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Events Calendar - May 14, 2010
Kinetik Festival - Phase 3 - Harsh Indust, Noise - Sold Out! [ Static Link : iCal ]
City:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Time:Fri May 14, 2010 @ 4:00pm till Sat May 15, 2010 @ 3:00am
Promoter:Kinetik Productions
Description:Kinetik Productions present :

[ www.combichrist.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Born from the metal and hardcore soul of Norway, COMBICHRIST is the brainchild of Andy LaPlegua. Creating music for much of his life, Andy began his musical empire fronting two highly respected (but very Norway-inclusive) bands: Fleshfire, who split up after releasing an EP, and Lash Out. While playing with Lash Out, Andy felt constricted within the organic side of hardcore and metal and decided it was time to branch out work in electronics and dance beats… which began the influential and seminal band Icon Of Coil. Originally a solo adventure, Andy soon added Sebastian Komor and Christian Lund and it became Andy’s first project to be released in the US through Philadelphia’s Metropolis Records.

Andy started to explore harsher, less pop-driven sounds and, in 2003, he signed to seminal German electronic label Out of Line and released The Joy Of Gunz, an album that highlighted his darker, harder-hitting material. This was the first release under the name Combichrist. A new creature had been created, conceived and let loose, ready to devour all who stood in its way. LaPlegua may have been in the driver's seat but Combichrist had a mind of its own. By the end of 2004 there were two more Combichrist EPs: Kiss The Blade and Sex Drogen Und Industrial.

Their second full-length album, Everybody Hates You, released in March 2005, marked another milestone in Andy’s career as it was the first Combichrist US release through Metropolis Records. Everybody Hates You featured the now-legendary club hits “This Sh*t Will Fcuk You Up” and “This Is My Rifle” as well as 11 other hard electronic/techno classics. The success of Everybody Hates You led to the band’s successful US tour (and their sold-out headlining appearance at the Los Angeles Industrial Festival at The Avalon in Hollywood in July, 2005).

Fueled by the musical adrenaline of touring, Andy was able to unleash a new EP Get Your Body Beat at the end of 2006. The eponymous single proved such a success it gave Combichrist their first Billboard Chart position – six weeks in the Dance Singles Top 10!

Combichrist returned in March of 2007 with their third full-length release What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People, which contained the aforementioned “Get Your Body Beat”, the now-classic title track as well as club staples “Electrohead” and “Deathbed”. A triumphant return to the Hollywood Avalon was included in the 2007/2008 tour which took Combichrist across the US, continental Europe, the Eastern Bloc and Australia.

Andy rested for probably all of ten minutes and, in May of 2008, joined former Metropolis act Mindless Self Indulgence for a series of dates in the Southern US in support of the new release “Frost EP: Sent To Destroy”. The EP featured the single “Sent To Destroy,” which would later make its appearance as the first single and video for their upcoming next album.

Circa late Fall 2008, Andy has put the finishing touches on his latest opus, Today We Are All Demons, an album immersed in not only the trademark fire and burn of Combichrist of yore but adding a newfound sense of urgency and dynamics. Today We Are All Demons sees Combichrist meshing old sounds with new, creating a whole new direction for the band. From the propulsive and expansive “All Pain Is Gone” to the sultry stomp of “Can’t Change the Beat” to the jackhammer-pound of “Get Out of My Head”, the album rips through beats, bass and rhythm, creating an aggro genre that crisscrosses rock, metal, industrial, and underground dance.

Combichrist’s Today We Are All Demons will be released in the US January 20, 2009 via Metropolis Records/Out Of Line. Full tour is being planned for Winter/ Spring 2009.

Absolute Body Control (BE)
[ www.dirkivens.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

In 1978, Dirk started as singer and guitar player in the punk band Slaughterhouse, but broke up the group one year later to form the more new wave minded project The Few.

Influenced by bands like Suicide and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and the UK electronic scene, he appears from 1980 on under the name Absolute Body Control on several compilations. The first single Is There An Exit ? became a local underground hit. The line-up changed very soon but with Eric Van Wonterghem he finds himself a partner for the next coming years regarding mixing, producing and collaborating.

In 1985, the Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs, a project with members of three Belgian bands, were invited to do a tour in Norway. When they returned, they changed their name to The Klinik. Dirk was a member of The Klinik until 1991. When they decided to split up, they already built themselves a very good live reputation with their unique sound and visual gigs and became, besides Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, one of the biggest names in the Belgian electonic/industrial scene. Even today they are still an influence for many young bands.

