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Calendrier des événements - October 30, 2004
Village of the Damned [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Temps:Sat 30 Oct, 2004 @ 12:00am
Promoteur:Zero Trance
Emplacement:2nd Level
Description:Village of the Damned

Presented by: ZER0 Trance _Productions_
Venue: 2nd Level (Rideau and DalHousie) 172 Rideau
Age Restrictions: 16+
Price: 10$ At the door ONLY!
Start: 9:00PM Oct. 30th
End: 3:00AM Oct. 31th
Website: [Link]
Infoline: None, why? Because I'm a broke ass.
City: Ottawa, Ont. Canada
Shuttle: N/A
Bus Routes: 95/96/97

It's a cold and dark night, your walking alone with no light expect for that coming from the moon. You feel the wind pick up, and you begging to shiver from the cold. You quickly turn around to look behind you, "I KNOW I heard something" you say to yourself. You continue to walk, the more you walk the faster you get, feeling that something is gaining on you, but you just can't see it. You find yourself running, you heart is pumping, your breathing harder, your feet are hitting the ground harder and harder... you can feel the sweat running down your face. The more you run, the faster your heartbeats, and harder your feet hit the floor. Suddenly you stop, for some odd reason you can't seem to move, your heart still racing on it's own... then someone grabs you by the arm, you open your eyes, turn around and smile, the DJ is building up the track with some hard pumping beats... Welcome to the Village. Surrounded by friends, the track builds up, and you keep dancing harder and harder.

ZER0 Trance _Productions_ is proud to bring you Village of the Damned, this year's Ottawa Halloween party, featuring some of the best talents Ottawa has to offer.

Music Styles:

Room 1: (Venue) House/Hard House Room.

The venue will be running a hard house room playing some of the hardest, and best house beats around town. Featuring the club residents, such residents will not be released, because it will give the venue away.

Room 2: (ZT) FreeForm/Happy Hardcore/Acid Trance/Tech-Trance/Hardstyle/Hard Trance

ZER0 Trance is proud to bring to you some of Ottawa's finest hard dance style DJs. Featuring styles such as happy hardcore, hardstyle, and Acid Tech-Trance. Mixing live acts with some awesome DJ talents. Showcasing new talents as well as established performers.

Freeform/Hard Trance/Acid Trance/Trance
Additive Vinyl/ZER0 Trance [ 24PPQN.COM ]

One could argue that [EFM-7] is the best local producer, mixing a different sets of styles to his music, incorporating acid, hardcore, and various forms of epic trance and hard trance. His music is something to be experienced. Having played next to such talents as SkyLab2000, The Lou Cypher project, and Slammer Virus, just to name a few. As well as countless radio appearances. This is an act that you don't want to miss, or if you have seen [EFM-7] again you know that you wouldn't want to miss it anyways.

Acid Tech-Trance/Acid Trance/Hard Acid
ZER0 Trance Collective/H-A-V-O-C

Some say that [-HEERO-] is one of Ottawa's best kept secrets. Coming from a completely different school of music all together, his mix of pumping techno bass, hardcore style percussion, and acid trance influenced melodies creates an experience unlike anything else. [-HEERO-] has played next to such performers as Mark Smith(U.K.), Marty McFly, Tyrant, and locals as The Middle Man, DJ Tamerax and Bubblecore. If you like it hard, fast, and pumping then this is a set you definitely don't want to miss. Get ready for the hardest acid style set.

Happy Hardcore/Drum N' Bass/Jungle

What can you say about this mad man of hardcore? Throwing around some of the hardest and fastest beats around. BOWZER has played in many difference cities and has never dissapointed a crowd, and trust us, he's not about to start now. This is defiantly a DJ you wouldn't want to miss, because if he doesn't get you dancing, then no one will.

Freeform/Happy Hardcore
ZER0 Trance Collective/Underground Sounds

Having played many, and we do mean many, Ottawa events, in such places as Club Momentum, Underground Sounds, Knight in Paradise, Cosmic, just to name a few. DJ ASHES is defiantly one, if not the best, Ottawa based freeform DJ. So be sure not to miss this awesome set, of pure freeform goodness.

Hardstyle/Hard Trance

Did anyone say hard? Well that’s all you need to know, hard. Mixing up the decks with some of the hardest hard trance, and hardstyle around town. This upcoming DJ will not disappoint anyone. So come out and check him out, support your new artist and talents, and get ready to stomp the hell out of the floor.

Rob Black
Hardstyle/Hard Epic Trance

Ottawa's newest hard dance DJ. But this guy's talent doesn't just lie in his mixing abilities, with a crowd presences and a focus like any pro, Rob Black will make you all smile while he throws down some hard beats.

The Time Slots:

9:00 To 10:00
Rob Black
Hardstyle/Hard Epic

10:00 To 11:00
HardStyle/Hard Trance

11:00 To 12:00
Happy Hardcore/FreeForm

12:00 To Midnight (Daylight Savings Time)
Hard Trance/Hard Fluff

Midnight To 1:00
Tech-Trance/Hard Acid

1:00 To 1:45
Hard Trance/FreeForm/Acid/All Things Trance

1:45 To Close (2:45-3:00)
Happy Hardcore/Drum N' Bass

Special Notes:

This is a Halloween theme party; so dressing up is welcomed, if not encouraged.
The party is being done only to support our scene, to keep it alive, and keep us all dancing. So please come out and support your scene, our scene, so that a new generation of party go-ers will be able to experience the same joy we have in the past.
There will be no flyers, or pre-tickets available simply because of the lack of time, this party has been organized in the past 3 days, so give us a break eh?

ZER0 Trance Collective Notes:

[EFM-7] - He currently has a CD available at NORML Clothing in the market, so if you like what you hear, then you might want to pick up a copy? =) As well, we are celebrating [EFM-7] getting sign to a U.K. label, Addictive Vinyl. So make sure you come out and support this super talented artist. You can also check out his website at [Link].

[-HEERO-] - He currently has a CD available at NORML Clothing in the market, so if your into the music you can grab a copy. As well, [-HEERO-] has an upcoming CD release for the second installment in his new series of releases, SYSTEM 2: Re-Boot. So be sure to keep your eyes open for that. Also, you can check him out at [Link].
Room 1:
Ashes - Ashes2Ashes - Underground Soundz
bowzer - www.bowzer.net
DJ Emm - www.synergyraves.com - Synergy Canada
EFM-7 - Ravin Phantasy records, Uk
Rob Black (Hardstyle) - www.udent.info
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Events Calendar - October 30, 2004
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