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Events Calendar - February 17, 2005
The Upgrade: Indira Sessions [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Thu Feb 17, 2005 @ 10:00pm
Description:THURSDAY, 17th February 2005 The Upgrade! Montreal + mix_sessions [Indira Sessions]

You won't be bored at SAT next Thursday, February 17 where not only the monthly gathering The Upgrade! Montreal will take place, an event that brings together numerous digital art enthusiasts every month, but also a mix_sessions evening spiced up with Indian rythms.

The Upgrade! Montreal - 6pm - free

At The Upgrade! Montreal artists Mitchell Akiyama and Victor Quijada will present their most recent joint audiovisual work, Slicing Static, which deals with the subjects of uncertainty and transient experience in urban life. The partners in art will also answer questions from the public and a round table will allow an exchange of comments and opinions on their work.

Paris-based Dutch artist and Project>Soundwave contributor, Harold Schellinx aka HarS, is traveling for a week-long residency to the ETAY Loft from February 14 to 21, 2005. The ETAY Loft is equipped with digital video-cameras, capturing video 24/7 and 'audio-wired' by an earlier residency of Jake Elliot [ structuredsound.net ] During the week, HarS will be recording and exploring sounds (and near silences) inside and outside the loft. HarS is also inviting several Montreal-based musicians and (sound)artists to visit him at the ETAY loft and talk about their work and collaborate on a short recording session with him.

The work will culminate with a presentation at the Upgrade on Thursday, February 17th, 2005 and two informal public 'loft-concerts' on Saturday, February 19th and Sunday, February 20, 2005 which will include solo and improvised group sessions with artists that have visited with him during the week. Stay tuned to [ www.projectsoundwave.com ] for detailed information about the project and developments from HarS in Montréal. HarS will also be reporting in his SoundBlog [ soundblog.net ] and in an audio reportage-collage available as "Podcasts" (or as a downloadable mp3-file) at Park4DTV [ raudio.park.nl ] in Amsterdam.

Artists in the Montréal area interested in participating can contact HarS at chronson@harsmedia.com.

More info at: [ theupgrade.sat.qc.ca. ]
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Events Calendar - February 17, 2005
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