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Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Sat 6 Aug, 1994 @ 12:00am
Added:Fri 11 Aug, 2006 @ 2:01am by » Trey
Events Calendar - August 6, 1994
5 People Attending [ Hide User Images ]
Contributing Members: » Trey (8)
Commentaires des membres
» psycho303 a dit @ Thu 12 Jul, 2007 @ 11:17pm
ah yes i remember leaving that party at like 2 pm after cleaning the spot with oliver and aaron the annoying thing about thisa party was that both grooverider and richie played at about the same time.. an interesting tidbit is that this was the first foldout flyer for montreal parties the after party was at fouf's on the terrace with the 1200's on the barrels !!