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Well THAT was fucking close
By » Screwhead on Sun 27 Apr, 2008
So I'm on my way to Never Never Land to play at 6am.. Quickest way there is to take a short walk up Pie9 to the 370, and that drops me off on St Denis, about 10 minute walk to get to Studio Loco. I sit down at the front and ask the driver to let me know when we're at st denis, in case I space out...
By » Yinivee on Sat 26 Apr, 2008
Sometimes i wonder why i live in this shit hole! Theres no Raves no Clubs! no exciting people! its soo bleuh! people are just getting babies and husbands and getting fat and shit! lol
Psyilence prejudice
By » BonneNuit on Fri 25 Apr, 2008
Psylence prejudice...is it really prejudice..... Mis a propos, le lot se fais savoir Mais! Saura-t'il prévoir ce que Gorbajiev savais?!!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Saura-til sauver nombreux ceux qui savent et ceux qui sauraient?! Saurait-il enjoliver l'Enjoliveur?! Saurait-il savoir?:) Saura-t-il...
By » totalworlddomination on Thu 24 Apr, 2008
Back from asia, going to cuba! Wiiii!
confortably numb
By » Cya on Wed 23 Apr, 2008
Hello ? Is there anybody in there ? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home ? Come on, now, I hear you're feeling down. Well I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again. Relax. I'll need some information first. Just the basic facts. Can you show me where it hurts...
fist rave
By » nostress on Mon 21 Apr, 2008
it was my first rave at laval 2 week ago. You people are so cool. No guy trying to play tough, No fights, no bad looks. So different that the hip-hop clubs! :0) Okay i was there only for 5 hours. but i dance with no brake without drugs.My friends still wonder how i did . Well friends stop...
By » Destructiva on Mon 21 Apr, 2008
Orraggan, I don't go around taking pictures of people to make them feel bad, or expose them in bad situations, on the contrary, I always try to take pics of people I consider interesting, fun, or beautiful, unfortunately, in the party, people tends to do stupid things and I'm not the exception to...
Lonely is better right now.
By » MunchinSushi on Mon 14 Apr, 2008
This is getting really sad. I haven't been back in Ottawa for twelve hours yet and I'm already feeling the stress. I just snapped at my ex because he asked me what time we have court in the morning. I'm so frustrated with him and the whole male population right now. I don't care who you are, If you...
By » MunchinSushi on Wed 9 Apr, 2008
The next thirteen minutes is an expressive vision of me, I have nothing truly exciting to say tonight, just feel like typing . I was told today that I have come a far way with my writing. That I have learned to be very expressive, I think before I write unlike when I talk and just blurt out anything...
By » Adrianna on Wed 9 Apr, 2008
Montreal Morning--- The story of me
By » MunchinSushi on Mon 7 Apr, 2008
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Good Morning all!! I am in Montreal, Sadly my last day here for the weekend. I woke up this morning in a great mood! It's bright and sunny, Some hippies were playing the Beatles and I am now the only one awake, and in control of the computer. I really like waking up on days like this. I just hope...
Whats new?
By » KandiKidChii on Sun 6 Apr, 2008
Havent been alive on here in a while. Short and quick update. Horton hears a who = the shit re dying my hair pink on the 23 = the shit getting my fluffies soon getting miyavi shirt soon <3 Got a new piercing, getting more this weekend [hopfully] I has kitteh~~<33333
By » MunchinSushi on Wed 2 Apr, 2008
Todays Journal is being written while I'm in one of my more silly moods. Recently I added a new word to TUEZDAE'S DICTIONARY OF TERRIBULARILY HORRIBULOUS VOCABULARILIY the word is the name of this Journal "INCOMPREHENDIULAR" (in-komp-re-hen-ju-lar) It is the act of saying things or doing things...
Didier Super - Petit Caniche
By » DrGonzo on Wed 2 Apr, 2008
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J'ai écrit cette chanson parce qu'un jour j'ai rêvé que j'aboyais Aboyer ça veut dire parler comme les chiens Petit caniche, peluche pour vieux Quand t'aboie c'est tellement aiguë Que tout l'monde croit qu't'es une femelle Petit caniche, peluche pour vieux Tellement que t'es con Tu...
