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Calendrier des événements - November 29, 2006
Teebee *3 hr set!* [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Temps:Wed 29 Nov, 2006 @ 8:30pm till Thu 30 Nov, 2006 @ 4:00am
Description:WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 29TH 2006

Yet again we present you with a 3 hour exclusive by one of the great
architects of our music. This Norwegian composer thrives on
experimentation and has pushed the boundaries of Drum & Bass in ways few
other artists have. Teebee, in town for an extended set at Footwork is
surely not to be missed. Guaranteed to be a night of pure science!

[ Subtitles | NO ]

Producer, DJ, Label Boss, and Pioneer, Teebee is a true master craftsman
in the world of Drum & Bass, this is for certain. With countless
releases and remixes to his credit, flawless mixing, impeccable
scratching, and an exclusive bag of tunes, he is the definition of an
eclectic electronic music artist and is known to take audiences on a
journey like no other.

[ www.myspace.com ]

[ Impure | Abstract | Theory | Dubplate Special | CAN ]

After breaking into the Toronto Drum + Bass scene in the summer of 2002,
D-Syfa quickly made the moves and is now known as one of Toronto's top
local dj's. Whether its Drum & Bass, or his new passion of bassheavy
Breaks & a 4/4 fused sound under his Dirty Dave guise, the frontman of
Impure is known for bringing the beats as hard, dark & dirty as the
massive can handle. With top notch mixing, cutting, upfront unreleased
beats, and a double-drop style that few can match, he is sure to take
control of any crowd he's put up against.

[ www.d-syfa.com ]
[ www.dubplate.ca ]

[ DCS905 | CAN ]

[ West End | CAN ]

Doors open at 8:30 pm
425 Adelaide St. W. (at Brant)
[ www.footworkbar.com ]
Toronto :: Canada
$15 Before 11:00 pm
$20 After

[ www.myspace.com ]

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Events Calendar - November 29, 2006
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