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News (Media Awareness Project) - Cyprus: Banned Legal Highs In Prison
Title:Cyprus: Banned Legal Highs In Prison
Published On:2012-01-17
Source:Cyprus Mail, The (Cyprus)
Fetched On:2012-01-18 06:01:31

SYNTHETIC narcotic substances banned last year appear to have been
found in the Central Prison, the prison's deputy director said yesterday.

According to George Tryfonides, the drugs have been taken for lab
tests, but are believed to be part of a number of substances that
were considered "legal highs", under the name of Dream.

"On Saturday, a convict offered to hand over to members of staff a
specific amount of drug substances, as he called it," said Tryfonides.

He said Nicosia's Drug Squad (YKAN) Nicosia was immediately summoned
to the prison.

"At first view, it appears it is a substance that has been
circulating recently called 'Dream', which isn't easily spotted by
sniffer dogs or the specialised machinery. But we are waiting for the
results of the chemical tests," Tryfonides explained.

"In the meantime, a widescale investigation was carried out on the
entire wing and another one or two grams were found in a toilet, as
well as another small quantity that was found in a cell of one inmate."

He said the case was still under investigation. "When a convict wants
to tell you something, he always wants something in return," said
Tryfonides. "But we won't accept these tactics. The specific convict
handed something over, but there are still questions: 'Where did you
find it? Who brought it here? Is it you, and you want to get others
into trouble? Maybe you know who brings them to the prison'?"

Last year, 17 synthetic narcotic substances were banned by an
executive decision of the Cabinet.

Known at the time as "legal highs", they were sold in kiosks around
the island. There were various types, including Dream, Spice and
Ivory Wave, intended as a substitute to cocaine.
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