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Title:Modern Slave - Preface
Posted On:2010-07-10 09:04:17
Posted By:» Drexl.Jonez
Thorough the history of mankind, there have been masters and slaves. Most people tend to look upon slavery as an abolished practice that is no longer relevant in our current society. The idea that the world we live in is fundamentally based on what is referred to as ‘Modern Slavery’ is unquestionable. It is also true to state that modern slavery has achieved to indoctrinate the mere principals of slavery to men, not only accepting those principles but endorsing them as his own values through time. It is in our mind that everything is based on money and money is gained through work. Therefore work has become synonymous of noble task and pride of the working man. The harder one works, the more honorable he is in society. This is of course the basis of modern slavery. The new generations of slaves are unconscious of their statue, blinded by mediocre entertainment discarding them from any ability to step back and clearly faces their position in the world. Third world countries also serve as a reference of complaisance for the western man. Continuously showing those referred to as the ‘poor of the world’ starving to death reminds the modern slave of the virtual abundance he disposes of, allowing him so sink deeper into an abyss of denial and self-flagellation. The idea of a world without a monetary system or classes or social statues doesn’t even ads up in the modern slave’s mind, so indoctrinated into accepting the world as it was presented to him since he was born. Every day filling the whole within himself with unnecessary materialistic properties that never seem to fill the whole, but in fact makes it even deeper each day he consents to dance to the serenade of the corporates and institutions in power. The illusion of choice is also a key factor in the blockage that the modern slave faces when exposed to his true place in society. A furious refusal to even consider himself anything but free. Free to vote, free to work, free to consume. This self-censorship practiced by all modern slaves is the evolution of slavery. A slavery that doesn’t require a leach or a whip anymore, since the modern slave has endorsed his masters and could not conceive another way of living. Living to be as free as the rat in a cage, free to eat what is given to him, free to sleep when he’s not required by his owner and free to run in his wheel as long as he doesn’t run free off his cage. Slavery isn’t a thing of the past, it is in fact today at its apogee. A perfectly engineered millenarian conspiracy that has become the foundation of our current society. Anyone who opposes or rejects it is immediately marginalized and out casted from the obeying ones. No contamination of the mediocre mind shall be tolerated within this perfect plan of world’s domination.
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