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Pooky's Profil
» Pooky
a.k.a. "Urban Hippie"

32 ans verseau homme
De Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Se sent depressed and lonely...
Dernière Visite:Tue 30 Nov, 1999 @ 12:00am
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Taille:5' 5"
Couleur Yeux:Noir
Couleur Cheveux:Brun
Type De Corps:Sexy
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Importance De La Rel.:Pas Du Tout
Régime Quotidien:Autre
Veut Des Enfants:Peut-Être Plus Tard
Style De Vie:Banlieusard
Statut Social:Divorcé
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depressed and lonelyFri 12 Mar, 2010 @ 6:35pm
half here, half away hey its 420Wed 10 Mar, 2010 @ 4:24pm
worriedMon 27 Jul, 2009 @ 3:58pm
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2010-03-20-Fête De L'equinox (45)
2010-03-19-Hommage À Pink Floyd Par Echoes (2)
2010-03-16-Quantum (23)
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Hey, my name's Pooky, come from montreal.
seeking for the sweet people to chat and hang with, bit tired of the evryday life of working, eating, sleeping...

to describe myself, just think of an urban hippie that has lost confidence in the democratic world we all know... would like to live as a gitan but has no way and money for that..

so instead, since the last 5 years, im a big fans of lights FX and Sound from its baseline (vibration) to the Speaker... + a bit of Musician myself, i touch evrything and i love to help out or just mess around with lights and listen to the bassline... i really appreciate the way music and lights can have a positive effects on ym consciousness, almost like meditation do !!

im also studying to be a Scenic Technician, Soundman and Light-freak-man ! i love my classes, very interesting !!!
if you need assistance for anything, sound, Light FX, Decoration or personnal suggestion, dont hesitate to ask !!
if ur interested to find someone to talk with, that has no judgement, love sharing good moments and discution, and has the same attitude/point of view than me (or not, were not all the same way in thinking) well u can text me =)

love, peace, and prosperity to u guys, power remains in the unity, but unity is nothing whitout sharing and discution =]

"Together we stand, Divided they Fall !"
Roger Waters - Hey You
Commentaires des membres
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» ClOoO a dit @ Mon 22 Mar, 2010 @ 11:46am
jai pas pu i aller :( moi aussi javais pas asser de cash!
» healingwithsound a dit @ Wed 17 Mar, 2010 @ 11:23am
heyy :)