In 1990, Dirk released a self-titled solo album under the name Dive. It was released on his own label Body Records. The album was very primitive, harsh and experimental, with lyrics about hope, death, love and fear, but hits like 10000 volts. This was the start of many products with an evolving sound. With a minimum on equipment, Dirk creates a maximum of power. His sound is copied by a lot of newcomers in the last couple of years and he proved on many stages that less means more.

In 1996, Dirk starts Sonar with the aim to create rhythmical noise and dark soundscapes. The music is created with a combination of analogue and digital instruments. The rhythms remind to working machines, the soundscapes to droning planes. The sound of Sonar is made to make you move in another way, to tune you into a hypnotic beat. It is a straightforward sound which goes further on classic industrial but never without an extra dimension of powerful dynamics and tuned electronics. Sonar is looking for a contemporary definition of danceabe industrial and tries to discover this by controlling electronic devices.

Alien Vampires (IT)
[ www.alienvampires.eu ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Decoded Feedback (CA)
[ www.decodedfeedback.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Synapscape (DE)
[ www.ant-zen.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

FGFC820 (US)
[ www.fgfc820.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

[ www.project-sam.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Komor Kommando (CA)
[ www.myspace.com ]

Edgey (US)
[ www.edgey.net ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Iszoloscope (CA)
[ www.iszoloscope.net ]
[ www.myspace.com ]

Aliceffekt (CA)
[ www.xxiivv.com ]
[ www.myspace.com ]
Room 1:
Extras:For more informations on the festival visit us online at
[ www.festival-kinetik.net ]

for information on tickets/passes, visit the Kinetik Festival online store at
[ www.festival-kinetik.net ]

you can also find us on facebook at
[ www.facebook.com ]

or on myspace
[ www.myspace.com ]

Others nights of the festival :

May 13.Phase 2-Old School/Industrial Night @ Usine C
Leaether Strip [DK] / Vomito Negro [BE] /Tyske Ludder [DE]
Imperative Reaction [US] / 16 Volt [US] / Chemlab [US]
Left Spine Down [CA] / Alter Der Ruine [US] /Gothsicles [US]
Caustic [US] / T-Faktor [US] /Left Side Neighbour [CA]
[ www.rave.ca ]

May 14.Phase 3-Hars Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
COMBICHRIST [US] / Absolute Body Control [BE] / Alien Vampires [IT]
Decoded Feedback [CA] / Synapscape [DE] / FGFC 820 [US]
SAM [DE] / Komor Kommando [CA] / Edgey [US]
Iszoloscope [CA] / Aliceffekt [CA]
[ www.rave.ca ]

May 15.Phase 4-Hars Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
Hocico [MX] / Dive [BE] / Tactical Sekt [US/UK]
Hypnoskull [DE] / Ambassador 21 [BY] /Terrorfakt [US]
Destroid [DE] / Nachtmahr [AT] / FabrikC [DE]
Memmaker [CA] / Ivardensphere [CA] / Torrent Vaccine+Synnack [US]
[ www.rave.ca ]

May 16.Phase 5-EBM/Synthpop Night @ Usine C
Covenant [SE] / Rotersand [DE] / Melotron [DE]
Frozen Plasma [DE] / Faderhead [DE] / Lights of Euphoria [DK]
Run Level Zero [SE]/ Unter Null [US] / Cesium 137 [US]
Fractured [CA]/ Glenn Love [CA] / Detroit Diesel [CA]
[ www.rave.ca ]

tickets/passes will be available in Mtl/Qc stores at the end of January
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Events Calendar - May 14, 2010
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Member Comments
» FestivalKinetik said @ Thu May 6, 2010 @ 8:23pm
we can confirm that all advance sales on Phase 3 - Friday Harsh Industrial.Noise night are closed since it is sold out for the advance sales and that all passes sales working for that night have also been closed. Tickets sales will continue for the other nights of the festival and on the Bronze pass. Please note that when nights do sold out in advance, that we keep 100 tickets to be sold directly at the venue the night of the event (no advance reservation, no phone sale), and that the sale of those extra tickets are under the venue decision.
» FestivalKinetik said @ Thu Mar 11, 2010 @ 9:53pm
only 2 days left (change happening on march 13)before the next price change on tickets and passes! buy them now before there`s none left :)
» Whattttever said @ Thu Mar 11, 2010 @ 4:14pm
Decoded Feedback =)))
» FestivalKinetik said @ Wed Feb 17, 2010 @ 1:00pm
Tickets are now on sale at / Billets maintenant dispo chez: Moog Audio (tix only), Atom Heart (tix only), Usine C (tix only + extra fees), Admission (tix only + extra fees), Psychonaut (tix + pass), Cruella (tix + pass), Platine (tix + pass) :)