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» Ivygrrl répondu dessus Thu 4 May, 2006 @ 12:53pm. Posted in Hallucinogen/Sphongle Amazone.
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AMAZING! WOWOWOWIE! Thanks so much to Techsafari and friends for this incredible night - so beautiful!! Everyone with smiles and happy feet, Simon making his magic for us all to see and hear - the whole night was fantastic! The after party at the Fractal Centre was great fun too! (thanks everyone!) Also many thanks to all the djs, Neerav especially (who played at both parties) - your sets were amazing! Such a wonderful vibe! I'm still pinching myself!

Looking forward to more fun this summer, more trips to Montreal and meeting more freaky french friends.

» Ivygrrl répondu dessus Fri 7 Apr, 2006 @ 2:52pm. Posted in Ombre Et Lumière.
Coolness: 39405
Oh man, what a wicked party! Thanks so much to Kaya and Hifx for this amazing night (and of course, thanks to all those who helped as well!). All the djs (upstairs and down) were FANTASTIQUE! The deco was truly mind expanding and the health drinks and massages were a wonderful touch! Yes, FULLON dancing like that will steam up the place - so hot, so sweaty, so much energy, so many smiles, so much happiness (good thing downstairs was so nice and cool! *phew*). No wonder the fire department was concerned - all that moisture sure can make the building go up in flames! LOL Regardless of the early shutdown (would have LOVED to hear QV spin again after such a long time, and was looking forward to seeing Kaya at the decks), the night was just perfect.

AND the after party at the SPAG (WOW! what a place!) Unbelievable!

Also thanks to the couple (so bad with names!) who gave us a ride over to the SPAG - what a sound system in your truck - made my hair stand on end! Please say hi if you see this!

Thanks again!!!
Montreal ROCKS! *amour*
Ivygrrl's Profile - Community Messages