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Bands - Ad-ver-sary
Location:Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Styles Of Music:Downtempo / IDM (1 total)
Contact:» Twiin [ROOT]
Description:Ad·ver·sary is a project from techno-industrial promoter Twiin, who brings over a decade of DJing and production experience to his music.

With output ranging from ambient to rhythmic noise and industrial rock, Ad·ver·sary has joined several acts on tours of the United States and Canada, including Iszoloscope, Terrorfakt, Antigen Shift, DJ leslie, and Adam X. His remix work includes material from Iszoloscope, Converter, Cyanotic and Urusai.

Combining distorted and tribal beats with melodic arrangements and experimental sound design, Ad·ver·sary has been turning heads at shows throughout Canada and the United States.
Event Photos
Red Invasion 1919 : Day One
17 photos
22 attending
Events [ 2 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2008-09-26     22   Red Invasion 1919 : Day One
2007-09-25     0    Antigen Shift / Synkro / Ad·ver·sary
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