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Title:Tips for New Ravers
Posted On:2010-02-12 17:48:58
Posted By:» Rammius
- go to a rave without drugs, until you can find the music you really like.
- you don't NEED speed. have a nap before going to the party...
- read about drugs before trying them. [ www.erowid.com ]
- don't take the pills with weird shapes and colours thinking it's mdma, cause it's not :p (mdma usually comes in an off-white-ish powder inside a clear or a red capsule... or in crystals, but that is rare)
- take 5-htp or st john's wort the day after mdma.
- don't take too much acid (or any other psychedelic) if you don't know what you're doing.
- go to outdoor parties (in the summer)... they are the best.
- wear comfortable shoes. and clothes.
- don't use glowsticks, they are useless and they create pollution after the party... invest in some LED toys if you're into glow stuff.
- not all girls like it when you offer them a massage and grab their tits...
- bring some fruits for the morning, and share them.
- be sure to stay at the party in the morning. when most people are gone, it's when you get a more intimate crowd and you actually see people's eyes and faces - best time to make friends.
- buy your tickets in advance (and save $$ at the door)
- be discreet when you go to an illegal party... ninja style

Thanks to Change(Namaste) for the great advice
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» Peanutz dicho @ Tue Mar 2, 2010 @ 5:56pm
and most important: HAVE FUN!