Growing up
By » MunchinSushi on Tue 1 Apr, 2008
Today I realized how much I have actually Grown in the last year. Some may say that I have gone backwards but really I haven't. Sure I've had some major setbacks in the last year but I have also made some big steps forward. At the moment I may not be the happiest that I have been but I am happy...
Nous sommes?
By » Dr_Jwa on Tue 1 Apr, 2008
Où débute la liberté, où s’arrête-t-elle? Où débute l’indifférence, où s’arrête-t-elle? Comment définir la soif de l’autodétermination? Je suis et je sais que je suis, ais-je besoin d’en savoir plus? Si je sais que je suis qui je suis, comment savoir qui je voudrais être...
I like Monkeys
By » MunchinSushi on Mon 31 Mar, 2008
I like monkeys. The pet store was selling them for five cents a piece. I thought that odd since they were normally a couple thousand each. I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. I bought 200. I like monkeys. I took my 200 monkeys home. I have a big car. I let one drive...
fucking stalkers
By » kairkokaine on Mon 31 Mar, 2008
trop nulsa
By » MunchinSushi on Sun 30 Mar, 2008
So I've decided it's time for a big change in my life, I'm tired of only being myself to an extent. People in Ottawa are so close-minded and It's driving me crazy. Even my mother who grew up in a small town, where everyone did thier own thing, has learned to conform to society here. I'm not happy...
vampiros venezolanos
By » narfette on Sun 30 Mar, 2008
buenos aires by night is a strange and mysterious land, full of drag queens and implanted ladies, and last night i discovered the existence of a new type of creature that lurks in this fair city of mine.... cocoliche, approximately 3:30 am. i just guzzled down the last beer. i can barely move...
j'aime faire des croquettes au chien
By » InfamousKid on Sun 30 Mar, 2008
Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
By » MightyMike on Thu 27 Mar, 2008
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight: "Can you tell me where my country lies ?" Said the unifaun to his true love's eyes "It lies with me !", cried the Queen of Maybe - For her merchandise, he traded in his prize "Paper late !", cried a voice in the crowd "Old man dies !" The note he left was...
Genesis - The Musical Box
By » MightyMike on Thu 27 Mar, 2008
The Musical Box lyrics Play me Old King Cole That I may join with you All your hearts now seem so far from me It hardly seems to matter now And the nurse will tell you lies Of a kingdom beyond the skies But I am lost within this half-world It hardly seems to matter now Play me my...
Genesis - Supper's Ready
By » MightyMike on Thu 27 Mar, 2008
Intro: "Old Henry went past the pet shop, which was never open, into the park, which was never closed, and the park was full of a very smooth, clean, green grass. So Henry took off all his clothes and began rubbing his flesh into the wet, clean, green grass. He accompanied himself with a little...
Des quotes Rave.ca 2008
By » Lyzzie on Wed 26 Mar, 2008
Dans un chill à l'Undergroung V qui s'est fini chez Lyzzie... Shindy - "Oh j'aurais dû apporter mon toutou Elmo! J'm'en ennuie!!!" Rakoon - "Ben prend Jojo à la place, lui aussi yé plein de poil!" ...... Shindy - En parlant au cell avec un de ses amis qui n'A PAS fait le party avec...
Thom Yorke - Skip Divided
By » DrGonzo on Wed 26 Mar, 2008
I'm in a skip divided malfunction I flap around and dive bomb Frantically around your light Enveloped in a sad distraction I got your voice repeating endlessly Could you guide me in? Could you smother me? I swoop around your head But I never hit I'm blinded by your daylight Electric...
what a weekend!!
By » Efes on Mon 24 Mar, 2008
misunderstandings are a bitch!! I can;t wait to roll with a bunch of cats I;ve met here in Montreal all awesome people!!1 I know a few of these cats here and i know they are all about having a good time!! With that said I'll be posting a mix so there is no questions about my dj skills...
