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2007 August:
[ ]Perception and other musing
Title:Perception and other musing
Posted On:2007-08-25 23:48:53
Posted By:» integrator
"In the cold cold ground" is playing. The melody is ``lancinante`` sad, but reassuring.. I know it doesn't make sense.

Anyway, most songs get me by their music/rythm first.

Most often, mainly for English songs, it takes a while before I start paying attention to the words.

Music is , for me, the highest form of art expression.

Musicians, instinctively know how to awaken emotions.

All of them, with all imaginable nuances that only colors could match.

Shore leave (Tom Waits)

and I said Baby, I'm so far away from home
and I miss my baby so
I can't make it by myself
I love you so


trying to make it all last
squeezing all the life
out of a lousy two day pass

The following paragraph may make you think I am a little off the wall.

Indulge in this perception, it's the only one that's real.
I guess.

Coming back to my lost message:

I was trying to switch from saving my text in My Doc, within an IE tab while writing the original on SU, inside a Mozilla tab, using a (paper) English dictionary, opening an other tab on IE to access My Yahoo/ Sent Messages, so I can retrieve the links I wanted to include in this fucking message.

Did you follow me.
Probably better than I was following myself.

Logically it should have been simple, after all I was only trying to use those marvellous tools, (extensions, add ons etc) that are supposed to simplify my writing sessions..

I wrongly thought that a few glimpses here and there would be enough for me to master the art of posting.


That can only means 2 things :

** It's not integrated enough (Different OS, editing software, etc) Infos still too scattered around the big WWW.

** I am lazy i.e: I lack motivation to learn technical details and some essential mandatory maintenance actions.

It reminds me when the contact lenses came out....

Well that's a complete different story.

Different but with the same conclusion on my part:
I want efficiency, no hassles maintenance and absolute obedience from the objects created to simplify my life and let my natural talent express itself.

Yes I am sometimes pretentious about some of my talents...

To be followed, so stay tuned.

Oupsie! Before following maybe some integration is needed.

Not tonight thou.

august, 25th, 2007

Listening To: Marvin Gaye
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