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» Dj-Lx
a.k.a. "Alex"

33 ans cancer. homme
De Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dernière Visite:Sat 1 Sep, 2018 @ 2:16pm
Profil Vu:248
Site Web:[ Dj-lx.com ]
Couleur Yeux:Gris
Couleur Cheveux:Sel & Poivre
Type De Corps:Sexy
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"Dj Lx" aka "Dj Du Shine" Back on the Dance music scene ready To tear it
up once again after a break of 3 years helping his mother dealing with M.S. All of sudden an unexpected turn around his mother got flesh eating dieses in April 2017, with a Fire inextinguishable passion for his scratching producing mixing Creation of the best times in life possible than ever before in his 8 year career with the spirit of his mom in his heart that will be no problem

See you at dominator - tomorrowland - EDC MORT FEST 2020
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