www.facebook.com ]


✖ LAF-ʘ ✖
[Montreal, Quebec]
Ranςorous Reςords | Heres My Card Reςords | Smerk
[ soundcloud.com ]

Laf-o has been playing and promoting hardcore techno and its variants since June 99, when he co -organized his first free outdoor party in his hometown of Krotoszyn, Poland. Over the last 13 years Laf-o has been behind the scenes of some 100 + events, played at least twice that many, in 7 countries. He has shared the stage with, as well as hosted artists such as Venetian Snares, Drumcorps, Duran Duran Duran, Panacea, I:gor, Bryan Fury, and many more ..with releases on Canada's Smerk and Heres My Card Records, Hollands Pendeho, and Usa's Rancorous, Laf-o solidified his reputation for his dedication and endless supply of energy in bringing people ever evolving heavy sound rooted in hardcore, breakcore, techno and experimental jungle...


[Toronto, Ontario]
Ranςorous Reςords | D-Trash

[ www.youtube.com ]
[ www.thefirstseed.bandcamp.com ]
[ www.thefirstseed.ca ]


[Halifax, Nova Scotia]
SeveredDigit Recordings


[Montreal, Quebec]
Pavillon36 | Sublight Records

[ www.soundcloud.com ]
[ www.facebook.com ]


Psychik Genocide / Cosmic Baby / C.S.R
[ soundcloud.com ]

[ soundcloud.com ]

[ soundcloud.com ]



time slots :

2200-2230 Laf-o live hardcore intro
2230-2315 Synthamesk live !
2315-0000 Fishead -breakcore dj set
0000-0100 0=0 live breakcore jungle madness from Toronto!!
0100-0200 Babyshaker live juglecore from Glasgow!!
0200-0245 Raxyor killer from NY!!
0245-0315 First Seed Live digital breakcore from Toronto!!
0315-0400 Jonbob -original cutie core from the 902!!!
0400-0445 Na dj set hardcore/breakcore
0445-0530 Mutante frenchore/breakcore
0530-0700 Zone 33
0700-0800 Rodroid dj set 4x4/breakcore
0800-???? Laf-o live morning breaks with surprise dj guests!!

The weather looks clear we should be safe from rain :)
afterwards in the morning if the energy is there and people still wanna move we will fit more djs to keep going into afternoon...

this party is FREE but we will collect DONATIONS from anyone who wants to help us pay all this amazing talent...so youre having tonz of fun and if you wanna contribute, any little bit helps...

LOCATION for this Event IS GOING TO BE SENT TO YOUR INBOX FRIDAY NIGHT, and thats all there is to it...so dont ask where, and whether you like it or not,

if you are a fan of fresh sound , you want to hear 5 world level headliners with a throng of local support, youll make the effort.
Room 1:
0=0 (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Laf-o (Canada, Ontario, Toronto)
Raxyor (USA, New York, New York)
Fishead - www.djfishead.com
Na - Deadna
RA10 aka Bunnies Lambs - Tekno Agricole 6tem/ Tropitek
Added:Thu Jun 14, 2012 @ 2:18pm by » Gabe3e
Events Calendar - June 16, 2012
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Member Comments
» Gabe3e said @ Sat Jun 16, 2012 @ 3:18pm
Direction for the party: metro lassalle turn left turn left on rushbrook turn right on Gilbert Dube (wellington, pass Maxi) walk till Blur Gaetan Laberge and reach the bike path turn left and keep walking on the bike path then u'll start to ear the music turn right and leave the bike path, take under the bridge of the highway And follow the music!!!
» Gabe3e said @ Thu Jun 14, 2012 @ 2:37pm