New Here
By » lalalalafrench on Sat 22 Mar, 2008
And just lookin for some new people to talk to. Message moi
Once I lost a smile
By » BonneNuit on Fri 21 Mar, 2008
Yep another time, no more motivation, caca now what do I do for you Big O Nothing ANd what about me, who will give me the attention I need to make everybody smile up again An égocentric No lonely LAnguage criminaly outsain? With angels by my side Vulgariiiii
By » Cya on Thu 20 Mar, 2008
L'espoir est dans la rue La victoire au bout de la fleur Dans ton ventre pousse un arc en ciel Avec la gueule ouverte Droit devant, droit devant Il ne te font plus peur Les voleurs, les imposteurs Les assassins de Joie Vous vous tiendrez la main Jusque là, jusque là Jusqu'a tomber les...
J'aime mieux...
By » BonneNuit on Thu 13 Mar, 2008
quand le monde répond rien (mis a part leur émotions), c'est parce qu'ils réfléchissent ou ben qu'ils jugent a la négative dans ce cas la... J'en ai rien a foutre ( a baiser tsé )...jme respecte quand meme... ca mfait rire c'Est bien sure parceque jplur
Ezechiel 25:17 i!
By » BonneNuit on Thu 13 Mar, 2008
The Path of the Sensitive Man And Wuman Is Beset In All Sides By Tyranny, Iniquity and question of Man Blessed Is The Thing Who By Charity And Goodwill Sheppards The Weak Through The Valley Of Darkness Where He Is Truly His Brother's Keeper AND THE FINDER Of Lost Children. And it Will strike...
By » Cya on Wed 12 Mar, 2008
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Apporte-moi mes cachets Serre bien ma camisole Accèle encore le son de ta voix Ma techno-délire psychédélique Apocalyptico-dramatique... Sirènes obsédantes Métal hurlant, plastique qui résonne Aux arcades d'acier de l'oreille Entartrée par ton ouïe déficiente Des éclairs...
By » zahori_x on Sat 8 Mar, 2008
Thelema is a philosophy of life based on the rule or law, "Do what thou wilt." The ideal of "Do what thou wilt" and its association with the word Thelema goes back to François Rabelais, but was more fully developed[1] and proselytized[2] by Aleister Crowley,who founded a religion named Thelema...
"Why do they call you Butterman?"
By » Butterman on Fri 7 Mar, 2008
"Why do they call you Butterman?" Here's the true story; the the early/mid 90s the Montreal duo Ze Zinjanthropes Brachucephales Ft'Gh! recruited me to play bass for them, mainly for their live performances, but we also recorded their second CD as a trio. Since both the dudes already had their...
Why do I get all the love in the world...
By » BonneNuit on Wed 5 Mar, 2008
To my friend AY Because when I do my best you can feel it. Because when I smile I am positive and it makes me sexxxéeeeee :) Because I can see small in faces of thorn, glad, sad and happéeeeee;) and also because I am courageous going through my personal nightmares and normal combats...
good things come to those who wait
By » TheUnknown on Wed 5 Mar, 2008
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have you waited enough?
4 mars 2008
By » Lyzzie on Tue 4 Mar, 2008
Qu'est-ce que je fais? Où vais-je? ... Depuis que t'es entré dans ma vie, tout bascule, et il faut que ça arrête... À tes côtés, je suis coloriée... à dominantes oranges. J'ai toujours cherché quelqu'un qui comprendrait ma réalité, mon indécision, mon désir de vivre sans...
Le Grand Sommeil
By » Mico on Sun 2 Mar, 2008
Je ne peux plus me réveiller, rien à faire Sans moi le monde peut bien tourner à l'envers Engourdi par le sommeil et prisonnier de mon lit J'aimerais que cette nuit dure toute la vie En partant tu m'as mis le coeur à l'envers Sans toi la vie est devenue un enfer Entortillé dans mes draps...
last night was tits!
By » Efes on Sun 2 Mar, 2008
I went to do a radio show that had technical difficulties so no show then I went to vinyl or whatnot lit a spliff up in the crowd toked got caught got booted went to circus got bored went home passed out!!!
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