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Calendrier des événements - August 19, 2010
Forward: Sase One, Vilify And Subtone [ Static Link : iAppel ]
Ville:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Temps:Thu 19 Aug, 2010 @ 10:00pm till Fri 20 Aug, 2010 @ 3:00am
Description:Forward started in the summer of 2008 as platform to promote underground electronic music, filling the absence of a weekly rendez-vous for the alternative club scene. Originally thought out to be a hosting ground for drum’n’bass, jungle, breaks and dubstep, Forward grew and evolved into a night made to showcase a wide array of genres and scenes working with a variety of different crews and artists such as Loetech, Sixtoo, DZ, Da.........tsik, Spor and Plastician, to name a few.

Dubstep remains a central focus but Forward is also about bringing people of different musical backgrounds together to open their minds to different styles. By inviting over 75 different guest djs on the span of the last year, Forward gets people to enjoy and discover new artists.

Forward is
Rhys Taylor, a nightlife legend who has been playing alongside big names of the international electronic music scene in Montreal for almost 10 years now. Holding down "Your Radio is Broken" on CKUT for the past 5 years, throwing Mix Thursdays for almost 3 years, a residency at Blue Dog, Saphir and then Blizzarts with Broken Crew and bringing breaks to Stereo are a few of his accomplishments.

David Rawalia aka Wally, a dj who has been mastering his craft since 2003 and more recently producing his own unique sounds. After promoting rave culture and sound and organizing a multitude of one-off all-nighters, he moved on to the dubstep scene taking full-part in the forward weekly as well as participating in other events such as soma and bassdrive.


[ www.myspace.com ]

Already two years since Montreal's dubstep badman has left for Vancouver sending back tracks every now and then to our own Monkey dub recording. So much to say about this man's accomplishments in Montreal... I think we'll just say that we're really excited to share the booth with him once more.


Triple Vision Music Group / Dsci4 / Revolution Recordings
[ www.myspace.com ]

With over 25 internationally distributed vinyl releases spanning multiple genres, and many more scheduled for release in the near future, not many can compete with this man's production credentials. His tracks receive major support from the biggest names in drum n bass including Noisia, Teebee, Ed Rush and Optical, Total Science, and many more. He's toured Europe and the US, playing before crowds of over 2000. Expect to hear nothing but the freshest dubplates from the scene's heaviest hitters as well as his own unique brand of futuristic funk.


Bass drive
[ www.myspace.com ]

Fierce and dynamic on the decks, Jenny Carmichael a.k.a. VILIFY has the ammunition to throw down the most energizing and corrupt sounds on your dance floor. Her signature skull crushing dnb-breakcore sets come hard and fast, seducing you into a dancing frenzy, manipulating tracks into a one man assault on your senses and leaving you positively reeling - and only wanting more. Not limited to hardcore sound barrage, Jenny demonstrates versatility all over the dnb spectrum with solid old-school jungle, liquid-funk, raggacore, hardstep and anthems. However, her new-found love for dubstep means you might catch her throwing down one of her notoriously heavy, terror-dubstep sets. Appearing alongside the likes of Dieselboy [US], Skynet [UK] and Capital J [CAN], making finalist at the 2007 DJ Olympics, and multiple appearances at your favorite Atlantic Summer Festival ‘Evolve’; Vilify has proven that she can keep up with the big boys of bass, demonstrating her staying power and huge potential in the drum and bass scene. Developing her style and exploring new domains, DJ Vilify has built up an enviable reputation and skill base that has won over crowds everywhere. From a residency at Toronto’s West-End Productions, as well as East Coast residencies with BreakBeatElite, Synister Sounds, GTP and The Halifield Movement, this rising star is taking over North America, one smashed dance floor at a time. Her weekly Wednesday at Montreal’s KOI Bar pushes the hardest and darkest DNB, dubstep, breakcore and everything else fast and heavy. Watch out for this pretty little thing, her dirty beats will destroy your soles.


Passeport 2037 Saint-Denis

Come for the AC, stick around for dope tunes and cheap booze, before you know, it's 3 am and you're kindly being informed that you need to move your butt outside... aint that the meaning of Thursday?

3 b4 midnight 5$ after
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Events Calendar - August 19, 2010
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